Beauty Blogger Tag

I was tagged by the beautiful Orla Roe/@orlaroex to complete the Beauty Blogger Tag and the questions specified by her. Her questions and my answers are included below and I will be tagging some of my blogging friends below with my very own questions for them to answer.

1. What is your signature makeup style?
My signature style definitely includes a red lip usually that of MAC Red teamed with a Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lipliner as I personally find that MAC Red bleeds on my lips super badly but this lipliner holds it in place incredibly. On my eyes at the moment I'm obsessed with Fortune Favours the Brave from from Makeup Revolution in collaboration with the British Beauty Blogger. At the moment I'm currently enjoying using shades Golden Coins, Lonely Planet and Super Gold so all of the beautiful crazy shades in this palette that come out super sparkly and dazzling, I'm a glitter lover what can I say.

2. Have you ever made an embarrassing beauty blunder? And what was it?
Just like many of us I've used different products that at the time where on trend but no so much anymore and looking back on them just screams embarrassing beauty blunder, Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse anybody? And I just Google this and it is in fact still available. I've made many beauty mistakes including using a variation of incorrect shades of concealer and foundation. I've tried a dozen different coloured mascaras which I'm not sure entirely ever looked good. But probably my main blunder wasn't beauty related but hair, as I used to cut a little tufted of hair at the front of head for going on a good year and looking back it just looked horrendous.

3. What is your favourite makeup brand?
Drugstore I'd have to say Makeup Revolution, but for high end I really enjoy and probably purchase the most products from Urban Decay as they always have such exciting different products I feel compared to other high end beauty brands.

4. When did you start wearing makeup?
I didn't start wearing basic makeup until I was in college, I know that seems like a late stage but throughout my teenage years makeup just didn't seem as big as it is today and don't forget we didn't have the world of blogs and YouTube to binge watch beauty tutorials and hauls on and until I got my first part time job I simply couldn't afford numerous amounts of beauty products and to be honest they didn't even interest me. 
5. Why did you start wearing makeup?
Going in to my late teens early twenties was when I really became interested in makeup and I remember I started to be encouraged to experiment more with it from the help of my friends. I used to let them do my makeup with their products and I remember thinking wow this looks so good and I needed a piece of the action so I started going to Boots and Superdrug and buying basic makeup which then evolved in to more exciting products to what it is today. 

6. Are you more high end or high street (drugstore) when it comes to beauty products?
Without a shadow of a doubt I'm a drugstore girl but I do like the occasional high end treat but I tend to find when I start buying high end products I get carried away and it can result in a rather large splurge so I often tend to stay away from the beauty counters. 

7. Who's your makeup icon?
Honestly I don't have a makeup icon so this question is really difficult for me. If I had to say one person I would have to say Lady Gaga, especially at the moment with the classic look she is rocking with the beautiful red lip and the pale skin I can totally relate to and those gorgeous full lashes, she is just a beauty.
8. How do your prep beauty wise for a first date?
Considering that I haven't been out on a first date for a long time I can't even remember how I would prep for one. I'm sure it would consist of the same things I like to do before I head out for a night with the girls. So prepping my skin with a face mask I feel is always important to rid your face of any dirt and grim ready for a full face of make up. I'd usually get all of the make up products I'm going to use ready and set them up on my dressing table rather than just randomly pick items from my draws which is what I usually do day to day. If I'm feeling super adventurous I like to add false eyelashes but I have to be in the mood.

9. Is there a certain perfume you wear that brings back a memory?
Purely for nostalgia purposes I'd have to say the Ralph Lauren perfume in the blue bottle that pretty much all of the girls used to wear in the early 2000's. This scent would take me back to my youth when I was just starting to come in to my teenage years. 

10. Whats the best bit of beauty advise you got and who gave you it?
I don't really have a key bit of beauty advise but I can say that since I started watching YouTube beauty tutorials and reading blogs I've picked up various tips from many different people, so it would be difficult to decide on one specific tip from one individual person as I've learnt so much in the past 3 years and I'm sure I'll continue to learn more in the future.

