Obsessions #2 ♡

Yippee it's that time again when I talk about products I've been currently obsessed with. This time around I don't have many beauty products to talk about, well actually just the two in fact. The truth is because I've been working quite a lot and haven't been going out and about I just haven't really been wearing that much make-up. I can honestly say there are more non make-up days when I'm working as 9 times out of 10 I don't actually wear any make-up to work!

Zoella Sweet Inspirations Body Mist £8.00 45mL and Zoella Double Creme Body Lotion £5.00 160mL: - To be fair I think a couple of the products from the new Zoella Sweet Inspirations range had to be included in my currently loving. If you haven't already please be sure to check out my first impressions of the range here, but needless to say I'm really enjoying it. I'm ashamed to admit I've already used up the Zoella Bath Latte which will for sure feature in my empties at the end of the month. In regards to these products I adore the cute packaging and think it is so unlike anything Zoe has ever released before, it has so much more of a grown up vibe about it and as I mentioned before a product that wouldn't look out of place on a late 20ish somethings dressing table or bathroom. Both the Body Lotion and the Body Mist are a great combination when used together and a little of the Lotion really does go along way. The mist is super budget friendly at just £8.00 so I don't mind using it generously and popping it in my handbag to take to work with me. The scent I can only describe as cake eating worthy, the main fragrance in the Sweet Inspirations range is macaron and it comes across in both of this products really well and also transfers on to the skin incredibly leaving you smelling edable

NYX Cosmetics Studio Perfect Primer Lavender £10.00 30ml: - Probably the brand of the hour at the moment everybody is going nuts over NYX products because they are finally readily available in Selfridges and Boots. Despite the fact that NYX isn't necessarily the most affordable budget friendly beauty brand on the high street they really do have some brilliant products which are worth splurging a bit more on and I believe this is one of them. This primer comes in three different shades Clear, Lavender and Green as you can see from my picture I included the Lavender shade but I also have the Clear but am yet to try it out. I've been using the Lavender Studio Perfect Primer for way over a month now and if you seriously told me I could never use another primer in my lifetime I wouldn't even complain as this is such a great one. The Lavender shade is designed to brighten and illuminate yellow undertones, in hindsight I should have probably opted for the Green shade as than conceals redness but this Perfect Primer has been working miracles. Ones applied it literally feels like I have a fresh layer of skin upon my face ready to have make-up applied to it, it's so smooth it almost looks like my face has been photo-shopped. I realise a lot of people sometimes don't see the point in starting off with a Primer and wonder does it actually do anything but believe me this one does work, keeping your make-up almost near perfect throughout the day

L'Occitane La Collection de Grasse Hand Cream Trio £22.00 30ml: - With it being the Summer I tend to neglect my hands a lot more and don't take care of them as much as I normally would do in the Winter time. Cue my excitement when I received this beautiful trio of L'Occitane Hand Creams for my birthday, including Orchidee, Bigarade and Bergamote. I'd never tried any of the other L'Occitane Hand Creams other than the original so I was super looking forward  giving these a whirl. My favourite from the trio has to be Bergamote, it has such a strong fresh scent about it, perfect for a gorgeous Summers day to keep your hands moisturised

Bumble & Bumble Straight Blow Dry Styling Balm £12.00 60ml: - Great for de-frizzing your hair plus it helps protect against heat styling tools. I wanted to try out a few Bumble & Bumble products hence why I went for the mini option as not to spend a fortune on regular sized products just in case I didn't like them but I have to say this first choice has been a success. I'm looking forward to trying out more products from the brand but at the moment I'll stick to minis 

Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush 64 Pink Explosion £31.00 0.14 OZ: - An oldie in my collection but still one of my favourite blushes. The pop of pink colour that this brings to your cheeks in the Summertime is pure beauty in a blush. Along with being super pink it is also quite a glittery blush so I wouldn't recommend if you aren't a fan of glittery products but for me it's perfect. I don't tend to use it as often purely because of the price I paid for it but then I don't see the point having it at all if I'm not going to use it thus it has re-entered my daily make-up routine with a switch outs every now and again

Jo Malone Nashi Blossom £44.00 30ml: - Without a doubt my favourite Summer scent the Jo Malone Nashi Blossom which I previously reviewed here. Although I believe this is currently no longer available as it was a limited edition scent you maybe able to hunt it down online trough various avenues. A beautiful burst of the Nashi Blossom fruit teamed with lemon, rose and white musk I just love to spray a touch of this on me when I'm off out for the day during the Summertime. I have to admit I don't use it that often down to it being so expensive, plus because it is limited edition I don't want to waste it. 

