Lush Tisty Tosty Review

With Valentine's Day just around the corner Lush is of course stocked to the roof with loving pamper treats for you to enjoy. My most recent purchase from the Lush store in Coventry was on of the In Your Dreams £9.95 gift boxes. This contains the ever popular Bubble Bar Unicorn Horn £4.25 and the Bath Bomb Tisty Tosty £3.50. Unfortunately when I opened my gift box my Unicorn Horn was broken, sadly the top had snapped off and it looked in a sorry state. I still managed to revive it though and use the Bubble Bar in my bath and it was incredible to say the least, creating lots of beautiful bubbles in my lovely warm bath.

Luckily for me the pretty love heart Bath Bomb Tisty Tosty made it out in one whole piece. A slightly more subtle bath Bomb from Lush the Tisty Tosty is based on a medieval love potion perfectly suitable for Valentine's Day. Inside the Bath Bomb are several real rosebuds that float around your bathtub once the bomb has dissolved under the hot water. The scent of this Bath Bomb is a combination of rose floral orris root powder and lemon. It also contains rose oil that soaks in to your skin creating that smooth Lush feel you get when using a Bath Bomb, geranium and jasmine.

Although in comparison to the majority of Bath Bombs you can purchase from Lush this one is quite simple and if you're looking for something slightly more relaxing and calming then this might be the one for you. The scent from the Tisty Tosty is fresh and floral and I particularly enjoyed the rose buds and petals floating around my bath as it added a tad more of a romantic novelty to it.

If you're attracted to more exciting Lush Bath Bombs I'd probably give this one a miss in terms of colours and fillings, some have treats like popping candy inside. But if you're looking for something Valentine's themed this is the Bath Bomb for you, it's a safe option so if you are buying for a loved one they're sure to love it.

My Weight Loss Journey January

The dreaded January is upon us and as you read this nearly over with, which is a nice relief to say. Unlike many January has been quite a pleasant month for myself. I know the first month of the year can be a struggle for some with money worries, returning back to work after the holidays and NY's resolutions to start. Apart from my bank balance not being at its healthiest after the Christmas period I've had a good January. I've mostly been working trying to recover some of those funds, I had my mums birthday towards the beginning of the month, Paul passed his theory test (3rd time lucky) and I lost a whopping 14lbs in weight yes that's right 1 whole stone. 
As I write this I think it was easy to achieve this loss in weight but believe me when I say it was a struggle. I wouldn't say it was hard but it was difficult especially when I'd take in to no consideration what so ever what I was putting in to my body. My diet really just consisted of McDonald's, various takeaways and chicken Kiev's which my mum is sick of me mentioning.

I haven't really been following a specific diet as such it has mainly been about eating healthy and "cutting out the crap" so to speak. I started using the MyFitnessPal app on my I-Phone which is great as a tool to monitor your calorie intake as well as sugars, protein, fats etc. I haven't really been sticking to logging my food as it became a bit annoying/ time consuming to do, but that didn't mean I stopped myself being healthy, plus I felt guilty even if I went 1 calorie over my daily allowance which I feel like my life shouldn't be about calorie counting every single day.

This is a short round up for the first month of my diet although I hope next month to come back to you with further progress and pictures of the meals and snacks I've been eating. I have also joined the gym as I promised I would after payday and am now signed up to Pure Gym for £9.99 a month for a total of 12 months with selected fitness classes included. I'm starting to feel more motivated with my change in lifestyle and feel like I'm finding my way with healthy eating again, we even purchased our shopping online this week so we weren't tempted by lots of overindulgent food in the supermarket that we simply just don't need. 

I'd love to hear if you have any personal weight loss of fitness tips for me going forward. Despite the fact I've lost a stone to date I do feel a tad dishearten that I haven't gone down a dress size but after researching it would seem I need to drop approx 1.5 stone to achieve this, although this can also depend on your body shape and where you lose weight first.