1. If you had to choose one product you couldn't live without for the rest of your life what would it be?
2. What is your favourite "go to" blush product?
3. Do you follow a specific skincare routine either day/ night or both and what products do you use?
4. What do you think of the current liquid lipstick trend?
5. Have you discovered any new/ different beauty brands recently? 
6. How to you apply your base products, do you prefer to use your fingers, beauty blender, brush or another applicator?
7. What is your favourite eyeshadow palette, past or present? 
8. Do you have a nostalgic beauty product that you would always use in your younger years?
9. Your favourite high end product?
10. What is your favourite eyeliner product and do you have any tips to achieving the perfect winged liner?

I would like to tag the following three ladies NataleeClare and Paige. If you'd like to answer my tagged questions above please go ahead and let me know if you completed them or if you'd liked to answer any ones in specific please go ahead and comment your answers below.

Kirsty x

Pro Hygiene Anti Bacterial Brush Cleaner Review

As an avid beauty lover I'm always looking to find the quickest way of doing the most daunting chore ever, cleaning my makeup brushes. Yes we all hate that mundane job when it comes that time of the week and usually for me I venture in to the bathroom of a Sunday evening with my brushes and cleaning products in tow. One of my absolute favourite products to clean my brushes with has to be the Real Techniques Brush Cleanser which you can read more about here and I'm always a fan of Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo for a cheaper alternative to makeup brush cleaning but what if sometimes you just can't be bothered and you just want something quick and easy every now and then?

Well I might have the answer in the form of **Makeup Revolution Pro Hygiene Anti Bacterial Brush Cleanser, the standard low price of Makeup Revolution products that we have come to love at £5 but with incredible quality as always. This Anti Bacterial Brush Cleanser is ideal for spot cleaning your brushes throughout the week and will keep them free from bacteria and instantly sterilise and disinfect your makeup brushes increasing there longevity. To achieve the perfect spot clean you will want to spray the product on to the top head of your brush 3- 4 times and then gently wipe it along either tissue paper or a cloth although personally I usually use a face wipe. You don't need to rinse with any water just continue until your brush is fully clean and leave it to air dry. Yes ideally I wouldn't recommend this as a permanent way to clean your makeup brushes as it works best teamed with a brush shampoo but for an easy lazy spot clean which you could in fact do daily after using your brushes it is perfect.

This Anti Bacterial Brush Cleaner works really well on my brushes and removes any old makeup still lingering on them from previous applications. I really like the fact you can use this product so easily and then when you use your makeup brushes again they just feel so clean and not like you are applying what I can only describe as dirt on to your face. The spray product smells very nice and not something you would necessarily associate with anti bacterial as I would have thought it would have that typical hand sanitiser scent to it with a strong smell of vodka but it doesn't thankfully as nobody wants to have that brushed around their face with their makeup. 

Overall I personally think this is a great product and for £5 for quick and easy brush cleaning you can't go wrong. I'd love to hear what types of makeup brush cleaning products you have tried and what works best for you so please leave me a comment below. 

Kirsty x

**I was gifted this product at the Makeup Revolution 2nd birthday party, all opinions are honest and my own 

30 Before Thirty

Next year I'll be approaching the grand age of 30, that's right I'm going to be 30 in 2017. As I'm coming up to 29 in a month or so I wanted to write about the 30 things I wanted to do and achieve in my life before I turn thirty, plus I thought this would be a great way to look back next year when I do reach that mile stone and see what I have ticketed off my pre birthday bucket list.

1. Visit the Big Apple, New York City
2. Get my very own pet, which will more than likely be a hamster
3. Complete my Hotel & Hospitality Apprenticeship at work
4. Save up a reasonable amount of money £££ for a mortgage deposit
5. Visit the seaside town of Brighton for the first time
6. Start up my own Etsy store 
7. Lose weight, ideally I'd love to be a size 12 again
8. Watch all of the seasons of Pretty Little Liars, I haven't even started yet but I want to
9. Take a trip to Zip World in Bangor, North Wales as this place looks incredible 
10. Keep up to date with my Project Life album, print more photos and document my life experiences more so I can reminisce about them in future years to come
11. Read more books and not just magazines and online articles 
12. Be more social, attend events and network more, just make more friends in general and make extra time for my true friends now
13. Start going to the gym more and using my membership I'm paying for
14. Film YouTube videos
15. Reach 1k on Bloglovin'