Not many beauty products this time around but I'm certainly enjoying the new Zoella Sweet Inspirations range. I'd love to hear your current favourites, personally I've felt in a bit of a lull lately so could do with some recommendations if you have any?

5 Tips to Re-branding your Blog

As you may or may not be aware I recently re-branded my blog, I changed my name completely and had my layout revamped, surprise! 

There are many reasons why I decided to change my blog after over 2-years of blogging. But my main two reasons had to be that I simply didn't like my previous blog name and that I felt restricted from blogging about whatever I wanted, I felt my place was beauty and almost felt nervous to step outside of my self made box. 

1. If you have the slightest inkling that you want to change your blog name or design just do it. Really focus on what changes you want to make and why and go ahead and do it, I'm what considered as a big procrastinator at times and it took me forever to take the re-branding plunge. On a daily basis I'd tell myself today would be the day I'd finally take the dive and change up my blog, I'd even tweet saying should I? Shouldn't I? I have no idea why because I always knew in the back of my mind I would eventually do it. All I can say is if you're thinking about re-branding do it sooner rather than later you won't regret it! 

2. Something that really helped me was getting my friends involved with the whole process. The most difficult part for me was the name change, I wanted my new blog name to be something versatile that I could write about anything under and after much brainstorming I still couldn't come up with anything original and quirky that I loved. I have to thank my wonderful friend Naddy who's over at Just Miss Naddy you should check her out, for helping me so much and coming up with a brand new name for my blog. I personally find it super difficult to come up with ideas on my own at times especially when they are as important as a name change that I don't end up changing again the near future so it's kind of a long term decision. But yes call out to your fellow blogging friends for support and advice if you're lacking inspirations whether that be re-branding, blog posts or if you just need a boost in general

 3. Now I'm not the most techie kind of person in regards to redesigning my page so ultimately I had to ask for help and seek out a talented person who could redesign my page up to the standard I wanted it. Like before when I first started blogging I had my blog spruced up by the incredible Serena who has a store you can purchase blog designs on Pretty Wild Things and I decided I needed her expertise again to redesign my layout and make it more fitting to my new name Klearly Kirsty. Serena really is great, she listened to everything I wanted (trust me it was a lot) change wise and just cracked on with it, she even kindly redesigned my name which I had considered getting done by a seller of blog headers on Etsy

4. Okay I haven't done this yet remember I said I was a total procrastinator, but I do want to purchase a blog domain. For me I think this can really define your blog as a more serious outlet for your creativity and will hopefully help you be recognised by more companies and brands as a more committed and focused blogger that perhaps wants to develop their blog page in to something more. Remember your blog is a brand of you so it is important to market yourself as best as possible to reach out to a wider audience. I'll probably look towards GoDaddy to purchase my domain name as it offers reasonable prices to buy your domain and I've personally found this is the main recommendation within the blogging community

5. The most important thing for me was to have a finished product that truly represented me because  this was the whole reason why I wanted to re-brand and redesign my blog in the first place. I felt restricted about what I could write about and trapped in a beauty bloggers blog. Yes I still mainly do focus on beauty products and reviews but I now feel like I can write about whatever the hell I like. Whereas before when I had the word beauty in my blog name I felt everything I wrote had to be focused around that and I couldn't stray away. I realise to many people this sounds stupid but I've spoken to others who feel the same way and at the beginning when they start their blog they felt it was a good idea to really focus on just beauty but have since I wouldn't say regretted it but wanted to move forward with their blog a few years down the line. 

Do you have any tips for re-branding blog wise? And what are your opinions on putting your "blog in a box" so to speak, is it better to focus on a specific topic blog wise or should we be more open and feel free to write about whatever we feel?