Benefit Real Cheeky Party

If you managed to catch my "What I got for Christmas Beauty Edition" you won't be surprised to see this blushing beauty kit Real Cheeky Party by Benefit feature on my page. As requested on my Christmas wishlist to my boyfriend around the beginning of December I asked for this along with of course some other beauty essentials. 
So the boy did good and on Christmas day I ended up opening some products from Urban Decay, NARS and this little Benefit beauty, which unfortunately doesn't seem to be available at the moment, hopefully Benefit make this a permanent fixture in there collection but it seems more than likely that this is a festive gift box so you might have to wait until December again if you're looking to get your hands on this. All the items in the set are miniatures so you can still buy the full sized versions but of course at a full size cost which can sometimes be a bit of a pain especially considering that Benefit can be a tad on the pricey side.

On the outer packaging you can see the typical cult Benefit style with a speech bubble in the centre saying "Now this is what I call a party!!!" Inside the blushes are set into a foam filling in the tin that you could easily depot them from if you wanted to, either to use the tin for something else or to save space in your makeup collection. Personally I love the fun cutesy Benefit packaging that the products are contained in and it brings a fun element to my beauty collection.

Blush shades: - Dandelion a brightening face powder, Rockateur famously provocative cheek powder and Hoola bronzing powder

Blush shades: - Sugarbomb "Sugar Rush Flush" face powder and Coralista a "Rio" pleasure... face powder

Watt's Up soft focus highlighter for face, They're Real! beyond mascara and They're Real Push-Up Liner lash-hugging gel liner pen

I do already own Sugarbomb, Rockateur (mini version) and one of the They're Real mascaras so I already know I will enjoy using these products as I've previously tried them out. Being a big fan of blushes I'm really looking forward to using Coralista and Dandelion but I'm not sure I'll get a lot of wear from Hoola as the bronzing powder looks slightly too dark for me however it might work well as a contour. I did previously consider buying the They're Real Push-Up Liner but after hearing mixed reviews I must admit it did put me off paying full price for the product so this beauty kit has giving me the perfect opportunity to try it out and then if  I do like it I may well repurchase the full sized product in the future. 

Have you tried out any of these Benefit products and what did you think of them? Please let me know your thoughts especially if you have tried out the Benefit Push-Up Liner and have reviewed it, I'd love to get your opinion on this product and see if you enjoyed using it.

Top MAC Lipsticks

Admittedly I don't actually own that many MAC products in my collection. Although I'd like to sometimes the cost puts me off making those initially impulse purchases. Despite this if there is any beauty product I love more than any it has to be lipsticks so undoubtedly there had to be some MAC lipsticks that made it in to my ever growing collection.

Viva Glam 1 If I remember rightly I decided to purchase this beauty whilst waiting to fly home from Orlando Florida at the airport, as lucky for me they had a MAC counter in the departure lounge. The Viva Glam collection is a little bit of a MAC icon you could say, introduced in 1994 the first edition to the collection is this deep red glamorous matte colour. This bold deep red is combined with brownish undertones and with its toned down retro red shade it can work for a lot of different skin types and is the ideal lip MAC product for many people looking to spend a small fortune and not be disappointed. The application of Viva Glam 1 is near to perfection as it glides on so well with its creamy consistency, yet once applied to the lips it takes on a slightly drier form to create the matte look finish. It has brilliant staying power lasting for around 5- 6 hours so perfect for those days/ nights when you don't have the opportunity to keep reapplying, I usually like to opt for this MAC lip product for work or those winter shopping trips when at times I like to wear slightly less makeup this lipstick makes me feel super confident still.

M.A.C Red My very first MAC lipstick had to be a pillar box red and to say I was excited to add this to my collection would have been an understatement, I genuinely remember this being introduced to my collection as a key defining moment of OMG my first MAC lipstick. For me this is the perfect true red shade and the one and only lipstick I go to for those truly special occasions. I would say it's slightly more difficult to apply to the lips purely due to its over creamy satin consistency so you definitely need a lip brush to help you apply this perfectly. And a must before you apply is to line your lips, I like to use the Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lipliner, I initially made the mistake of not wearing lipliner the first time I wore MAC Red and it did bleed out from my lips on to my skin. This is the perfect shade if you have pale skin like myself and I think it really suits me well, the only problem I have is that it transfers to everything glasses when drinking, cutlery when eating and my boyfriends skin when giving him a cheeky kiss.

