Focus & Fix Eye Primer Review

Like many of you I'm sure I used to think that the only eyeshadow primer out there was the Urban Decay Primer Potion. There is no doubt that this is one of my favourite primers and it's absolutely incredible at keeping your eyeshadow in place all day/ night long but at £18.00 it is a very costly product that I was looking to potentially replace with a cheaper alternative. Of course this only meant one thing and one place I would look to seek out a new lower cost but yet still amazing product and that had to be my go to brand Makeup Revolution.

Available on the Makeup Revolution website you have two options either the Focus & Fix Eye Primer Brighten £2.50 or the Focus & Fix Eye Primer Original £2.50. Now I'm not overly sure if there is indeed a massive difference between the two but I decided to order the brightening eyeshadow primer as I thought any help towards brightening up my eyes would be beneficial, plus I really don't think there is that much different from looking at both products online so either way I knew they would be relatively similar. 

I have to mention the key selling point about this product, the price, you could buy 7 of the Makeup Revolution Eye Primers and still have change compared to the Urban Decay Primer Potion. The colour of the primer is that of a light bronze gold colour which I believe creates the brightening effect it has on your lids. The shade is super pretty and nothing like I've ever seen in an eye shadow primer before and subtly shimmery enough as a light base before applying shadow. The consistency is soft and light, the product applies really well and you only need one application as it spreads really well covering the whole of the lid. When applying my shadow after the primer, it sticks well to my lid and actually results in a lot less fall out of shadows that sometimes I might avoid using as they cause a mess on to my foundation and concealer on my under eye. Shadows glide on nicely and don't crease throughout the day with this primer applied, in regards to staying power I have to say I've been out on numerous occasions wearing this primer on either nights or days out and it has lasted for hours, overall I'd have to say my eye shadow sits well for at least 7- 8 hours once applied but after that I honestly couldn't say as I don't tend to keep my makeup on for any longer than that amount of time.

There is no doubt that I would recommend this primer, I feel it's just as good as the Urban Decay Primer Potion and in fact I prefer the shade of the Makeup Revolution product in comparison. The price is a key selling point and I don't think it's possible to get such a great value for money eyeshadow primer from anywhere else that will genuinely be as good as this one. The packaging is quite plain and simple, keeping in line with the typical style of Makeup Revolution with the black base colour of the main packaging and then gold writing, this is the only downside and the Urban Decay packaging looks a lot more stylish but for an eye primer I don't care and for the price. 

Are you a fan of the Urban Decay Primer Potion and would you swap it out for a cheaper alternative like the Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix Primer?

Interview with my Boyfriend

If you're a regular visitor to my page you'll know that I mention my boyfriend of almost 2 years Paul on quite a regular basis. We work together we live together yes it's true we do everything together so as much as this blog is about me and what I love I thought it only right that I introduced him properly and got him to answer some questions.

1. Did you go to University and what did you study? If you could go back again would you take the same path or would you try something different? 

I went to Staffordshire University in Stoke-on-Trent and I studied Visual Effects and Concept Design. If i was to go back I would probably study a different course as the course I chose probably wasn't the best one for the skills I had. 

2. What do you enjoy to do in your free time? 

I enjoy spending time with my girlfriend going to different places. I also enjoy spending time at home watching films and different TV programs.

3. How did we meet and what was your first impression of me? 

We first met when I covered a shift at your Hotel. I thought you were really thoughtful and cared a lot about people and we had the same humour.

4. If you could be anyone else for the day, who would you choose? 

I don't think I would want to be anybody else but I would like to live to luxury of a billionaire just to see what the lifestyle is like to not worry about anything financial.

5. What's your favourite food? 

My favourite food is Indian Cuisine, although I do enjoy Italian cuisine just as much.

6. We are both big superhero fans but who would you say is your favourite? 

I have so many favourite super heroes but my favourite at this time has to be Deadpool as he cant die and has a brilliant sense of humour. However I do really like Gambit (Xmen)

7. Your most embarrassing moment? 

When i was at university I was very drunk from a night out and I went to get into my dorm room and I couldn't open the door and kept walking into it. Then I went to lean on my friends room door to compose myself and I didn't know he had opened it and i fell straight back into his room.

8. What would your dream job be?

I would love to travel the world and scope out destinations and locations for movies.

9. If you could describe yourself in a single word what would it be? How about me? 

The one word I would use is Hilarious. The word I'd use to describe Kirsty is Thoughtful.