Hair Goals

Unlike a lot of people out there I'd say I was on of the least adventurous with my hair styles and colours. Since I can remember after Primary school and days of short wild needing to be tamed hair I've had the same shoulder length locks for years with the odd trip to the hairdressers to add in some red low lights every now and again when I fancied a change. This Summer I really want to make some drastic changes to my hair and try something different for a change as to be quite honest I'm bored with the same old style and plain dark brown colour. And although my hair is in very good condition from the lack of colouring I just want to change it up a bit and try something I haven't done before.


Recently my celebrity hair crushes have been Meghan Trainor and Kristen Stewart, the cut for me is perfect and is actually a length I'm really comfortable just below the shoulders but both of the hair colours for me are so beautiful and I want a piece of that in my life and on my head. I can't get enough of Meghan's auburn hair it was literally made for her and I know Kristen Stewart is known for swapping and changing her hairstyles but the red looks fantastic on her and I'd hopefully like to think it would look half as good gracing my head of hair.  The other styles I chose are ones that I like gracing the heads of these beautiful ladies who I admire so much for either their successful acting or singing careers.

Have you ever made any drastic hair style changes before, what would you recommend? I'm thinking auburn is the way forward for me but I'm not sure if it would suit me, let me know in the comments below if you have any advice.

Garnier SkinActive Oil-Infused Micellar Cleansing Water Review

After becoming almost addicted to using the original Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water 400ml £3.33 you can read my first review here, I decided I needed to repurchase but rather than go for the same Micellar Water I thought I'd swap it up for the different Garnier SkinActive Oil-Infused Micellar Cleansing Water 400ml £3.99. Garnier at the moment have so many great skincare products available I'll be able to keep trying out new ones for the foreseeable future, I'm really keen to try out the Garnier Fresh Eye Make Up Remover 150ml £3.29 to see how good it is at actually removing stubborn eye products and waterproof mascara.  As you've probably already guessed the difference from the original Micellar Water and this one is that it is oil-infused. Much like the original it is great at removing make-up and leaving your skin refreshed. This has to be the easiest way I've discovered to remove my make-up on a daily basis and it's a quick product to use at the end of the day in replacement for a face wipe if you aren't a fan of them. The oil-infusion I find helps nourish my skin and adds goodness back to it keeping it hydrated, plus because I use this product at evening/ nighttime due to working late shifts throughout the week I go to bed with fresh skin that the oil part of the product can really sink in to whilst I'm asleep.

This product can leave an ever so slight greasy residue on your skin so it might be more targeted towards people who have dry skin to add the moisture back in but the oil effect although it is there it's ever so slight so I certainly wouldn't be put off if you do have more oily skin. Personally I would use either or of the two Garnier Micellar Water I've tried out so far although I would probably reach for the Oil-Infused option going towards Autumn/ Winter time with it adding moisture back in to the skin. Like before I would highly recommend this product I think the Garnier range at the moment for your skin is incredible! I'd say the Micellar Waters are the best option for removing make-up with ease and to leave your skin feeling brilliant.

Have you tried out any of the other Garnier skin range? Please let me know in the comments below especially if you've had chance to use the Eye Make Up Remover as that's next on my list to try from this range. 

Caudalie Organic Grape Water Review

When I visited the Selfridges beauty event the other week I had a £10 redeemable voucher as I was on a mission to spend it. All said and done I did spend more than the worth of the voucher at the end of the night, however I did restrain from my usual mass Selfridges spending like I have done at previous events of this kind, for two reasons at the moment I'm leaning more towards budget beauty products and secondly there wasn't anything that caught my eye. Way back a couple of years ago I had a product called Sol de Janeiro a cool coconut water cooling and hydrating mist. With Summer approaching and those hot sticky nights I wanted to repurchase this product but yet to my disappointment it either is out of stock or doesn't seem to be stocked in Selfridges anymore. To replace this I found the Caudalie Organic Grape Water 200ml £10.00, this is a brand I'd never heard of but the exact type of product I wanted and the perfect price to use my voucher on so I went ahead and headed to the till to pay.