Viva Glam Rihanna Possibly my only ever MAC impulse purchase is this lipstick and I have to admit I just wanted it because it was from the Rihanna collection. I love the soft red velvet packaging the product comes in and Rihanna's iconic signature hiding under the lid both make this lipstick stand out as a highlight in my collection. The blue-red with frost finish lipstick apply's like a dream giving you a metallic red shine with a hint of gold sparkle to boot, a great glam look for a night out on the town. I do find I have to reapply this lipstick more often every 3- 4 hours just due to it coming off throughout the course of the day due to wear and tear. I'd love for this limited edition lipstick to become part of the permanent MAC collection as out of all 3 I'd have to say this is my favourite #number1.
What are your favourite MAC lipsticks or products and are you a fan of the brand MAC or do you prefect high-street beauty brands (is it worth the hype)?

My Foundation Collection

Throughout 2016 I wanted to give you all a glimpse in to my makeup collection. Now a little disclaimer, I don't have a massive collection I'm sure by most beauty bloggers standards although my family and friends would beg to differ. In fact I don't even consider myself a beauty blogger, I'm just a young women who likes writing about whatever takes her fancy. 

This isn't going to be a review of my foundation collection this is more of a picture heavy post with links to said products, however if you would like a more in-depth post about a specific foundation then please let me know in the comments below as I'd be more than happy to do an individual post if requested.

Collection BB Secrets Beauty Balm SPF15 shade Light £3.78 and Miss Beauty Flawless Matte Foundation shade 1 Translucent by PoundWorld £1.00

Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation 16HR in shades 05 Porcelain and 25 Nude £18.00 each

NARS Sheer Glow shade Light2 Mont Blanc £31.00

Revlon ColorStay Makeup for Combination/ Oily Skin SPF15 shade 110 Ivory £12.99 and Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude Foundation shade Ivory £8.99, you can read my review here

L'oreal Infallible 24H Foundation shade 015 Porcelain £9.99 and Benefit Hello Flawless liquid foundation SPF25 30ml shade "Cheers to me" Champagne £26.50 mini sample featured above

Rimmel Wake Me Up Make Up Foundation SPF15 shade 010 Light Porcelain £8.99

What is your MUST have foundation product that you would literally rush out to re-purchase as soon as you start to run low? Or would you prefer to risk it and try something new on the off chance that you'll make a discovery of something better than your previous foundation of choice? At the moment my top 3 from above are the Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation in 05 Porcelain, Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude in Ivory and the recently rediscovered L'Oreal Infallible 24H Foundation in 015 Porcelain, I'm ashamed to admit I actually forgot I had this gem in my collection.

Seventeen Let's Face It Review

In what seems like a decade since my last beauty splurge, which you can see here from all the way back in November 2015 might I add, I decided to purchase this SEVENTEEN Let's Face It palette in the shade fair £6.99. 

I decided to try this as an alternative for my faithful Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer as I'd started to run low so thought maybe it was time for a change to shake up my everyday makeup routine and to experience what other concealers are out there on the market these days. The palette contains 4 different sections 1. Pink toned concealer, 2. Yellow toned concealer (top two sections), 3. Setting powder (right section and the biggest), 4. Soft peach blush (bottom section, below the two concealers).

My first impression of the two concealers was a good one although unfortunately not great, they both blended well in to my skin and provided me with reasonable under eye coverage for my dark circles. I did like the small brush applicator that came with the palette as it allowed me to apply the concealer more precociously in the areas I wanted it then I blended out using either my finger or a slightly damp beauty blender. I decided to persist with the concealer as it didn't look bad it just wasn't the standard that I would usually go for coverage wise under my eyes and I'm very self-conscious about this area of my face especially as I've got older and have felt it has become more obvious. The concealer covered well any spots or blemishes I may have on my skin to provide a more even look but I don't tend to look for a product that focuses on this as I'm lucky and not prone to spots or blemishes apart from on the odd occasion. 

To set my concealer I applied the powder on the right hand side of the palette with my powder brush and from time to time I used my finger to apply odd bits to more trickier areas of my face, plus due to the palette section being so small it can be difficult to get your brush in there to apply the product without mixing it with the other 3. On first appearances it actually looked okay and I was happy with the way it appeared on my face and ready to leave the house and take on the day.