10. If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money? 

If i won the lottery I would pay of all my debts and any debts my family had, I would then but my mum, dad a new house each and make sure my sister had plenty of money to look after herself. I would then go and travel the world with my amazing girlfriend and create lots of fabulous memories. Once I had done that I would start up my own little business as a hobby and just enjoy life.

11. Do you like to travel or would you rather stay at home? 

I do like to travel and see different places whether they are abroad or in the UK. I do like to have lazy days at home as well but love travelling abroad and would love to live abroad one day.

12. What are your thoughts on marriage? 

I would like to get married one day. I think that if two people love each other that why not celebrate that love by making that bond and commitment.

13. How do we handle paying the bills? 

We handle the bills by you taking control and paying them on time and then I transfer you the money for them.

14. What is your favourite memory of the both of us since we have been together as a couple? 

There have been so many great memories but my favourite one is a tough decision between when we went on our first holiday together to Fuerteventura or our very first day trip which was to the Harry Potter Studios.

15. What are your bad habits? 

I probably have a few but my main one is probably biting my nails, or as I have eczema I do scratch my hands and I know that irritates you.

16. If you could meet a famous person dead or alive, whom would you like to meet?

The person I would like to meet is Freddie Mercury. He was the lead singer of one of my favourite bands and I think he would be a really nice bloke.

17. What song reminds you of me?

John Legend - All of ME

18. What's your favourite sport?

My favourite sport is Football, closely followed by rugby. I do enjoy watching special events like Wimbledon and The Ashes.  

19. Describe an ideal weekend 

An ideal weekend would be to jet off to a romantic city somewhere in Europe such as Rome, Paris, Barcelona and have a lovely day or two exploring the city and then eating Romantic meals in a nice restaurant in the evening. Creating lots of special memories and then on the final day spending the night at home with me cooking a nice meal and watching a movie cuddled up on the sofa.

20. If you could change one thing about me, what would it be and why? 

I wouldn't change anything as I think you are perfect, however if I did have to change one thing I would change that you worry about little things that you don't need to worry about.

I hope you enjoyed this different post from me well should I say Paul! Feel free to use any of the questions above and why not interview somebody you love in your life.

Nerds ♡ Tostadora

It goes without saying that I'm a massive lover of anything geeky or nerdy related and I already own my fair share of superhero and Disney merchandise. I'm a sucker for a slogan or graphic tshirt that represents my fanatical fandom of my favourite film or song or come to mention it anything in my life that I enjoy I want to share with the world and encourage every single individual to feel the excitement I do for a specific character, television program or singer. Tostadora has to be the online dream website for all of your nerdy fantasies when it comes to tshirts, wall art, phone cases and even personalised products. Perfect if you're looking to take a trip to Comic Con as I guarantee this website will have a suitable tshirt for you if you decide not to cosplay it up. Or suitable for daily wear just to express your current obsession for you favourite television series or maybe your love for Minions?

Magic Carpet Framed Print / Star Wars IPhone Case /Vader vrs Shredder IPhone Case / Catrina Tshirt

My tshirt is the **Monsters Friends one priced at £18.10 and as you can see it's a cross over of Monsters Inc one of my favourite Disney Pixar movies and the most famous extraterrestrial in the history of mankind or should that be alien kind E.T. The lovely people over at Tostadora are currently giving you as my readers 10% off to shop on the online store, you will receive a 10% discount at the end went you enter the code "RAINBOW". With all of the tshirts that I've looked at throughout the website you have an additional option of changing the tshirt base colour from 9 colours including black, green, orange, red, light pink, light blue, white, grey and dark blue and the sizes range from S, M, L, XL and XXL.

The tshirt quality is really nice and the printed transfer has been applied careful and really blends in well with the actual tshirt, not cheap looking in any way and something that wouldn't be out of place at a New Look store or H&M for quality of the material. I was slightly disappointed that the tshirt came in the form of super stretchy material that when I tried it on it did uncover all of my lumps and bumps so I'd have to recommend sizing up especially if you have a large bust area, so for example I would probably recommend a XL for a size 14 and an XXL for a 16. Slightly uncomfortable as if the tshirts provided more room they would be able to cater to more plus size fanatic buyers. But if you do have a thinner frame this type of material will fit very well and actually show off your curves.

Are you a tad on the nerdy side like myself and is this online store something that would interest you to unleash your inner fandom?