16. Buy a new car, this won't happen but we can all dream right?
17. Learn a new skill, I'd love to learn a different language
18. Be nicer to people, not that I'm a horrible person but just share the love more whether that might be paying my friends more complements or leaving a nice motivating message on a blog post or YouTube video to boost someones confidence
19. Eat more fruit, I really enjoy fruit so I don't know why I don't reach for it more often, I particularly enjoy strawberries, raspberries and blackberries basically just berries then
20. Become more organised, sometimes I feel like I just need to be more organised and to have a plan in my life, I appreciate life isn't all about planning and at times it is best just to "go with it" and live your life but I feel if I had my shit together a bit more I could achieve so many beneficial things in the shortest amount of time
21. As odd as this sounds I really want to create an art wall or a wall with quote prints on, I think this is a great way to spruce up and decorate a room and to add a little bit of your own personality to your home
22. Go to a theme park, believe it or not me and Paul have never visited a theme park together how bizarre is that? Well not quite that strange but but considering I used to go to a theme park every year it is kind of out out of character for me
23. Revamp my blog page, something I've wanted to do for an age and I might actually get around to doing it before I hit 30
24. See more shows in London, one of the most favourite this to do is visit London and catch a show and I see no reason why not with it being such a short train ride away these days, you can literally be in London within under 2 hours and so far I've been lucky enough to see The Lion King, Triller! Live, Jersey Boys (twice) and Billiy Elliot, for the future I'd like to see Wicked of course, The Book of Mormom and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory this one has to be this year before it ends
   25. Get crafty at Christmas, Christmas is legit my favourite time of the year and although it's an age away I really want to get crafty and hands on DIY wise this year, I want to make gifts as well as buy them for my friends and family and create my own decorations, lets just say Pinterest needs to become my new best friend before the festive season begins 
26. Get better at cooking and bake more
27. Go outdoors more, explore my local surroundings and take more photographs
28. Buy new trainers, I just really want some some new trainers either VANS or Converse of course
29. Another probably won't happen one, but I could be tempted to get another tattoo, I'm only out off by the fact that I hate the one I already have on my right arm
30. Have a better sleeping pattern, so no more going to bed at crazy hours of the early morning and then laying in bed until the late mornings or afternoons, I need a kick up the butt with this one seriously 

And there you have it my 30 before thirty. Do you have any goals you would like to achieve before you reach a milestone age in your life? Please let me know in the comments below I would love to hear what you would like to accomplish in your life and why.

Kirsty x

Grounded Body Scrub Coconut Review

You may or may not of heard about this product the Grounded Body Scrub, I have the Coconut Scent Coffee Scrub but it is also available in Grapefruit and Chocolate Orange Scrub and these also sound incredible. You can now pick up Grounded Body Scrub from Boots (link included above) for £15.00 each as part of the current beauty finds or visit the main website here for even more products including lip balm, hair masks and face scrub.

This unique coffee scrub actually has a really wonderful background story to it which can't be said for a lot of products that we use today unfortunately. But in order to cut a long story short the couple created the coffee scrub in their kitchen really as a treatment for eczema after Tasha one half of the duo tried out a coffee scrub in Bali and it was the only real thing that helped with her eczema. The couple of Tasha and Lloyd took a trip to Dragons Den with their creation of the Grounded Coffee Scrub and got the buy in of £30,000 from Sarah Willingham, that's 45% of the company. Boots are now stocking the product in 189 of the biggest stores and it would seem as though this coffee scrub is going from strength to strength.

Available in my local Boots store they had the coconut and I think chocolate orange scents so of course I decided to try out the coconut one as I'm a massive lover of coconut scents, the smell just reminds me of summer and holidays and lets be honest we're all in the need for some summer vibes at the moment with this weather, am I right? The scrub is made with Robusta coffee beans and perfect to use 3- 4 times a week preferably in the shower, I tried it in the bath and lets just say things got a little messy. The smell of this body scrub is just heavenly with the combination of caffeine and coconut I could surround myself in it all day long. This is a slight more harsher scrub so if your looking for something that really gets the job done then I would recommend this for sure rather than your run of the mill really just shower gel so called "body scrubs", if I'm really feeling like I need to exfoliate my skin well I use my wash mitts from Primark to intensify the product although day to day these most certainly aren't needed. 

