White Glo Review

A toothpaste review I hear you say? Well the answer is yes but this isn't just a normal toothpaste it's the White Glo Professional Choice Whitening Toothpaste. The No. 1 rated whitening toothpaste in Australia is now coming to the U.K and from what I've seen so far it is available in Asda stores and also Superdrug as well as many reliable online shopping website sources. Throughout my twenties my teeth have become something I'd say I'm mildly obsessed with and I'm constantly worries about them either falling out, to the point I've actually dreamt about this happening although in my dream diary this apparently relates to either the thought of losing ones faculties, anxiety, bad health or the feeling of loss so there's a lot you can be experiencing in your life potentially if you dream about the loss of your teeth, the other reason I'm OTT with my teeth is because I always feel they are yellow stain shade, really not a good look. I appreciate that a slight tinge of yellow is probably natural and we all have it unless you are fortunate enough to be able to afford professional teeth whitening, but this is something I would love to be rid of and enjoy celebrity teeth statue like Kate Middleton she has wonderful pearly whites that are perfectly straight basically my teeth icon.

The result of trying to make my teeth as perfect as possible has led me to trying out many teeth whitening products. Let me say some have been good and some well not so good but certainly non-that I would have continued to use. This is a shame because personally I wouldn't say a teeth whitening product has a difficult job achieving some improved results with my teeth as I don't smoke, drink tea or coffee, red white etc the only thing I can think of that I eat a lot of that could possibly stain my teeth is fruit including a variety of berries. 

Being an avid fan I would say of teeth whitening I have to admit I was more than looking forward to trying out the White Glo Whitening Toothpaste, I'm so bad  I won't ever opt for a silver filling when I go to the dentist I always have to have a white one so it blends in with my original teeth and doesn't stand out. Inside the White Glo Toothpaste you will also find some treats included with the product and I've seen this available first hand in Asda for myself, you'll not only receive the toothpaste 150g/ 100ml you'll also get a free White Glo "Anti-Stain" Toothbrush and free White Glo Dental Flosser and Toothpicks to reach those difficult places to clean. Since getting my hands on this toothpaste I've been using it regularly with my new toothbrush that was included, I might add I was super excited about this because the toothbrush also come with a sticky plunger at the bottom so you can stick your toothbrush to the wall to keep it away from potential germs reaching it. You can also use the paste on an electric toothbrush if you prefer so the option is entirely up to you and you don't have to feel like just because a non-electric toothbrush is included you have to use it.

 This White Glo Whitening Toothpaste is suitable for low abrasion safe for daily use, fluoride protection against cavities and is an effective whitening formula. Despite this originally being an Australian product you can still get your hands on it pretty cheap from Superdrug for £3.99 and considering you are getting a whitening toothpaste, brush and flosser/ toothpicks I'd say this was a real bargain and certainly worth the money you're spending on it especially when considering toothpaste on its own can be over £1.00+ these days for a good reliable brand. I have to admit since receiving this product I've been more inclined to floss my teeth and although I don't dare to say this is something I would never normally do, but with the added floss toothpicks this has certainly encouraged me to do it more, it is recommend that you floss your teeth at least once a day. 

Overall I would say I'm very happy with the product I really like that it came with extra added free teeth care items as it encourages me to take more care of my teeth. The toothpaste itself I like and I am seeing improvements with the shade of my teeth as they slowly get a lighter shade with every day I use the product. With the repurchase of the toothpaste you will for sure accumulate a few more toothbrushes than necessary but on the other hand I guess they will come in useful and if you don't need them you can always offer them to your friends or family. 

Are you obsessed with keeping your teeth looking whiter than white? Would you ever consider profession teeth whitening?  