However unfortunately that was when the good luck ended shell I say. I thought this was going to be a real bargain item with everything I pretty much needed all for under £7. Just before I left for the day I looked at my face in the mirror and all of the concealer had sunk in to the fine lines around my eyes, not a major problem as this was something I could blend in if necessary but with the combination of concealer and power my face looked as though it had gone overly dry and half of my makeup on my nose and cheeks had faded away and look unbelievably patchy. Once I got to my mums house I had to remove my makeup for the day with a face wipe as I hadn't carried my makeup bag with me and couldn't really bring back to life what was already on my face. I was very disappointed with this product which is sad as I had such high hopes for it and thought it could be my new holy grail concealer product much like the Collection one. 

The chances are this product didn't work for me due to my skin type or maybe the use of another makeup brand I used with it and the reaction it had towards it came out badly. If you've made this product work for you though please let me know as I'd love to use it again in the future, I'm not dismissing it yet and I will persist with it to see if I get a better result in the future. Just to note I've yet to try out the blush so fingers crossed this will work for me as I tend to get on well with cream blushes and this peachy tone one looks beautiful when swatching so I'm excited to try it out.

L'occitane 5 Essential Oils Shampoo & Conditioner Review

If you've been reading through my recent hair care products post/ review which you can find here I'm sure you'll already be fully aware of my battle with the grease monster in regards to my hair, TMI I know but throughout the last couple of months totally true and at time obvious. 
So you can imagine my sheer delight when I received the lovely L'occitane mini collection for Christmas and it included a luxury shampoo and conditioner.

Upon opening the miniatures gift set I was drawn immediately to these two products, mainly due to my current hair status and the fact that it needed a little bit of TLC. The 2 minis then took a short residents around my bath side, both containing 75ml of product I only managed 3 washes with them so it goes without saying they're now in the empties bag. As you can probably guess the shampoo and conditioner contain 5 essential oils (angelica, lavender, geranium, ylang ylang and sweet orange plus sweet almond oil in the conditioner) both together are designed to smooth, repair, nourish and restore your hair. The scent of the 2 is identical like a mixture of herbs and flowers although the lavender smell really stands out to me and I recognise it as typical L'occitane. 

I have to say even after the first wash I was head over heels with this product like I have never been with any shampoo & conditioner due before. It left my hair feeling soft to the touch, smooth and not a trace of grease ridden hair for at least the next 2- 3 days. I could even smell the scent of the shampoo on my hair as it wafted under my nose and I instantly fell in love with it all over again. I'd say the only issue I had with it was the lid cap as you have to force your nail under it to open the top and it can become difficult and I'm not going to lie I had to use my teeth on occasions which cannot be good. The price for a 300ml L'occitance Shampoo retails at £17 and there are different choices available depending on your hair type, conditioner wise these are the same price at £17 each. On my calculations I worked out I'd get approximately 12 washes from this amount of product, therefore it would work out at £1.41 a wash. I do consider this pretty steep for a shampoo/ condition especially when you can pick up one from the supermarket these days for not much more than what one wash would cost me per use of the L'occitane shampoo & conditioner x2 £2.82. But can you really put a price on nice smooth locks of hair? I'm currently trying out some more budget friendly supermarket options at the moment to see how I get on plus I've removed the Got2b products from my hair care routine as I feel they only added to the problem. I'll see how I get on with the lower cost brands over the next couple of weeks and if I don't see any improvements I may make a L'occitane purchase after payday. I would really recommend both of these products if you can afford to spend a little more on hair care as they are most definitely worth it. 

I have lots more mini L'occitane products to try out from my gift set but which would you recommend? Do you like this brand and believe it's worth the extra cost? Let me know in the comments below your favourite L'occitane product.

NARS Steven Klein Vengeful Review

Wow lets just take a moment to bask in this NARS Steven Klein Vengeful Dual-Intensity Blush £30, isn't it just beauty on a whole other level. Yes is the answer to that of course! 
This was one of the beauty items on my Christmas list this year last year should I say and my wonderful boyfriend decided on this out of the many options I gave him and the boy did good I'd say.

I spotted this a while ago in the "Beauty Mecca" that is Selfridges and it was love at first sight of palette or dual blush in this case. To be totally honest I imagine I would have been happy with anything from the Steven Klein Limited range as it is all just so wonderful, I sit and write this now as I'm browsing the NARS website lusting over Dead of Summer but it's OOS and I'm NOT going to hunt it down to purchase... Not at least until payday comes around anyway that's for sure. 

