10 Reasons Blogging is Toxic

Throughout my time as a blogger I constantly have random thoughts and questions about blogging and is it really worth it? Part of me thinks that blogging and everything that surrounds it can be totally toxic, I still continue to do it as it is something I love despite how hard it can be to manage and uphold even if you're a full-time blogger let alone working a 40-hour a week job on top. Here are my 10 toxic thoughts: - 

1. You constantly compare yourself to other bloggers. Why doesn't my blog look that good? Where do they get all of their ideas from? How did they get that perfect Instagrammable worth photo?

2. Blogging takes up a heck a lot of time, meaning sometimes you might have to cancel plans or you can't spend your evenings vegging out having a Netflix marathon, potentially resulting in your partner being slightly miffed but ever so understanding.

3. Why do certain bloggers get more opportunity than others? Another case of the green eyed monster although I would never begrudge anybody of having opportunities I can't help but think why not me? 

4. Twitter feuds! Lets be honest Twitter has been doing overtime with fellow bloggers having disagreements. Nothing wrong with that but in my opinion sometimes it can go too far. 

5. Those blog posts that make you question your entire blogging existence "5 Reasons Why I Will Never Return To Your Blog" I think I might shed a tear.

6. Why did I pick such a darn expensive hobby? Yes you can always work with what you got but you'll always want to upgrade to make your blog the best it can possibly be. From a new laptop to the latest camera and don't even get me started on those haul treats you need to buy for a post.

7. The constant struggle between deciding whether to be a blogger or enter the world of YouTube.

8. Coming up with original and interesting posts, I regularly try to brainstorm ideas for my blog but it's one thing writing ideas down and actually producing a post. 

9. Re-taking the same photo multiple times because you just don't like it. 

10. The struggle of keeping your tech charged up! Phone, check! Camera, check! Laptop, check! 

I hope I'm not the only one out there that sometimes has these frustrations and thoughts? Let me know if you can relate to any of my blogging woes or if you have any other struggles with the blogging life?