** This product was sent to me for review purposes, all opinions are honest and my own


Going back almost 2 weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend the #BloggerTikiParty event at the Island Bar, Birmingham hosted by the wonderful Kirsty Leanne. First of all I wanted to say a massive thank you to Kirsty personally through this post for all of the hard work and effort she clearly put in to the event. I know from reading Kirsty's post #BloggerTikiParty - We Need to Talk it certainly didn't work out how she had planned with a few attendees in fact spoiling the event, with people turning up uninvited, no shows, taking more than allowed and can you believe it stealing. Despite this I don't want to focus on these negative points that some people brought to the event as the amount of effort Kirsty put in to the BloggerTikiParty was unbelievable and I have to say it was one of the most enjoyable blogger events that I've been fortunate to attend throughout my nearly 3 years of blogging. I don't know how she managed it but Kirsty got some great brands involved in the TikiParty to name but a few including Little bit LavishthatlamecompanyEarlyBird - Healthy SnacksPeriod Box plus many, many more.

As it was Pina Colada day/ weekend we even got treated to a free cheeky cocktail at the party from Malibu, needless to say I was over the moon about this and the cocktail tasted amazing, usually I'm not a fan of the Pina Colado but there was just something about this one that just wowed me so a big thumbs up to the staff at the Island Bar your cocktail making skills are clearly on point. As always when attending a reasonably local blogging event I managed to catch up with some of my blogging/ social media chums which was lovely as always and make some new friends and of course we added each other via Twitter the social communication centre of any fellow bloggers life I'm sure you would agree?

Unfortunately I did struggle with photographs as the lighting transpired pretty bad on my camera but still I managed to get some shots of the venue and some of the brands that came along to the #BloggerTikiParty. I'm super excited to see what Kirsty will come up with for her next event I know she is looking at putting together a Halloween themed party shell we say which will be no doubt incredible and she will put in more than 100% effort towards it I'm sure to make sure that all the bloggers attending have the greatest time and explore new brands that they normally wouldn't be introduced to. 

Have you ever been to any blogger events? I really enjoy meeting new people at them and making friends through my hobby, what's your favourite part about blogger meet ups?

Why I Love Pokemon Go!

With the Pokemon Go craze sweeping the nation I thought it only right to discuss this current popular app on my blog and explain why I friggin love it so much. Okay so let me start off by saying Pokemon is totally nostalgic for me and yes like a lot of you I'm sure it reminds you of those younger days when you used to be so care free about the world. Pokemon came around all the way back in the 90's in 1997 with me being 10 at the time. I'm almost certain I wouldn't have caught on to the craze straight away so I'll say for arguments sake I was roughly 12-14 years old when it started to impact me and become a big thing at my High School. Yes for those of you that don't remember Pokemon actually used to be a television series, then evolved Pokemon cards see what I did there and then finally for me the release of the Nintendo Game Boy Pokemon games, I had the blue version but you could also opt for red or yellow I believe, honestly I haven't the foggiest what the difference is I can only guess it would contain different types of Pokemon. 

   So with that a movie and a heck load of merchandise back in the 90's everybody of a certain age was hooked on Pokemon. Some of my firm favourites are well of course Pikachu and Charmander had to be up there but I also really used to like Jigglypuff, Meowth and you guessed it Psyduck what a legend! Needless to say when everyone started harping on about this Pokemon Go app I found myself really wanting to download it and once it was released in the U.K I went straight ahead and did just that.

 Images taken from Pokemon Go logo / Pikachu face / Jigglypuff / Pokemon Blue

Just to point out I don't purchase any additional items when playing games from the app store as personally I don't really think it's worth it so I purely just play the free option, although this can be frustrating and it can take longer to experience the full game unfortunately when you're saving money app purchases aren't a necessity in your life so I just struggle day-to-day trying to catch as many Pokemon as possible and stopping off at Pokestops as often as a I can. 