This organic grape water mist is ideal for refreshing your face when the heat is getting to you and you start feeling dare I say it sweaty... I don't know why but it almost feels to me like a deodorant for the face, giving you that instant clean, fresh boost feeling that you need either throughout hot days or muggy nights.  It's perfect to tone and moisturise skin on the go and is suitable for all skin types with its subtle grape sent. I wouldn't recommend applying if you have a full face of makeup as you might find a few water droplets noticeable once you have sprayed the water, when applying to the face it sprays like a light aerosol unlike the Sol de Janeiro that had a spray pump and was more difficult to spray evenly on the face. I tend to use this throughout the night and on warmer days when I have limited makeup on opting for either a SPF tinted moisturiser or a light foundation for minimal coverage.

Have you ever tried a face mist, do you think they are worth the money or a waste?
If you are looking to pick this up Feel Unique have it available for £6.00 75ml here.

Zoella Sweet Inspirations First Impressions

Believe it or not this is the first time I've ever been swayed in to buying anything from the Zoella beauty range available from Superdrug and also Feel Unique. Before this the previous ranges hadn't really interested me and Zoella hadn't really been a YouTuber that had even been on my radar as I do prefer smaller YouTubers as for me personally I find them more relatable. However since watching Zoella throughout Vlogmas I did become slightly interested in her videos and this time around with the new Sweet Inspirations range I wanted to give them a try out. This range really stood out to me unlike the Tutti Fruity one purely because of the packaging and the more grown up vibe I feel it has that wouldn't look out of place in your home if you are a slightly more mature woman. The packaging consists of beautiful pastel shades with a gorgeous metallic gold seashell like print and purple writing/ patterns in the style of a French patisserie. The range consists of 8 products ranging from £5.00 to the higher price end of £12.00 so all of the products are reasonably priced. I only decided the purchase 5 out of the 8 products, I left out the Zoella Candy Clutch Beauty Bag £12.00, Zoella LIFE IS SWEET Beauty Bag £6.00 and the Zoella Body Fondant £10.00. The reason why I didn't purchase the bag or coin purse is because I don't really like logo stamped bags unless they are from true fashions brand like Ted Baker or Micheal Kors. Maybe if the logo advertising had of been a little bit smaller I would have purchased the coin purse but for me these two products are aimed at Zoellas younger market who want to really display their fandom towards her. Another product I missed out was the Zoella Body Fondant £10.00, I do really like the look and idea of this product that it is shimmer balm to highlight your skin and give it a summertime glow but for the price I just didn't see myself using it that much to justify paying that much.

 Zoella Double Creme Body Lotion 160mL £5.00 with its cute pastel pink packaging and Zoe's Z initial in metallic gold it's the perfect cute dressing table product. Zoe was right and I totally agree with her that a little of this product really does go a long way with its reasonably like consistency for a body cream in comparison with others I've previously tried out. The scent is described as a macaron based with sweet almond oil, cocao and honey. It reminds me of a light scented vanilla almost cupcake like smell (slightly eatable almost, do not eat!)  which I do like and will use up but I wouldn't necessarily repurchase again in the future. The product sinks in to your skin super fast with a lingering scent and definitely leaves it feeling smooth and soft to the touch

Zoella Sweet Inspirations Body Mist 45mL £8.00 for me personally this has to be the most beautiful packaged product in the range. I like how you can see the gold print through the other side of the bottle something I don't think I've ever seen on a body mist or in fact perfume package, I actually prefer this in comparison to plain glass packaging as it gives the product more of a luxury expensive feel and the design on the back is a slightly risen print so not stuck on cardboard like which I was almost expecting for the price paid. Just like the body lotion the scent is exactly the same, to get the best wear out of this I would really recommend teaming it with the lotion because if not I don't think it will last very well and the body mist scent will disappear within a short amount of time once applied but together they make a great combination. I like the fact that this product is reasonably priced and ideal for younger teens to start up their scent collection with, in fact I would personally have paid slightly more for this product maybe towards the £10.00 mark as the luxury packaging and nice product I feel are worth a tad more in price 