NARS is just one of those brands that I get excited about having in my collection. I wouldn't say I own a lot of NARS products probably less than five, yes I feel ashamed to admit this but it is pretty darn expensive. As I mentioned above the Steven Klein range is totally beautiful, I already love the on trend white writing on black base typical NARS packaging but then there is this detailed square design on the blush which I have to admit makes me not want to spoil it but I just have to as this is just too pretty not to really and it would be rude wouldn't it.

Since receiving this gift I've tried it out on a couple of occasions and my admiration and need for it has only grown stronger. The Brick Red on the right only needs a slight sweep of your blush brush as the payoff is incredibly pigmented if you are heavy handed especially, but with a lighter dusting you can wear it more sheer so it isn't super intense like my first application and mistake- clown vibes, don't worry it blends out well and easily. The blush does have the slightest tinge of shimmer in it but nothing OTT and creates the perfect glow to your skin beautiful all year round I think, I can't wait to get using it in the summertime.

The beaut on the left White Gold Highlight is the real reason I wanted this product as I've become some kind of highlighter fanatic. Now a highlighter would have been something I would have never used and probably never really heard about until midway through last year but now they've become a staple in my collection. Currently this one has to be the winner and receives the top prize for my most loved highlighter at the moment. The swatches don't do it any justice bit believe me it is heavenly and adds such a nice light golden glow to your skin. I've read a few hints and tips online about the dual-intensity blushes and apparently you can also use them wet so I'll be looking at trying that over the coming days to see what results I get. I'm also going to try the White Gold with an eyeshadow look as I think it would look perfect on the eye to top off the overall look towards the brow bone, not overly sure about applying the blush on the eye but if I take that leap I'll let you know!

Schwarzkopf got2b Mind Blowing Review

Way back in July I talked about the Got2b Guardian Angel spray, you can read more here and although my love for that product actually grew less and less I decided to try out another Schwarzkopf Got2b product Mind Blowing xpress dry styling spray to see how that fared up against it. Much like the Guardian Angel it provides the heat protection element something I always look for when purchasing hair care products as I'm constantly blow drying my hair I never let it dry naturally and half of the time I straighten it. I have to admit I have got a lot better at limiting the use of my GHD's and only really use them when I need to, for example if I have work I won't use them as I wear my hair up so I don't see the point in causing my hair extra damage when it won't really matter.

Much like the rest of the Schwarzkopf range this is inexpensive and you get a 200ml bottle for £4.19 so not bad. As well as providing heat protection this product also claims to detangle & condition and as the name states gives a faster blow dry. A lot like the Guardian Angel I feel that the products work well against heat protection but apart from that I can't really see any other perks about this range. The Got2b products tend to leave my hair rather greasy after using, I can wash my hair one day use the product then it feels greasy straight away or at the most the following day. I've never had this problem before which has led me to believe it might be something to do with this range that is causing the sudden change in my hair. This particular product is true to name and it does provide a quick dry in fact it cuts down my hair drying time to about half, unfortunately though despite this I won't be using the products in the future due to the final result of my hair. Over the past week I have been trying out my hair care routine without these additional products and it seems to be getting a lot better, I'm also on the hunt for a shampoo that will help with my hair as I feel like it gets neglected a lot compared to my skincare and beauty routine. I'll be adding in a bit more information in regards to the Guardian Angel spray in my December empties post as to why my opinion has changed about it.

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Review

For as long as I can remember I've wanted to try out the Liz Earle brand and in particular the beauty craze that is the infamous cleans & polish. On a recent trip before Christmas to Birmingham with my mum we took a visit to the all new and fabulous Birmingham Grand Central Station and went to browse around the main attraction there John Lewis. I really can't explain the new Central Station it is just amazing, so cosmopolitan and could literally draw crowds from all across the country as it offers a place to shop and dine to rival the top shopping malls in England, in my opinion Birmingham has it all now and despite the heritage London has to offer if it's shopping you're looking for you won't be disappointed with Birmingham these days. 