You might be wondering why I enjoy Pokemon Go so much as the title as my post suggests, well here are a few reasons why: - 

1. It's perfect for us 90's kids and it allows us to relive a little bit of our youth through an app, surprising how something so well not simple but small I guess can make you happy just by playing a game, and transport you back to your childhood   
2. It brings people together, okay although we are still playing on our phones it's helping bring older and younger generations together with this common interest
3. The big one for this app is that it helps get people out of the house and exercising, you might only be walking but you're walking with a purpose to catch more Pokemon or to visit that Pokestop just down the road
4. The fact you can take photos of the Pokemon before you catch them is just a pure genius added extra to the game
5. You can just keep on catching Pokemon and evolve them and power up, battle in the gyms, the game is really never ending

 Like any other app with sure popularity as this it does have its downfalls with the serve being down quiet a lot recently at the moment. I guess however this will improve over time and we have to consider the fact that the app is still at the moment being released in different countries still and this will no doubt have an impact plus there has been a lot of online talk about the app being hacked over the weekend. Despite this I still keep going back, I do want to catch them all, I want to do it before all of my friends who've downloaded the game yet the first thing I want to ask them when I see them is not "hello" but yet "which Pokemon have you caught today". I understand people might not be able to understand this craze but for something so almost as insignificant as an app bringing joy to peoples lives just let us enjoy this time as the craze won't last forever until something new comes along I'm sure.

So what are you waiting for go catch them all! With this app being such a big part of my life recently I'd like to hear what you think about it so please leave me a comment? I won't be offended if you don't like the app I'd just like to hear what others thoughts are on this whole Pokimania obsession we are experiencing.  

A-Z of Klearly Kirsty

Over the past 2-3 year since I started blogging I've seen a lot of people do A-Z posts based on themselves and I always thought it was a great idea and a simple but perfect way to get to know somebody that little bit better with a touch of random facts thrown in for good measure. So with that here we are with me doing my A-Z of well yes you guessed it me. I'm actually relatively proud of myself for completing all of the letter some of them I struggled with but others I found easy and even had 2 or 3 other things I could have written about.