Zoella Bath Latte 400mL £6.00 this white bath & shower milk comes in an adorable milk bottle style container with a shiny gold twist cap lid, I like that it has the signature Z raised and embossed on the top of the plastic bottle. I love that it's a dual use product and you can use it in both the bath and the shower as I do tend to take both, a shower when I'm in more of a rush and a bath when I feel like relaxing so it's nice to have a product that for once I can really use in both situations because sometimes I feel products that I purchase just go to waste if for example I just take showers for a week and it's a bath based product it just gets left on the side unused for a while which is disappointing. This bath & shower milk has a strong almond, cacao and honey scent to it and unlike some "bubble bath" products I've tried it actually creates a reasonable amount of bubbles in your bath tub if you pour it in under running water

Zoella Sugar Dip Scented Bath Salts 150g £6.00 I know that a lot of people will probably disagree but this is my least favourite packaging out of all of the products I've purchased from the range. I'm not saying it isn't cute because it totally is I like the slim pyramid box shape and how it opens apart to display the bath salts in the small bag inside, the scalloped edge around the bottom of the cone shape is pretty but my issue with the packaging is it just isn't practical in my opinion, unfortunately the scalloped edges already came damaged and the top of the cone dented. I prefer bath and body product to come in more durable packaging as I'm afraid I will ruin them with water damage. Inside the box there is a purple sticker included that says "reseal me" to keep your bath salts safe and to ensure they don't spill out in to the box outer packaging. The salts themselves are a soft white colour and really smell strongly of the signature Sweet Inspirations scent, I haven't tried out any bath salts for a while so it was nice to use these as I feel like they create a relaxed calming feel when you're sinking in to your bathtub after a long hard day

Zoella Le Fizz Fragranced Bath Fizzer 200g £5.00 once you open the beautiful packaging (seriously I felt bad spoiling it) inside you have small squares of what I can only describe as white mini bathbombs. They're all joined together in rows of three almost like a chocolate bar and you get a total of 18 altogether with the signature Z logo engraved on to eat one. On the out packet the instructions say add four to water but I only used three as it's so much easier just to break of three and pop them in your bath rather than messing up the unified slab of fizzers. Out of all of the products I'd probably say this was the one I felt less interested about as it is just blocks of tiny plain bathbombs but I do really like the cute packaging. £5.00 is definitely a bit steep in prize for this product in the range especially if you compare it to the amount and quality of the lotion you can also get for the same price

Overall some hits & misses but I do like the Sweet Inspirations range by Zoella and I will continue to use it. I went in purchasing these items not really knowing what to expect as they didn't have them available in my local Superdrug so I had to order online in the end. I would really recommend if you can searching them out in a store first and checking out the products and the scent to see if you like it as it won't be for everyone. If you have tried out any of the new Sweet Inspirations range please let me know I'd like to hear your thoughts, also if you've tried out any of Zoe's previous range let me know what it's like, if you prefer it or not over this?

Stationery Giveaway CLOSED

To celebrate the launch of Klearly Kirsty I wanted to do a small giveaway with some stationery products I brought from my local Tiger store. Tiger have so much incredible stationary available at the moment I wanted to include some of the Summer range in my giveaway. The stationery is based around Summertime sundaes and ice creams with and hint of multi coloured sprinkles to top them off.

The lucky winner of the giveaway will receive the following prizes as pictured below: - 

x1 Pink top, multicoloured sprinkled glass sharpener 

x1 Large ice cream eraser

x12 Pack of multi coloured felt tip pens 

x1 Ice cream sundae slim note pad

x4 Ice lolly paperclips 

x1 Cupcake note jotter

x12 Pencils

Terms & Conditions

**The opening date for the giveaway will be Thursday 9th June 2016 closing on Thursday 7th July 2016

**For UK winner only 

**Winner must be able to provide a valid UK address

**Please be aware that unfortunately if you enter under a company name your entry will not count

**You must follow me via Bloglovin' and this will be mandatory on the Rafflecopter entry link as I would like the prize to go to a reader of my page

**The prize will be sent out with First Class postage, if anything is lost, stolen or broken I do not hold responsibility for this nor will I be obligated to provide any replacements

**The winner will be selected at random through Rafflecopter, the mandatory fields will be checked and if you have falsely entered the giveaway your entry will be disqualified 

**Winner will be contacted via personal email provided if no reply within 7 days another winner will be selected at random

**You must be over 18 or have permission from a parent/ guardian before providing your address if you are the successful winner

Sticking along the lines of stationery I recently received a bullet journal for my birthday, I'd love for you to comment with your hints and tips about how I can make the best use from it.