Haha anyway on to the point in question and as you can gather I picked up the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish when I visited the Liz Earle counter in John Lewis. This was really just a pre Christmas treat for myself and something I'd been eyeing up for a while, especially since I kept hearing it mentioned in the blogosphere so often through blogs and YouTube. I decided to go for the smaller 50mL cleans & polish hot cloth cleanser, mainly because I felt unsure if I would like it and also because I felt wary about the price. The price has completely gone from my mind now but I believe it was around £15 ish at the time I purchased it and there may have even been some discount added due to it being Black Friday when I purchased it. I noticed the Liz Earle counter had some slightly different scented hot cloth cleanser so I went for the gorgeous smelling sweet orange and mint.

As I'm sure like all of the hot cloth cleansers in the Liz Earle range this special edition comes complete with a soft to the skin muslin cloth to remove the product from your skin after use. The cleansing cream is easily dispensed from the pump allowing you to not over use but obtain the correct amount of product per usage. Since buying the cleanse & polish I have been applying it every night and massaging two pumps on my face, eyes (closed of course) and neck area. The instructions advise that you use circular movements from the centre of your face outwards to achieve softened and purified skin leaving the eyes until last. I try my best to apply in a circular motion to achieve this but however sometimes at night when I'm dying to get in to bed I do just how I can I say slap it on so to speak, just to get the job gone quicker...

I then grab my muslin cloth that I clean every night to keep it fresh and run it under hot water and wring out to get rid of any excess water. The muslin cloth then allows me to polish of the cleansing cream and remove any left over make-up from the day and hydrate any dry skin that can appear in the colder winter months. As I polish off the cream from my face I'm careful and mindful to use a new part of the muslin cloth as I go to prevent any spread of bacteria and to keep my skin fresh and clean. The last step once the cream is removed is to splash your face finally with cool water to refresh your face and open up your pores allowing your skin to breath.

The end result for me is clean soft to the touch, great smelling skin all ready for bedtime. With the help of the muslin cloth it really helps remove make-up and the cleanser leaves your face feeling hydrated and fresh. The only downside I felt was the muslin cloth as although it is great for removing the cream it does feel a tad harsh on my skin and can cause quite a little bit of irritation around the under of my nose if I rub harshly. If you can still get your hands on this limited edition zesty orange and fresh minty scent then I highly recommend it, it removes the daily film we gather on our face and leaves it feeling fresh and healthy.

Skincare Favourites of 2015

   To coincide with my beauty favourites of 2015 I wanted to show you what skincare products I've been enjoying and using on and off for the past 12 months. Throughout this year I'm really aiming to up my skincare game, after all I'm quickly approaching the grand old age of 30, this year I'll be 29 and so far touch would I've had relatively good co-operative skin and I want this to last well in to my thirties. Luckily for me with this in mind I  asked for some skincare products for Christmas and received some miniature beauties, you can see my "What I got for Christmas" post here.

Garnier Cleansing Water An absolutely amazing product and one I'm so thankful I discover in 2015. This cleansing water by far is the most easiest and efficient way I find to remove my make-up and I actually believe it's probably more of a hygienic way rather than using face wipes. These days rather than the struggles of using face wipes I just opt for this instead, it removes my make-up in less than a minute and even gets rid of the more trickier waterproof products in a flash. 

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturiser After running out of my beloved Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream earlier this year I needed to go on the hunt for a new moisturiser and this was the winner. Price might not always be a key factor but in this case it certainly was, I knew for a fact that I couldn't afford the Magic Cream forever and it was nice while it lasted but at £70 a pop this isn't something I could keep repurchasing on a regular basis. So with that in mind whilst browsing the Selfridges counters I came across Kiehl's, I'd tried some of this brands products before (and liked them) and after speaking with one of the friendly Kiehl's/ Selfridges team it was decided that this was the new moisturiser for me, plus at the fraction of the price £24.50 I couldn't say no. 
I most certainly owe this product a lot of credit as overall it has kept my skin wonderful with the odd blemish and spot here and there but who's counting. It keeps my skin hydrated even in the winter months and feeling as soft as a babies bum plus for price vs product a little goes along way.

7th Heaven I love, love, love this brand and I'm sure my love affair with it will continue way in to 2016! I don't think a week has gone by or at least two weeks when one of these amazing face masks hasn't graced my cheeks. I wouldn't necessarily say I have a favourite but I do enjoy the peel off masks as there's just something about the peeling process that is just super satisfying. 