A - Adventures- Not one to be bored I always enjoy a good day out. That might be a shopping trip, a theme park as I'm a massive thrill seeker roller-coasters are my thing or a meal out I always want to be doing something with my life and keeping myself busy apart from when I'm napping of course
B - Beauty- Not really surprising but as you may know I'm an avid beauty fan. Believe me it wasn't always like this as growing up I was quiet the tomboy and in some respects I guess I still am as I like to have regular days off from beauty and relax with no make-up in my sweats and watch Netflix
C - Creative- Since a young age I've always been a creative type of person. I was always that child that had to have candle, soap, jewelry making kits to name a few. I guess that's why I enjoy blogging so much and although at times it gets overwhelming with working full time I don't think I could ever be happy just coming home after work and doing nothing every single day as I like to keep my brain active
D - Dwarf Hamsters- I have two dwarf hamsters Rocket and Rex, I believe they are around 4 months old, 5 at the oldest. We originally brought them as a pair both females as it is recommended to keep dwarfs together as 2's but unfortunately they didn't get on. They had to be separated but are both happy living in different cages with lots of fun activities to keep them entertained plus individual playtime and cuddles in the evening when they wake up
E - Emma Stone- There isn't a lot I don't love about this girl! The hair, the films and she's a total stunner. A total chic flick but one of my favourite girly films is Easy A, I could watch it over and over again "A is for awesome"
F - Florida- My favourite place on earth is Orlando Florida. I've been there 3 times and I'll be heading back there again next year for the Halloween season, the best time of year in America in my opinion. I'm a total Disney nut so Orlando is the perfect destination for me with Disney World being one of the main attractions. I also am a massive fan of Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, I head over there for Halloween Horror Nights ever time I visit and it is truly one of the most incredible events I've ever been along to yet scary as hell. I love Universal to feed my Harry Potter addiction and if you're a fan-girl of the Potter like I am and have had the chance to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter you'll know what I'm saying when I say it's friggin awesome
G - Guardians of the Galaxy- One of the films that probably defines mine and Paul's relationship as it's always the one I remember we enjoyed together. We initially didn't intend on seeing it the evening we went to the cinema and changed our minds from the Purge as I don't think it was on once we arrived at the cinema to see Guardians of the Galaxy, I'm glad we did and I can't wait for the second installment  
H - Holidays- One of my favourite "hobbies" is traveling and I find nothing more enjoyable than going on holiday. I apologies for this but for me going on holiday is leaving the U.K, I know a lot of people class going somewhere in the U.K as a holiday but I just can't get my head around that whole mindset. I've been fortunate enough to have traveled to some pretty outstanding places throughout my 29 years on the planet including Cancun Mexico, Orlando Florida, Paris France, various places in Spain, Rome Italy the list is endless and for that I'm thankful
I - Instagram- One of my favourite social media platforms although from time to time I do forget about it and then go on a post frenzy and upload about 5 pictures all within a minute
J - Journal- I've recently just started a bullet journal using the Leuchtturm 1917 in orange. Since starting I've become addicted to stickers, washi tape and colouring pencils and felt tip pens, it's seriously like I'm 5 years old again when it comes to my journal and I'm okay with that
K - Klearly Kirsty- I couldn't not give my blog a shout out in this A-Z could I? Originally Kirsty's Cosmetics Beauty Rainbow I recently changed my name with the help of my wonderful friend Naddy who I met at the Make-up Revolution 2nd birthday party event and I haven't looked back since
L - Lush- One of my favourite shops although it used to drive my mum insane when I lived at home as she was always paranoid one of the bathbombs would stain the bath and in her defense a yellow bomb did leave a slight tinge in the bath one time, white bath yellow tinge not good needless to say I got in trouble for that and had to get scrubbing the tub
M - Meghan Trainor- You'll usually find me singing along to Meghan either in my bedroom or in my car on both occasions probably terribly
N - Nightmare Before Christmas- One of my favourite Disney films/ Christmas films period. I could play this DVD and be instantly happy, if you disagree I'm questioning you right now
O - Olaf- The obsession is real, I have far to much Olaf merchandise and I cried when Paul brought me an Olaf slush puppy maker for my birthday last year. It wasn't necessarily the fact it was Olaf just that he remembered that I always really wanted a slush puppy maker
P - Paul- If you've been following me for a while you would have heard Paul mentioned numerous times. He's my boyfriend and we have been together for 2 years, we live and work together. Many people say we are the male/ female version of each other but I'm not sure how I feel about that... just kidding
Q - Quotes- Well this one should actually be Memes, I'm addicted to sending memes to all of my close friends via What's App and have some great laughs at how true to life they indeed are
R - Reality Television- Not so much these days but in my teens I used to be addicted to reality television. Big Brother in its hay day was the program to watch topped off with Popstars the Rivals and who remembers Fame Academy? These days I tend to opt for X-Factor and I'm A Celebrity as I don't watch that much television as I've gotten older
S - Selfie- Totally prone a good or not so good selfie. I'll take the same selfie about a million times and have all of the snaps on my photo album then when people see my album they think I'm crazy with so many selfies but you have to perfect just the right look before it becomes Instagram worth right? Snapchat doesn't help with this as the filters are just life I can't get enough of them, plus applying them to other people when they aren't looking is hilarious and I'm not ashamed to say I've even tried it with my hamsters but sadly it didn't work
T - Tennis- It has to be my favourite sport, not to play as I repel all sports but to watch. I get excited about Wimbledon every year and now it's over I'm having serious tennis withdrawals. The next big event will of course be the Olympics and then the US open in the tennis world
U - Unicorns- Like many people I'm sure unicorns are my favourite mythical creature, my wonderful friend Nora even brought me some light up unicorn slippers for my birthday
V - VANS- The comfiest trainers/ pumps of my life I couldn't live without VANS, you'll see me on the daily rocking my 101 Dalmatians VANS backpack
W - West End- To relax and unwind there is nothing better for me than heading to London even if just for the day to catch a show. So far I've racked up a few seen shows in the West End including my most recent Wicked, Jersey Boys (x2), Thriller Live, The Lion King and Billy Elliot. I've just found out that Rebel Wilson is staring in Guys & Dolls so that would be amazing to see her in that but as well as that I'd like to see The Book of Mormon, Funny Girl and Kinky Boots
X - Xmas- Apart from Halloween in the States Christmas is by far my favourite time of the year. Every December I get stupidly over excited and enjoy the whole process of giving people cards, decorating the house and tree but the thing I find the most rewarding about Christmas is giving gifts to others, I know we should be thankful for the people in our lives every single day but it's nice to have a day we can all spend together and treat each other with something special
Y - YouTube- I almost have my channel ready to go, since changing my blog name I need to change my YouTube channel name as they no longer coincide with each other. I'm a massive fan of YouTube and watch it daily keeping up to sate with all of my channel subscriptions. I hope on the near future to finally upload some content and begin my YouTube journey
Z - Zack- One of my beautiful Doberman dogs who passed away last year. As a massive dog lover it always hurts me so much when I lose one of them, I get very attached to my dogs so it's always hard to say goodbye