April & May Empties #7

This month I have double the amount of empties saved up as I didn't do a post last months, as a result of this it's meant I've had Aprils empty bottles and packaging hanging around for ages only to be topped up by Mays finishings. But now is the time to share them all with you and throw away all of my rubbish and fill up the bin once again, much I'm sure to Paul's annoyance.

 1. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water 400ml £3.00 without a doubt my absolute favourite used up product from the 2 months. Since trying out the Garnier Cleansing Water I haven't looked back and it will be making a regular reappearing in my skincare routine. Teamed with my trusty Primark cotton wool pads there is no makeup that this cleansing water can't remove. I've just started on my back up of the Garnier SkinActive Oil-Infused Micellar Cleansing Water. Read my review of the original Garnier Micellar Water here

 2. The Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish 200ml £10.00 although this didn't last very long I did enjoy using it. As of late I've really gravitated towards buying either body scrubs or polishes as I prefer the texture of seeds/ grains in the product and find they really help remove dead skin away with the use of my body mitt that I repurchase regularly from Primark. The scent I wouldn't say smells like fresh strawberries but if blindfolded I would recognise it as strawberry but more of a jam scent, despite this it still smells incredible and a product I don't mind lathering upon my skin

 3. Imperial Leather Fruit Salad Shower 250ml £1.00 let's be honest I totally only brought this for the smell of fruit salad sweets and that has to be enough to make it one of my favourite empties and it is. A proper nostalgic scent in a shower gel you couldn't ask for a more wonderful creation. Imperial Leather have other favourite scents available including sherbet lemon, marshmallow and I've even spotted that they do banana now

Unfortunately the disappointing duo comes in the form of OGX Weightless Hydration Coconut Water Shampoo 385ml £6.99 & Conditioner 385ml £6.99, my previous review here. Prior to buying the OGX products I'd heard many great things about them and felt excited to try them out in the hope they'd transform my hair to a fabulous glossy mane but that wasn't to be. I hate to say it but it made absolutely no difference to my hair and for the price I felt I'd wasted my money, since then I've just returned to supermarket brought shampoos & conditioner and my interest in trying out more fancy products has faded.

Are you a fan of my top 3 empties products? 
Have you tried any of the OGX hair care range, what did you think of them?

Starting A Fresh

Today is the day I finally unveil should I say my new and I'm sure you will agree hopefully improved page layout, design and yes I finally did it name change. If you've headed over here before you'll probably recognise my blog as Cosmetics Beauty Rainbow well no more because I now write under the name Klearly Kirsty which in my opinion I think sounds a lot better and isn't so much of a mouthful. The main reason why I decided to change my layout was really down to the name change, sort of like out with the old in with the new. Although there are many reasons why I decided to change my name the main one was because I felt that my name didn't do my blog justice and it didn't allow me to be as versatile in what I write about. I felt although I had to stay true to my blog name and only write about beauty but now I feel free to write about any topics I like and focus more on not only beauty but lifestyle and travel posts.

Over the 2 years time since I started blogging as a person I feel I've really grown and I want my blog to represent this and what I write about. Stupid as this may sound I'd started feeling very embarrassed about my blog name, especially since all my fellow blogging friends either blog under their name or have a super quirky original name. Since having my blog redesigned and my name change I'm super happy with how everything looks. I'm still working on my page tabs at the moment and some of my previous posts by amending them so they are more uniform with the rest of the blog. Unfortunately some of my older posts don't look that great photo quality wise and probably dare I admit it the written content probably isn't as well thought out as I'd have liked. Despite this it's all a learning curve for me and although I did think about deleting some of the previous posts I published, I realised we all learn and improve from things that we have done in our life and I doubt blogging is any exception to this. 

Do you like my new blog layout/ design and most importantly what do you think of the new name Klearly Kirsty?