*This product was sent to me by Tastadora for review purposes, all opinions are honest and my own

Simply Be Wishlist #1

Just lately I've really started to embrace my curves and have decided to branch out in to browsing more plus size fashion brands. I'll admit although I would like to regain my healthy eating again and return to being something of a gym bunny, sort of, I am beginning to accept myself more and not try to squeeze myself in to unflattering fashion trends that simply don't suit me. I've recently found myself looking through the plus size pieces on and the ever popular with plus size fashionistas Simply Be. As I'm starting to find my confidence with my size I'm finding I look more towards playsuits for that beautiful Summer vibe and floral patterns to brighten up what would usually be a dull outfit of choice.

What fashion brands would you recommend for plus size ladies?

L'Oreal Paris Infallible Blush Trio Review

This new L'Oreal Paris Infallible Blush Trio comes from the Infallible Sculpt range, aiming to provide simple and easy products to contour and sculpt your features like never before. Products included in this range vary from Infallible Sculpt Foundation, Infallible Sculpt Contouring Palette, Sculpting Brush to of course this Infallible Blush Trio. Surprisingly the trio is available in 3 different shades Nude Beige 102, Soft Rosy 201 and the one I own Soft Sand 101 £7.99 or currently available at Boots on the 3 for 2 offer if you want to collect them all.

As you can see the blush contains 3 different shades inside the palette the bottom left I would describe as a light highlighter, it has a slight silver shimmer to it but isn't an overly glittery powder, unfortunately it's the shade that has the least amount of pay off for me personally and I find I need to reapply multiple times to get the pop of highlighter that I really want. If you're looking for something a bit more subtle then this could be the ideal solution for you especially if you are new to highlighting products plus all is not wasted as it does come with two other cheek products. The middle product is an orange rose blush a very pretty shade that I wish was on the bigger side, I think it would have been better if the highlighter was the smaller of the 3 as I've been finding it difficult to pick up the middle shade on my blush brush an have had to use my brush that I use to powder under my eyes as this is a lot easier to actually get in to the tiny section of blush powder. My favourite out of all 3 is the top right blusher, the gorgeous bright red is so nice against my pale complexion and because I don't opt for bronzing or contouring to be honest I like my blush and highlighter to be on point. I've found myself teaming this with the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color in the shade Love so much just recently it has almost become my Springtime go to due. This shade is the most pigmented out of them all however when you apply you have to be so careful as not to pick up a lot of product, it applies to my brush with absolute easy and on the first couple of occasions when using I've found myself looking a tad more red faced than I'd like to leading to a mad blending session to fade it down to a more suitable shade of rosy red. The best thing to do is when picking up on your brush blush just to tap as much excess product off as possible before applying it to the face.

Some positives and negatives about this Blush Sculpt Trio overall, I wouldn't rush back to get my hands on anymore from the range and I think L'Oreal may have gone a bit overboard by including 3 trios in the range but that's just my personal opinion although it shows the brand is trying to cater to different skin types as well as possible. What do you think about the new L'Oreal Sculpting range, is it something you would be willing to try out? I personally feel it's a range targeted towards people who enjoy their contouring whereas I'm finding I prefer highlighting and strobing a lot more at the moment so I wouldn't go out of my way to purchase anything else from the range.

W7 Camouflage Kit Review

Something that I've had in my beauty collection for a while now that I've finally got around to digging out is this W7 Camouflage Kit Cream Concealer Palette £2.50 available from Amazon. This concealer palette consists of five different shades mainly suitable for light to medium skin tones and a application brush and mirror inside the top of the palette.

For me to achieve the perfect shade I like to mix the first two shades together towards the right, the shades however are quite yellow toned and actually greasy, just to mentioned as well inside the palette the colours do look a lot darker but once applied to the skin they do tone down. I personally wouldn't recommend this palette if you have dark blemishes or high pigmentation as it will only really work for minimal coverage like around your under eyes and I tend to have a slightly red nose throughout the summer so this is perfect just to even out my skin tone. I wouldn't say it was a "camouflage" kit because in no way is this going to cover scars or as I've mentioned about areas of your face that potentially need a high coverage concealer, something like Urban Decay Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer which you can read my review here would be much more suitable for that. Taking in to consideration the price I really enjoy this product from W7 I personally wouldn't purchase if it was anymore than over £5 as I don't think the coverage is that great only really suitable for light blemishes but at £2.50 I think it's worth a try even if you use it with another more suitable concealer for more uneven skin areas. The brush isn't worth being include I much prefer to apply the product with my fingers as unlike the brush you can really blend in the product more, a finish you simply can't achieve by using a straight ended brush.

