Grounded Body Scrub Coconut Review

You may or may not of heard about this product the Grounded Body Scrub, I have the Coconut Scent Coffee Scrub but it is also available in Grapefruit and Chocolate Orange Scrub and these also sound incredible. You can now pick up Grounded Body Scrub from Boots (link included above) for £15.00 each as part of the current beauty finds or visit the main website here for even more products including lip balm, hair masks and face scrub.

This unique coffee scrub actually has a really wonderful background story to it which can't be said for a lot of products that we use today unfortunately. But in order to cut a long story short the couple created the coffee scrub in their kitchen really as a treatment for eczema after Tasha one half of the duo tried out a coffee scrub in Bali and it was the only real thing that helped with her eczema. The couple of Tasha and Lloyd took a trip to Dragons Den with their creation of the Grounded Coffee Scrub and got the buy in of £30,000 from Sarah Willingham, that's 45% of the company. Boots are now stocking the product in 189 of the biggest stores and it would seem as though this coffee scrub is going from strength to strength.

Available in my local Boots store they had the coconut and I think chocolate orange scents so of course I decided to try out the coconut one as I'm a massive lover of coconut scents, the smell just reminds me of summer and holidays and lets be honest we're all in the need for some summer vibes at the moment with this weather, am I right? The scrub is made with Robusta coffee beans and perfect to use 3- 4 times a week preferably in the shower, I tried it in the bath and lets just say things got a little messy. The smell of this body scrub is just heavenly with the combination of caffeine and coconut I could surround myself in it all day long. This is a slight more harsher scrub so if your looking for something that really gets the job done then I would recommend this for sure rather than your run of the mill really just shower gel so called "body scrubs", if I'm really feeling like I need to exfoliate my skin well I use my wash mitts from Primark to intensify the product although day to day these most certainly aren't needed. 

As well as your Robusta beans that are creating that coffee scent you will also find brown sugar an Himalayan rock salt that will remove any dry, flaky dead skin, leaving your skin feeling soft and moisturised from the almond oil and vitamin e oil. As bizarre as this might sound I always know when a body scrub has done a great job when I pop on my work trousers and they brush along my legs softly like a new pair that have never been worn before, how odd but true! The beautiful scent of this scrub lingers on your skin so well and after I've showered at night time I can smell it on myself as I lay in bed and drift off to slumber land, I'd really like to try out the Grapefruit Scrub as more of a morning alternative and the Chocolate Orange for the evening. The only issues I have with this product is the mess that it makes, I mean wow is this a messy product or what? The scrub will literally get everywhere inside your bathtub so be prepared to give it a good clean when you leave the bath I tend to use the shower head to remove the excess scrub that is still lingering at the top of the tub, also the packing isn't the best as when I've been showering water has gotten inside of it so if you do have a safe place to store it as you're using it so it doesn't get wet I would recommend doing so.

On the whole apart from the mess and some changes I would personally make to the packaging I really like this product and it certainly does what I need it to. I'm really interested for Paul to try this out as he actually suffers from eczema so I'd like to try it out on him to see if it works. Like I said it smells incredible and I have no doubt that the other scents will smell just as nice, almost edible (of course do not eat) and I would say although it might seem relatively expensive at £15.00 you get 200G of product and it does last well even better than I imaged it would, I've been using it for well over a month now on a regular basis and still have some left that will probably last me at least another 2- 3 showers.

Have you tried out Grounded Body Scrub? Leave me a comment below if you have and you love it or even if you didn't, I'd like to hear your opinions on this new product. Also if you've tried a product similar to this please let me know so I can try it out and test it against the Grounded Body Scrub.