Time for you to get involved, leave me a comment below with something that relates to you beginning with the letter 'R' and tell me about it. If you have done a post like this please leave the link for me below I really enjoy reading them as I think it's a great way to get to know people a little better and find out some interesting facts about them that you might not ever have found out.

Those Benefit Brows Review

Honestly I can't be the only person who was overly excited about the relaunch of the Benefit Cosmetics Eyebrow Makeup surely? Nah I didn't think so! The hype around these brow products has been massive not only in stocking stores but also online through social media. Altogether there are 10 pieces in the brow range including gimme brow volumizing eyebrow gel, ka-BROW! eyebrow cream-gel colour, goof proof eyebrow pencil, BROWVO! conditioning eyebrow primer, brow zings eyebrow shaping kit, precisely, my brow eyebrow pencil, high brow eyebrow highlighter, high brow glow brow highlighter, 3D BROWtones eyebrow enhancer, ready, set, BROW! clear brow gel and finally last but not least we have the instant brow pencil. All of these products can be purchased online here with the key products coming in a variation of different shades to compliment your brow shade starting from 01 to 06 Benefit will surely have a suitable product to get those brows on fleek! 

 Being in the market for a new brow product I opted for the ever so popular gimme brow £18.50 in shade 03-medium. Whilst browsing some of my favourite Instagram accounts I managed to see a photo of Marie Claire Magazine £3.99 which came with a free ready, set, BROW! worth £9.00 full size £18.50. Bare in mind I don't usually buy magazines anymore apart from the odd addition of Glamour which I think has free Benefit product with it at the moment, yet needless to say when I spotted this in the magazine rack at my local Sainsbury's store I just knew I had to have it and in my basket it went. Admittedly I'm not really to sure what has drawn me towards these products all of a sudden it could be the glitzy silver packaging, the hype on social media or purely the fact that I had been on the search for a replacement for my Maybelline Brow Drama. We'll just say it was a combination of all three of these factors and with that I'm the proud owner of 2 new beautiful Benefit Cosmetics brow products. 

 Since picking up both of these products I've been wearing them together as a little due as I have to say I'm impressed and glad I brought the gimme brow and Marie Claire for the free ready, set, BROW! The shade of the 03-medium gimme brow blends well with my lashes and fills them in well, in comparison to the Maybelline Brow Drama although a lot more on the higher end side of my budget I much prefer the shorter applicator as this way I apply the product with more ease rather than going above my brows with it and having to rub it off to avoid XL brows. With the ready, set, BROW! once my gimme brow has been applied I like to let it set for a minute or so and then top it off with the invisible shaping and fixing gel to keep them in place. This just tops off the look, keeping brows in place all day long and would work well if you have natural brows and just want something to keep them tamed and tidy or for those relatively non make-up days. 

Overall the two Benefit Eyebrow products I've tried have been a hit so far with the only grumble I have being the price but on the other hand the products do work well for me and I love the packaging and who isn't a complete sucker for packaging these days? Next I'm hoping to try out either the BROWVO! conditioning eyebrow primer or high brow eyebrow highlighter. 

Have you tried out any of the new products from Benefit Cosmetics Eyebrow Makeup, if so which product and would you recommend it? Please leave me a comment if you've managed to try out any of the other 8 products in the range I'd love to hear what they are like before making any further purchases. 