I don't have that many W7 products in my beauty collection apart from this, one eyeshadow palette and a blush so it was nice to try out something different and swap out my other concealers that I use day-to-day. Going forward in these summer months I might reach for this more if I'm looking for a light coverage and my skin is behaving itself. I couldn't have used this product 2 weeks ago as I had terrible spots on my chin under my lip with lots of dryness and I doubt any of these shades would have been able to cover it.

Have you tried any W7 products and what would you recommend to try out? I'd be really interested to hear if you've tried out the W7 Camouflage Palette as well and what you thought of it.

Obsessions #1 ♡

Welcome summer, well sort of! I just wanted to say that as I'm writing this of an evening when the day has been literally gorgeous with sunshine. I feel this really reflex in my product obsessions that I'm enjoying using at the moment. Of course going in to the warmer months means a change up of  beauty products both day-to-day and for special occasions. I feel in the summertime you can totally let your hair down either way with your beauty routine, on the one hand we start to look a little more sun kissed and I personally feel minimal makeup is fine but on the other hand I feel like summer is the perfect opportunity to go crazy with those eyeshadow shades especially throughout festival season.

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle £49 35ml: - The gorgeous scent of Chanel, what isn't to love? A combination of orange, jasmine and rose perfect for those summer walks in the park. Naturally the Chanel packaging is on point and will look very special placed upon your vanity 

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color £8.99 shade Love: - My favourite lip product of the moment, since I brought this what over a week ago now it hasn't left my side. You can read my full review here but if you're looking for a long lasting lip product I'd for sure recommend this, I can't wait to add more shades to my collection

I ♡ Makeup Blushing Hearts £4.99 shade Bursting with love: - Sometimes I don't think I can manage a day without talking about Makeup Revolution. This beautiful heart shaped highlighter and blush is so pretty shimmering away in the sunshine I like to apply the brush to the apples of my cheeks then the far left highlighter towards the top, a tad on my nose and on my cupids bow

Makeup Revolution Pro Hygiene Antibacterial Brush Cleaner £5.00 200ml: - A great quick and easy way to spot clean your brushes and ideal if you are trying out eye looks with a few different shades as you can clean in between applying. 

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation £8.99 30ml shade Light Porcelain: - I've recently swapped this back in to my daily routine and I'm really liking it so far. Not that I didn't find it good before but there's just something about it that adds a glow to my skin and it's SPF 15 protects and you got to look after that skin.

Rimmel London Exaggerate Lip Liner £3.99 shade Red: - Because the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color does bleed ever so slightly I've been teaming this with it and they seem to be the perfect match and together they keep my lips in check all day

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish unsure on price 50ml Orange & Mint: - Recently I've found myself suffering from really bad dry spot prone skin. More down to the fact that it has been that time of the month but nevertheless I wanted to rid myself of any spottiness straight away. I don't think this particular fragrance is available anymore as it was a limited edition but all would work the same. I like to apply mine as a short face mask for a couple of minutes then remove with a loofah rather than a muslin cloth

Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation full size £47.00 50g: - Highly moisturising for your face and a great solution to rid you of any dry patches. I used this over the course of a week and I felt my skin looked noticeably more healthy and refreshed

  What are your current beauty obsessions? I much prefer summertime makeup as it feels like more of an opportunity to experiment, with that being said I hope to be bringing you lots of exciting products that I'll be using.

Life Update #1

I thought it would be the perfect time to start updating you all on my actual life. If you've been following me for a while you'll probably know that I don't really talk about my life that much and mainly stick to beauty related posts. I have done previous posts on my OCD which you can read my first post here and the second post here. I just wanted to talk to you about what I've been up to, how I'm feeling about blogging and just my life in general. I'd like to do these regular updates every month from now on so I can look back and see how far I've come so almost like a mini blog diary.

Day to day life in general has been great, me and Paul are currently living in a rented apartment at the moment and we're saving for a mortgage. It's so difficult trying to save though and pay rent, council tax, electricity and all though although glorious outgoing bills that come along once a month. I think we have about 3 months left on this tenancy agreement but in order to save more we really need to find a cheaper living alternative so we have some potential thoughts in mind as to what we might do to save faster.