As well as your Robusta beans that are creating that coffee scent you will also find brown sugar an Himalayan rock salt that will remove any dry, flaky dead skin, leaving your skin feeling soft and moisturised from the almond oil and vitamin e oil. As bizarre as this might sound I always know when a body scrub has done a great job when I pop on my work trousers and they brush along my legs softly like a new pair that have never been worn before, how odd but true! The beautiful scent of this scrub lingers on your skin so well and after I've showered at night time I can smell it on myself as I lay in bed and drift off to slumber land, I'd really like to try out the Grapefruit Scrub as more of a morning alternative and the Chocolate Orange for the evening. The only issues I have with this product is the mess that it makes, I mean wow is this a messy product or what? The scrub will literally get everywhere inside your bathtub so be prepared to give it a good clean when you leave the bath I tend to use the shower head to remove the excess scrub that is still lingering at the top of the tub, also the packing isn't the best as when I've been showering water has gotten inside of it so if you do have a safe place to store it as you're using it so it doesn't get wet I would recommend doing so.

On the whole apart from the mess and some changes I would personally make to the packaging I really like this product and it certainly does what I need it to. I'm really interested for Paul to try this out as he actually suffers from eczema so I'd like to try it out on him to see if it works. Like I said it smells incredible and I have no doubt that the other scents will smell just as nice, almost edible (of course do not eat) and I would say although it might seem relatively expensive at £15.00 you get 200G of product and it does last well even better than I imaged it would, I've been using it for well over a month now on a regular basis and still have some left that will probably last me at least another 2- 3 showers.

Have you tried out Grounded Body Scrub? Leave me a comment below if you have and you love it or even if you didn't, I'd like to hear your opinions on this new product. Also if you've tried a product similar to this please let me know so I can try it out and test it against the Grounded Body Scrub.

Choccywoccydoodah Photo Diary

If you like chocolate then prepare to be transported to chocolate heaven as we have a look inside the incredible Choccywoccydoodah based in both London and Brighton. We'll be visiting the London store in Carnaby, so if your lucky enough to be visiting London soon I recommend you make room for a trip to Choccywoccydoodah, believe me you won't be disappointed.

Rather than talking about my experience although I can confirm it was amazing, I wanted to let the pictures do the talking as I think they describe this treasure trove of chocolate better than my words ever could.

 These are the world's most expensive Easter eggs costing around £25,000 each. They weight around 100kg and are made entirely out of Belgian chocolate with a 3 week notice waiting list.

The photos including the cake where taking in the upstairs cafe part of Choccywoccydoodah, I had the Dipping Pot which came with a pot of molten chocolate with strawberries, honeycomb, marshmallows, coconut macaroons, chunks of tiffin and brownie priced £7.49 my mum had the Banana Split a split banana with strawberry, vanilla and chocolate ice cream, topped with whipped cream and a strawberry priced £7.49

All of the chocolate at Choccywoccydoodah is vegetarian and the dark chocolate is vegan
The milk chocolate is 34% cocoa solid, dark chocolate 70% cocoa solid and the white chocolate is 29% cocoa butter
You can view the whole London menu here 

So all of these photos have definitely made me hungry for some chocolate, how about you? Have you ever visited Choccywoccydoodah in either London or Brighten and what did you think? I'm planning on returning again around June time for my birthday and taking Paul there so he can experience, basically every time I visit London from now on I'm going to take another different person with me purely so I have an excuse to visit Choccywoccydoodah again and eat in the cafe area upstairs or I'll just take my mum time and time again as I know she'll be willing to try out more chocolate dishes again.