Nivea Visage Nourishing Night Creme I have to admit my nighttime skincare routine is terrible, something I'll be focusing on this year for sure. Along with maybe my eye cream if I remember that I like to apply this simple Nivea Creme. It has the glorious typical scent of Nivea that I find makes me feel relaxed, this being the perfect bedtime creme to send me off to sleep (and keep me hydrated). 

Bee Good Honey & Wild Mint 3 in 1 Cleansing Water Winner of the Beauty Shortlisted Award in 2015 and a wonderful make-up remover, cleanser and toner. There's no water required when using this product and I tend to swap out my Garnier Cleansing Water for this option when I'm feeling a change. The honey & mint scent is light, something perfect to apply to your face and it does really give you a motivated refreshed feel. Motivation is a bottle hey!

The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream Something to keep those dark circles at bay and reduce puffiness around the eye area. Now I'm a bit of a stickler for skincare around my eyes as this is a constant concern of mine, I always think and feel like the skin around my eyes looks terrible and not fresh. This Vitamin E Eye Cream has done a great job of eliminating those thoughts, reducing any fine lines and keeping my skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated which can be pretty tricky especially if like me you're constantly rubbing your eyes.   

The Body Shop Vitamin C Range This range is one of my favourites if not my favourite from The Body Shop. First of all I just look at it and instantly think of oranges, oh plus it smells like oranges. I tend to prefer to use this range in the spring/ summer time as unlike a lot of other skincare products this just gives me that summertime vibe, plus it feels weird smearing my face with orange scented cleansing polish in the winter, don't ask me why it just does. A great range to achieve that summer glow, making your skin feel radiant whilst protecting you from the sun with SPF30 included. When wearing this throughout the summer months I tend to ease off the make-up a tad to allow my skin to breath and I find the Vitamin C Range can really enhance my skin to the point that I feel confident with minimal make-up on. 

Share with me what products you loved in 2015 either skincare or make-up.

Beauty Favourites of 2015

I'm just going to jump straight on the bandwagon and say this I can't believe 2015 is OVER I mean really it doesn't seem like 10 minutes have past since we welcomed in 2015. It has to have been the fastest year of my life it sped by so quickly. Naturally along the ride and whirlwind of 2015 I have acquired some beauty favourites for the year and pretty much fail-safe all round go to products.

Maybelline Flawless Foundation For sure a true foundation winner in 2015! The best and cheapest foundation I've found all year. This does exactly what it says on the tin and leaves you with flawless skin. This foundation definitely makes me feel great with people giving me complements about how great my skin looked with it applied, I'd only say it has a couple of faults one being the smell of the product it seriously stinks of vodka and the other being the teardrop applicator which I'm still not sure about but hey I can adapt for a product this great. 

Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation Bizarrely I started looking at the Vichy range for a tattoo coverage concealer, a story for another day. Whilst searching for a product to conceal my tattoo I came across the Dermablend Correction Foundation in 05 porcelain and I have to say I've been hooked on this stuff ever since. Of all the foundations I've tried this has to be up there at the top of them all. It gives me brilliant all day high coverage and hides my imperfections well. Slightly more pricier at £18 but it lasts such a long time and a lot really does go along way.  

Bourjois Healthy Balance Compact Powder I'm in need of a re-purchase of this asap as I have seriously hit pan big time. The perfect powder to keep me matte throughout the day and give me that added natural glow. 

Soap & Glory One Heck Of A Blot Powder Similar to the Bourjois Healthy Balance keeping me matte and shine free for the day. I tend to have slightly oily skin around my t-zone and the one heck of a blot does a nice job of oil absorption keeping my skin looking smooth and shine free.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer Possibly the most loved product ever! Okay maybe a slight exaggeration but I have never heard anybody speak bad about this product. A true life saver at covering my terrible dark circles, any blemishes or dreaded spots that appear. Conceal, conceal, conceal 

Benefit POREfessional face primer Over the past couple of years my relationship with this product has been that of love and hate. In the past I felt it was a waste of money but now in the future it has become a blessing. I get a total sense of satisfaction from using the POREfessional as it just smooth out my face ready for my daily make-up and minimises my pores around my nose and cheek area completely. 