Although I really don't want to admit it weightloss has just been a total disaster. I feel like I'm just making excuses but I got ill and I just didn't feel like making the effort to eat healthy or go to the gym. I actually feel really embarrassed when people ask me when I went to the gym last because it hasn't been for such a long time, I feel the shame of not going for so long and I'm considering transferring to the PureGym nearer to my house so it's just a short walk from work rather than the one I'm signed up to which is in the middle of town. The one I go to at the moment costs me £10 as it was a new opening offer but if I do transfer to the one closer to home it will be the normal price which I think is £20. I hope that will encourage me to go more and because it will be closer to home and work I don't really have any excuse not to go. Healthy eating wise I need a massive kick up the butt, I really need to plan my meals especially because of the shift patterns I work, I'm considering maybe purchasing a meal planner that I can keep either in my bag to carry around with me and write in or one that I can use as a magnet to attach to my fridge. 

Blogging I've felt very hit and miss about over the past month. I'm not entirely sure why but it has felt like hard work recently, again I think many fellow bloggers tend to feel like this from time to time especially if like me they have a full time 40 hour job to balance as well. It's sad to say that I've felt like this because as a whole my blog is doing better than ever, I'm getting more comments on my posts, more views to my page, I even remember last month one day I have over 1k views which to me is insane and on another level I can't even imagine. I have been missing the mark with my 8am uploads and sometimes I haven't put my posts live well in to the evening of that day. I'm hoping to change this and really pre-schedule more posts as this is something I'm terrible at doing. I've decided that I want to start doing my empties posts on a regular basis but for this month I'm saving my April/ May empties so I can accumulate more as at the moment I don't have that much stored up. I also want to start doing a monthly favourites, so it will be more like a "currently loving" post that will go live each month, I originally thought that people didn't like these types of posts but I've started to notice that they are popular with people as I guess they are mini reviews of some type and products can be recommended to your readers. Like I mentioned above I really want to get back on my weightloss wagon again so I'm hoping to resume the monthly posts about my progress and hopefully incorporate a few recipes and just what I ate in a day maybe interesting to share with you all. 

On that note that's you all caught up and up to date with my life and what I've been getting up to. I'd really like it if you could let me know what posts you'd enjoy seeing from me.

Jo Malone Nashi Blossom

How exciting is this my first ever Jo Malone cologne, I know right I just want to basque in its beauty. This limited edition Nashi Blossom cologne was such an impulse purchase and at £44 for 30ml I have to admit it was more of a payday purchase and I just felt like treating myself. I've been wanting a Jo Malone scent for the longest time now and every time I visit Selfridges in Birmingham I head over to the counter and profusely smell all the different bottles of cologne and then proceed to spray them on the tiny Jo Malone sample cards and surround myself with every scent physically possible. I think the only one thing that has put me off buying any products from Jo Malone was the price and also that fact that usually perfume isn't something I would buy for myself it tends to be more of a Birthday or Christmas gift and I honestly don't think my family or Paul have a clue what the brand Jo Malone it although I have a feeling I might be introducing Paul to it soon "hint hint". 

Like I mentioned the Nashi Blossom is a limited edition cologne and it comes in this adorably cute bottle with a light metallic green lid and cute little black and white dots layered upon each other. Despite the actual scent of the perfume the limited edition factor and the packaging did sway me to purchase this particular product, I'm a total sucker for limited edition items and I thought as this was my first Jo Malone purchase I wanted it to be something special and with the majority of scents available all year round I guessed I could pick those up anytime if I really wanted to ad them to my collection.

The scent totally screams Spring/ Summer time of course based on Nashi Blossom with gorgeous fruity floral scents all combining together including crunchy apples, rounded pears, zesty lemons, rose and beautiful white musk. This cologne is described by Jo Malone as playful, radiant and efflorescent and I think I might just be in love with it a tad. As this is quite an expensive bottle I won't be wearing it on a regular day to day basis in regards to work, I like to keep a low cost perfume on hand for daily wear. But this is perfect for days when I'm off and going out with my family or Paul, I'm even more excited to wear it more often as it seems like the summer months are finally arriving here in England finally and it will be ideal to sprites on my wrist and on my collar bone teamed along with a nice floral dress, I can just picture it now. 

Are you a fan of Jo Malone and what is your favourite cologne from the range or do you have a favourite limited edition scent that you wish they would return? Whist I was at the Jo Malone counter I got treated to an absolutely incredible hand massage from one of the team there, I swear my hands had never felt so soft and smelt so good. If you ever get the opportunity to have a hand massage I would really recommend it, it's free of charge and you just get to enjoy and me pampered, I'm actually booked in for next Thursday when I'll be attending the Selfridges Beauty Event, I can't wait!