London Beauty Essentials

Last week I took a trip to London to see Billy Elliot with my mum and I wanted to share with you what I took in my makeup bag. Now I don't think I've ever done one of these types of posts before so I'm excited to share with you what I took with me for my two days away, some of these makeup items (pictured below) make a regular appearance in my daily routine but other products not so much, I do try to mix it up with as many varied products as much as possible so the majority of my makeup gets used on a regular basis rather than just sitting in my obligatory Ikea blogger draws. I currently own the 5 set ALEX draws at the moment but am thinking about swapping them out for the MALM, let me know your thoughts on storage in the comments below and how you keep your beauty collection organised.

Benefit Sugarbomb blusher £23.50 / Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara Medium Brown £4.99 / SEVENTEEN Skin Wow Primer £5.99 / Fortune Favours the Brave with Britishbeautyblogger £.9.99 review here / Focus & Fix Primer Brightener £1.25 / Amazonian butter lipstick shade Poppy £12 / Revlon Ultimate All-In-One Mascara £9.99 review here / Pro Illuminate £4 / Rimmel London Lasting Finish Powder shade 001 Light Porcelain £6.99 / NAKED Concealer £17.50 review here / L'Oreal Paris Infallible 24H Foundation £9.99 shade Porcelain / Bourjois Paris Happy Light Luminous Serum Primer £10.99 / NYX Micro Brow Pencil £7 shade Chocolate / Miss Beauty London High Shine Lip Gloss £1 / Rimmel London Exaggerate Lip Liner £3.99 shade 024 Red Diva

Makeup Revolution Pro F102 Concealer Brush £1.99 / Real Techniques Blush Brush £9.99 / Real Techniques Setting Brush £6.99 / Real Techniques Core Collection Buffing 1403 Brush £21.99 as part of the collection /  Real Techniques Sam's Picks Brush Set £29.99 contains all Real Techniques brushes used buy sadly out of stock, unsure if this is available anymore to purchase inclusive of Essential Crease Brush and Pointed Foundation Brush / Makeup Revolution Pro E101 Eyeshadow Brush £1.99 / Makeup Revolution Pro E103 Eyeshadow Blending Brush £1.99 / MAC 190 Foundation Brush dupe from eBay

And there you have it all of my London Beauty Essentials for my two days away. Please let me know what you take in your travel makeup bag for mini breaks away or even holidays abroad, do you try to minimise the amount of makeup you take when travelling abroad or do you just go the whole hog, I'd be interested to know?

DIY Buff & Butter

You can imagine my sheer delight when "Buff & Butter" contacted me about reviewing not only the **candle making supplies that they offer but the choice of three **Candle Fragrance Oils  to add to my "do it yourself" candles. The three essential oils I decided upon were lemon, grapefruit and ginger, I tried to choose in my opinion the most fresh Spring/ Summer fragrances with the lemon and grapefruit scented oils but I just couldn't resist the ginger one which I tend to find is a scent we mostly associate with Christmas time but who cares why not have a little bit of Christmas throughout the whole of the year in the form of a candle.

1. To start making my candles I took my Eco Soya Wax as pictured far top right and emptied in to a glass measuring jug to around the 200ml measurement I then put the measuring jug inside a saucepan of not quite boiling water, the temperature of my hob was set at gas mark 4 to beginning with then decreasing to 3 as the wax does melt considerably quickly once you get started as you can imagine. 

I'd already prepped my candle holders as you can see above I have one demonstrating the wick already inserted with the use of a double sided circle foam sticker. The wicks do come reasonable long so it is a good idea to have some scissors handy to trim them down to a suitable size. 

2. Once the wax was fully melted I added my choice of fragrance oil, I had six candle holders in total and decided I wanted to make two of each scent so this meant adding the one oil and then cleaning out my glass measuring jug and starting again with more wax and melting so the scents didn't become mixed. I used 2 tablespoons of each oil to give my candles a strong smell as I really like my candles to have a strong smell about them, if not I don't feel like they are working and aren't really worth having in your home. The oils smell absolutely incredible and my favourite out of the three would have to be lemon, I love lemon scents anyway but this is perfect for Spring as it is super fresh and will just fill your home with that reminder of when you chop in to a lemon to add it to your Spring/ Summer drink of choice.

