Life Update #3

Well, well, well long time not talk people, you might all have been wondering where I've bloody well been but on the other hand you probably just didn't care, I'm going to believe my first point to make myself feel better. So as I'm writing this it's August a hot summers day, yes the summer finally came through for us and it's a rather pleasant 25°C and as mental as this sounds I'm about to munch on some delicious Camembert mmmmmm yummy.  In case you didn't know or I didn't previously mention although I believe I did me and Paul moved out of our rented apartment over a month ago now, it seems like such a long time but in reality it has only been 6 weeks. Nevertheless we had to move to save for a mortgage I mean I don't know about anybody else but seriously how do people afford to save up a decent amount of money whilst renting a property it just seems impossible. Since moving in with close relatives we've moved around the house numerous times as we ended up moving in mid re-decoration, we started off in the living room on a mattress, then in to the newly redecorated room whilst we waited for the furniture for that room to be delivered then finally now we are in the guest room which will be our room until we leave around January-  February time.  

 Work wise things are going well I'm still working towards my Level 3 in Hotel & Hospitality Management and have one more workshop to attend in November were I have to conduct a presentation. I'm super nervous about the presentation as I've had really bad experiences before and since then I've been massively anxious about presenting in front of other people. Whilst working towards my level 3 apprenticeship I've completed and passed my English functional skills and I'm currently awaiting to hear back about my Maths however this I found extremely difficult, I don't feel overly confident with numbers and when put under the pressure of an exam it makes me ten times worse and I just draw a blank. Personally I find Maths even more difficult because the majority of calculations you have to undertake I just don't use anymore in my everyday life and haven't since I studied GCSE Mathematics. 

With everything that has been happening with the move and all I really haven't felt like uploading any posts lately and this is the reason why I've been absent from here as of late. Despite this behind the scenes so to speak I have been writing up a lot of posts so they are ready to be scheduled. I wanted to make sure that when I felt ready to come back I would have a good amount of posts behind me so I didn't have to constantly worry about last minute write ups. Unfortunately I just haven't been able to find the motivation to get involved in social media just lately therefore I felt like I really needed this break from it and the online world. 

 There you have it my life update in a snippet. Do you ever get tired of social media and just need a break away from it all? Is it totally fine to back away from your blog when you just need time to yourself?