Life Update #2

Okay so this is my second time writing this grrrr, last time I wrote it I forgot to save it and well I popped my laptop back on charge and it was gone so here I am again re-writing my life update. As of late I have to admit I feel like my life has been here there and everywhere, this is due to working away for the week and because me and Paul are moving. Yes that's right me and Paul are moving out of our apartment and at the moment the place is filled with boxes and I've been trying my best to declutter the place and either sell items we no longer want at the car-boot for some extra cash or bag it up ready to go to the charity shop. On a whole I feel a lot better for doing this as I've come to realise I really don't need to keep a cardigan that I purchased 5 years ago that I never wear nor would consider wearing ever again. 

As well as working away for a week out of the month this week I've been feeling super unwell with flu, constant head aches and well I'll leave it there before I provide you with TMI. That means I haven't really been up to blogging nor taking photos or interacting on social media which I was just getting back in to but sadly when you're ill all you feel like doing is staying in bed and resting with zero motivation. I do luckily have some exciting things to look forward to including the #BloggerTikiParty hosted by Kirsty Leanne in Birmingham this Sunday and way in to the future, well August time me and Clare from The Clare Necessities are planning on going to the YouTube convention Summer in the City which I'm more than over excited about going to and no doubt Clare will try to persuade me to finally upload some content to my YouTube channel.

Of course the main focus in my life right now is moving and then saving as much as possible for a mortgage. Me and Paul will be celebrating our 2 year anniversary on Monday 11th of July and have a few days off for the move so on Wednesday we are heading out for a meal at Pizza Express, not as romantic as previous years but we have a £40 voucher to spend there and we both like it so it will be a chilled out celebration as we are both working on the actual real day we would celebrate on. I'm sad to say I'm totally not feeling the Summer vibes this year, what with saving up we won't be venturing outside of the U.K this year and believe me that pains me as I'm such a holiday seeker, not even for the sunshine I just love the adventure and having constant feel good holiday atmosphere around me. Apart from the lack of sunshine we've been experiencing, I can't comment for anybody else, all that has surrounded the past couple of weeks has been the Euro 2016 football, Wimbledon and soon to be the Olympics which I'm genuinely interested to watch, London did such a fabulous job of hosting it last time and I'm intrigued to see what Rio, Brazil will pull out of the bag, plus how many medals we will win.

Finally blogging, yes I've been a tad MIA recently due to reasons talked about above but I have lots of content to get written and photos to take. I've been lucky enough to have some blogger mail sent to me so I have some new products to review and I'll be sharing my #BloggerTikiParty experience with you for sure within the next week or so. 

Are you heading away this Summertime, plus I'd be really interested to know what the weather is like in your city either in the U.K or the rest of the wold?

Washi Tape Wonders

Since starting my bullet journal journal, I've got the orange Leuchtturm 1917 in case you wondered, I've become addicted to yes the hint was in the title washi tapes. Washi tapes and stickers are literally a bullet journals best friend in my opinion and can turn something lets face it a tad boring in to something fun, spectacular and interesting. As I'm relatively new to bullet journal"ing" so to speak I've sort of bulk brought washi tapes and stickers and realised that they are my thing. Just to add on a side note stickers and washi tapes can be on the pricier side if you are looking for something original to add to your bullet journal and I would highly recommend Etsy stores for quirky alternatives to store brought products but out of the two washi tapes are definitely more cost effective as you get more for your money and they go a long way in decorating whether it be your bullet journal, life planner or whatever your choice of diary/ life log.

So far I've purchased all of my washi tapes from hobbycraft and they have a great online rage here for all of your decorative tape needs. I think my favourite out of all of the tapes I own has to be the Dachshund one as sausage dogs are probably my second favourite breed of dog after Dobermans of course and this tape is super cute. 

What is your favourite Washi Tape from my collected? Do you prefer tape, stickers or do you have another way to decorate your organiser/ planner, if so please let me know I'd love to hear more as I'm always keen to hear new ideas to decorate my bullet journal.