Candle Fragrance Oils range from £3.12- £5.42

3. Once all of the wax is fully melted and you have added your required and desired amount of scented oil you can then add the wax to the holders. I did struggle a little with this as I found some of the wicks broke away from the sustainer, almost oddly as though they melted off so I could have been doing this wrong but I did manage to get 4 out of 6 great candles completed within an hour or so. 

4. Once all of the wax has been placed in to the holder you just need to leave to set, I wouldn't recommend popping them in to the freezer to fasten up the process as the wax will just crack as I've tried this before hand so unfortunately the long haul approach is the best with this part of the DIY.

And that's it, that's all there is to it! I have to say this is a super easy way to make your own candles and they really are great for your home and to give as gifts to your friends and family. I'm currently burning a lemon scented one in my living room and love it, as I thought the scent comes across incredibly and I wouldn't hesitate making more and trying out different oiled scents. I also like the fact that if you really wanted to get created you could add glitter to your candles or customise the actual candle holder with ribbon or stickers for example, there are so many possibilities.
My wonderful DIY creations

The products to make your own candles are relatively well prices as well, about you can see I have added in the price range for the candle fragrance oils, Self adhesive pads £0.50, Standard Sustainer £0.45, Candle Wicks £1.20 and Eco Soya CB - 135 Wax £3.45. There is also a large variation of candle containers an moulds including a cute star that I really want to try out plus there is also liquid candle dye if you want to change the colour of your candles. I would really recommend trying this out, especially if you are looking for an easy(ish) DIY and you enjoy candles like me you can't really go wrong. 

**These products have been sent to me from Buff & Butter, all opinions are honest and my own

Urban Decay Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer Review

Way back over a month ago now I met up with the lovely Clare from The Love of All Things Beauty and after watching her videos on YouTube, you should really check her out, she inspired me to purchase the Urban Decay Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer £17.50. I chose the shade Fair Neutral as I have a really pale complexion so the lightest option I feel is always the most suitable for me and I think this one might have well been the same shade as Claire or though I could be wrong and probably am now.

Can I just point out that Urban Decay offer 11 shades in this concealer so they are really trying to hit the nail on the head and give us as many possible variations to meet all of our different skin shade requirements. The packaging is a super sleek glass bottle a smaller similar version to the Naked Skin Liquid Makeup. The applicator for the concealer is extremely soft and perfect for those under eye areas that are the tad more sensitive parts of our face.

This is without a doubt a high coverage concealer and you can build this up to achieve the desired full coverage look that you would like. The applicator is really wonderful at getting a good amount of product on it so you aren't forever dipping it in to get more of the concealer out which is great as you don't want to be applying it forever because either either it is a low coverage unless that is what you're looking for or because the wand you are applying it with is rubbish.

I only really use this on my under eye areas as I tried it out on my nose and my chin which are the places I feel I need that extra little bit of coverage from a concealer that a foundation just does not provide me with due to the redness in my skin but when I apply it to these parts of my face I usually find that I get horrible little rolls of the product start appearing on my face, I hope you understand what I mean by this, it makes me wonder if my skin it too oily in certain parts but I wouldn't say it is any different in comparison to my under eye area. For my chin and my nose I have just resulted to my trusty Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer because you can't really seem to go wrong with this, but I do honestly believe that the reason the Urban Decay one rolls up and becomes unwearable on my skin is just due to my skin type and nothing more.

In regards to covering my under eyes it does a fantastic job and I would always use this over my Collection Concealer for this part of my face as it is brilliant at eliminating dark circles even to the point that I don't really require a colour corrector before applying to my skin. It doesn't sink in to the fine lines and creates a smooth almost second base like skin on your face.

The formula is packed full of great youthful goodness including the ever fantastic green tea that seems to work miracles either when applied to the face of as a hot drink, Matrixyl 3000, Litchiderm from the lychee fruit and Sodium Hyaluronate.

What concealer product would you recommend? Have you ever tried out the Urban Decay Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer and what did you think?