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color Review

I'd be lying to you if I said I hadn't ummed and ahhed about buying the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color, I wasn't sure if it was right for me or if I'd in fact like it and at £8.99 for a drugstore lip product it did seem pretty pricey. As you can see I decided to go for it, I thought "yes it is a product I really want to try out" and plus I'd never know if I loved it or hated it without buying one for myself to try out, would I? Shade wise I thought I'd stay true to my usual choice and decided on Love, although it looks slightly pinkish in the packaging it really delivers on that true red and from looking at the other shades this is the perfect one if like me you prefer a stand out red lip.

Since getting my hands on this I've been trying it our for the past two days and I think I've become obsessed with this product. The pigmentation in the Lip Color is incredible and for a matte lip look I thought it would be extremely drying on the lips but it's totally the opposite with a slight wet formula once applied to the lips that gradually sets in place. The shade Love does bleed slightly as on the first application I wore it without a lipliner but this was ever so slightly and I honestly don't think other people could tell it was just when I got up close in the mirror I could see it coming away from the lips. Since then I've applied it with a lipliner and had no issues what so ever, it has stayed in place perfectly. The matte effect of the Lip Color is brilliant and once applied it stays vibrant and looking good for way up to 6 hours, pushing to 8 when you might need to top up, I only know this because I've been testing it at work and once I get ready for work and put this on my lips I don't re-apply at all throughout my shift. Even when I get home lots of the product is still on my lips and I can see this from my face wipes that I use to clean it off. After wearing this for two days I've had some many great comments from colleagues saying how nice it looks and asking about the product which I'm quick to recommend. After trying out my first Ultra HD Matte Lip Color I'm tempted to buy a few more including the shades Addiction and Obsession. 

I also need to point out that the product is scented with a yummy flavour of mango and vanilla ice cream and smells really like no other lip products I've ever owned before. The packaging is ideal as you can see the product through the clear plastic the perfect solution for when you're rummaging in your bag to reapply your lippy throughout the day.

Have you tried out any of the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colors, let me know in the comments below if you have and what you thought about the product and your favourite shade.

The Body Shop Re-Opening

Over the weekend I attended the re-opening of The Body Shop on Birmingham New Street as part of The Bloggers Parlour. The Bloggers Parlour is a new exciting group that you can sign up to here bringing regular events for bloggers, YouTubers and Social Media Influencers. The ever so talented Abbigayle Warner is the founder of The Bloggers Parlour and she aims to bring more events throughout the year to the West Midlands, and in my eyes this can only be a good thing as at the moment Birmingham and the surrounding areas are seriously lacking in events for bloggers and YouTubers alike.

To celebrate the re-opening of The Body Shop on New Street I set off in to Birmingham super early on Saturday and by the time I got off the train in the city it was a quiet as a mouse, not like your typical Saturday in Birmingham town centre but I guess those are the perks of avoiding the crowds. Once I arrived at The Body Shop I said hello to Abbi who was busy Snapping and vlogging the morning and of course making some well deserved purchases from the store. The store itself looks incredible and considering the size of the shop there is so much room available and it is packed with absolutely gorgeous products all which are available to test out which I love about The Body Shop. I literally cannot praise the ladies that work there enough as they are just unbelievably nice, they are all so informative about the products and anything you need to know they're always on hand to help, plus you aren't made to feel like you're hassling them when asking questions and I really believe that they enjoy their jobs.

Naturally whilst in The Body Shop I had to make some much needed purchases and with a great discount voucher provided before the re-opening through The Bloggers Parlour I had the perfect excuse to treat myself.

(Pictured below)

Pink Grapefruit Hand Cleanse Gel £2.50 / Shea Body Whip (full size price) £8 / Satsuma Shower Gel (250ml price) £4 / Strawberry Body Butter (200ml price) £14 / Bath Lily £2
(Pictured below)

From attending The Blogger Parlour morning event at The Body Shop I received a canvas bag with my purchases and and some free little miniature treats, so a big thank you to The Body Shop for that. This Thursday I'll be heading back to the store again for a night with Abbigayle and other bloggers, YouTubers and social media influences for the Cocktails & Facials night. 

Again I'd like to say a big thank you to Abbi and The Body Shop for having me, I can't wait to see what The Bloggers Parlour has in store for the future and I'm excited to be attending more events in the West Midlands and meeting like minded people.