March Empties #6

It's that time of the month again when we take a peek at what I've been used up throughout the previous 4 weeks or so. As always the majority of items are typically lotions and potions with some the remnants of Christmas gifts sets still left over. I have to admit the P.S Love Make-Up Brush Cleaner fluid from Primark and the Lush Tea Tree Water I didn't actually use up, they'd been unfortunately hanging around in my bathroom for far too long not being used so I thought it was about time to get rid of them but I wanted to include them as they are still empties products that I'm throwing away so technically used up I guess, I'm most definitely cheating right now.

In order to spruce up my monthly empties post I wanted to give you my top 3 products that I have used up from the previous month and if I have any disappointing products I will let you know about them although chances are that they are probably still laying around my house if I don't like them. 

1. **Superdrug Dragonfruit & Vanilla Shower Gel 0.99p without a doubt my favourite shower gel I have used in a while and although I rate all shower gels almost the same as I feel they don't really do anything different to your skin this one comes out on top purely for the scent as it smells incredible. I received this at the Makeup Revolution party and I certainly would not hesitate purchasing this in the future as it is just lush, I have no other words it smells incredible and at the top with my favourite Imperial Leather Sweets Show Gel in Marshmallow and the Nivea Shower Cream in Star Fruit scent

 2. Batiste Dry Shampoo Tropical - Coconut & Exotic £2.99 honestly whenever Batiste appears in my empties from the month it will always be one of my favourites for the month I just cannot live without it in my life

3. Soap and Glory The Scrub of your Life £7.00 the perfect body scrub to rub away dead skin and leave you feeling fresh, I like to pair the scrub up with my wash mittens from Primark to really exfoliate my skin at least twice a week. It has that gorgeous signature Soap & Glory scent and once your done the S&G moisturiser applied on top really locks that in, consisting of the perfect shower time combination

 A product I felt disappointed me this month had to be the P.S. Love Make-Up Brush Cleaner. I guess it is okay for a super cheap alternative but these days there are so much more better brush cleaning products available on the beauty market, one that I'm loving at the moment is the Make-up Revolution Antibacterial Brush Cleaner £5.00. The P.S. Love range one didn't work well on its own and I tended to find myself using baby shampoo as well to rid my brushes of previous makeup that didn't remove when using the brush cleaner, it didn't smell very nice either and for me that is pretty important since I'm going to then be using these brushes on my face again in a short space of time and I don't want an unpleasant scent transferring on to my face. 

Please let me know if you like this new format of empties posts, I'm also looking to change the title of them as well because monthly empties just seems a little bland so if you can think of anything just let me know below in the comments.

Faking it

If like me you're a "blinking" disaster when it comes to applying falsies then this post might help you, coming from one utterly shameful false lash applicator. 

"Tips & Tricks"

Search out the most suitable lashes for your eye shape and decide on a pair that are just slightly longer than your real lashes, unless you are aiming for a more glamorous striking eye look, say for example you are off to a birthday party and wanting to wow then on these occasions go for full out lashes.

Remember if the lashes are too big for your eye shape you can always cut them down to size. You can also purchase individual lashes and layer them if you think this method would be more suitable for you but personally I prefer just to use a single pair of lashes.

Lay your lashes on a firm sturdy surface whilst applying the glue to them. This will give you the perfect angle from above to apply the glue correctly to the lash line, you could hold them with a pair if tweezers whilst applying the glue but I find this really difficult unless you have a very steady hand

I enjoy using the Kiss lashes which range in price from £3.33 for the Kiss True Volume LASH Ritzy currently on offer to £5.99 for the Kiss Haute Couture Double Pack Lust I tend to find that the glue with Kiss lashes stays tacky for just the right amount of time allowing me to apply and position my lashes perfectly with my tweezers before the glue fully sets on the eyelid
Remember to be careful if applying your false eyelashes with tweezers
**Kiss True Volume Posh Eyelashes 
**Kiss True Volume Spicy Eyelashes
Don't forget to grab your eyelash curlers to give your own a little bit of a boost before applying the falsies. Heat up your curlers slightly with a hairdryer for a few seconds and then test on the back of your hand to be sure they are safe to use on your lashes. I wouldn't recommend this if you are new to eyelash curling and would advise just to stick to using the curlers as they are until you become more experienced with working them

Once you lashes are applied and you are happy with them don't forget to add mascara and liquid liner to make them look as natural as possible

And there you have it those are my tips & tricks to faking those false lashes and if I can do it anybody can. Do you have any beauty hacks at applying false lashes that I haven't mentioned above? Please leave me a comment below letting me know and until next time good look at "faking it".

**These products where sent to me for review purposes, however all opinions are honest and my own

My Life after OCD

Just over a month ago now I opened up to all about my struggle with the mental illness OCD. If you read my previous then you'll know I started my compulsions in the dawning of the year 2000 you can read my first installment here about how my OCD started and the developed over the years to come.
Fast-forward 16 years and I'm a 28 year old "young" women turning the grand age of 29 this year and I can't quite believe how fast time has passed me by. Needless to say in those 16 years I've made some incredible memories and some not so incredible like all of us but hey I'm only human after all. I've traveled to Cancun Mexico, triple trips to Orlando Florida, graduated with a 2:1 Honours Degree in Tourism Management, passes my driving test with a lot more achievements and accomplishments to boot along the way, so to say that my OCD has taken over my life isn't true, at times I believe it easily could have but I managed to tackle it down to almost a significant nothing in my life over the years. 

If you're reading this post thinking I'll be revealing all of my secrets as to how I combated OCD then sadly you will be disappointed as it is still a part of my life till this day, although a tiny part, but yet I have to come to terms with the fact that I will probably never be fully rid of this disorder and I've accepted that. I believe that when you have OCD it can at times be hard to realise and admit you have this mental illness especially for myself it seemed so bizarre that I would have to complete these rituals which I thought where crazily insane but yet they kept me sane all at once. As difficult as it might be to me the first hurdle of eliminating the majority of my obsessive compulsions had to be me realising that I had a mental health issue, which can be very hard when your in your teenage years. The next step had to be talking about it to somebody else and my mum had always been the one to help me with all aspects of my life whether that be Primary school bullies or issues with friends so I've always turned to her if I need guidance in my life. My dad never really understood and to be honest I don't think he ever really understood that much in to it or had enough time to listen to me talk about it as it all just sounded like crazy bullshit talk to him.

In a lot of sense to me it also sounded like crazy bullshit in my mind truth be told but I just couldn't stop doing these goddamn rituals. Thinking some harm would come to somebody I loved so them repeatedly tapping something a certain amount of times of leaving the last step on my left foot, in reality this was so I felt better about the situation and to calm my anxiety over it all but if you thought you could complete simple rituals and all the people you loved and cared about would be fine wouldn't you do the same?

It all started to become clear to me when I spoke to my mum on countless occasions about it. She used to say to me that no matter what obsessions, rituals or compulsions I completed these would never stop things from happening in life and if I genuinely believed these tasks I completed and set out for myself bettered me and those around me then why didn't I think about winning the lottery and hope that would happen or imagine great opportunities, of course you don't get the same nervousness when thinking these good thoughts so the need to complete the compulsions isn't that great but she was right even when I thought about the most incredible out of this world things happening in my life like winning £50 million on the lottery they unfortunately of course never did because guess what I don't control life, I'm not the almighty and powerful and I certainly ain't no Dynamo so I can't stop the good or bad from happening with any thoughts I created or that popped in to my head.

I don't know why but these conversations with my mum came almost to me like an epiphany. You could say I had a realisation that when I did have a bad thought pop up in my head I would combat it with a good one to rid me of it. For me it was all about playing my mind at its own game and as quickly as I'd think of something terrible I'd replace it to rid me of the anxiousness and nervousness that followed it. For me and this might not work for other but if I distracted my mind with the thought of something different it would avoid me going down that dark path of rituals and obsessiveness, yes it didn't always work and still doesn't but I'd say on a whole 8 times out of 10 it does so for me I'm winning in my life and my not so much battle with OCD anymore.

Of course many people have different types of OCD and mental illnesses but I just wanted to share my story with you. I've had so much great feedback from my previous post about it and as nervous as I felt about putting it all out there I simple don't care anymore who knows because "it's part of me" and "if I can't be honest with myself then who can I?"