The Body Shop All In One Instablur Eye A great eye base and one that would rival that of Urban Decay's Primer Potion. I switched to The Body Shop Instablur as a cheaper alternative to that of Urban Decay and I can honestly say I haven't looked back since. This primer makes my shadows pop bringing out there colour to the fullest and with this as my eye base my shadow will last all day long.

Max Factor Creme Puff Blush 05 Lovely Pink Being a big lover of the blush I own my fair few and this puff blush is perfect just to add a pop of pink to your cheeks. With a light application it can be applied discreetly just for a hint of the pink or if your looking for a more fuller cheek colour you can build upon this to achieve the desired shade. I really enjoy this as a daily blush as it suits well for any occasion be that work or leisure.

Tarte Cosmetics Amazonian clay 12-hour blush true love I'm still disappointed that I didn't get my hands on some more Tarte products when I visited the States but then again I didn't want to put all my eggs in one basket just in case the brand wasn't for me. I adore the rosy pink glow this gives my cheeks and the only question left is when will Tarte Cosmetics be available in the UK??

W7 Silky Blush Angel Buying this from a cheapie make-up store my hopes weren't that high and it was a typical impulse purchase. Yet on bringing it home and experimenting with it it really does a great job of being a highlighter. Although pink in the packaging it swatches a more light silver shimmery shade which is ideal to give me a healthy glow especially throughout the winter months when I tend to need it more. 

Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara Okay I'm totally guilty in admitting I didn't really think much to this when I brought it all the way back in June. I said I'd use it but I wasn't really fussed about it either way and how things have changed since then. To be honest I'm not ashamed to admit I think I'd almost been influenced by other beauty bloggers to NOT like it and I'd already made up my mind about the product before I gave it a real chance. 9 times out of 10 these days this is my eyebrow filler of choice, I think it works best for my brows with them being more fuller so I don't need to fill them in as much as some might. I can see it wouldn't work well for people with sparse brows and a pencil would be better but for me it works just perfect. 

Maybelline Lash Sensational Lash Multiplying Mascara Unlike a lot of people I wouldn't say I was overly fussed about mascara it just hasn't ever really appealed to me. I can go days without wearing any and not feel like I'm missing anything. But if I am searching for something to give my lashes some length I tend to reach for this miracle worker. I always reach for this when I'm creating a pretty eye look and want my lashes to pop to top it all off as this formula makes my lashes look fuller and longer. The brush in particular I like about this mascara, I much prefer the plastic ended applicators vs the bristled wand.

Maybelline Color Drama 310 Berry Much The perfect shade for me to try something different throughout the winter months as I save my pillar box red option for the spring/ summer time. I like the pencil application and actually prefer this to a typical lipstick applicator as it makes it easier to apply. 

Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick 001 Nobody could deny that I'm a fan of the red lip and out of all of my lipsticks the red is dominating big time. Kate by Rimmel has to be my favourite beauty collaboration in the make-up world and I think a lot of people would agree if you're looking for a budget friendly good lippy you can't go far wrong with this range. I tend to team my lip shade of choice with a Rimmel lip liner but the plus to these lipsticks is if you don't have time they don't bleed uncontrollably... MAC I'm taking about you! Great staying power and highly pigmented applying smoothly on to the lips, I own 5 at the moment but plan on buying more in the future. 

Apologies for the shoddy packaging on these products but being my favourites they are well loved as you can see, no denying that. The majority of the beauty products I've been enjoying in 2015 are all budget friendly and drugstore apart from Vichy, Tarte Cosmetics and Benefit which are slightly more pricey brands in comparison to the others.

A Year from Now You'll Wish You Started Today

Lets be honest I'm not ashamed and nor am I the only one to say that I failed hard with any New Year's resolutions I had this year. I have to admit I have felt a tad meh about 2015 looking back at it and haven't really achieved anything personally over the 365 days of the year. Although it has been a brilliant year and I've done lots of different things and achieved some "firsts" in my life I still feel like I myself need improvement and development so to speak although nobodies ever perfect, right? 

I appreciate this is a typical New Year post but I really do genuinely believe that the start of a year can bring change and is the time when people feel they can have a fresh start and make differences in their lives to make them better and feel more fore filled as a whole. 
As I believe I'm quite an enthusiastic person and somebody whom wants to do everything and achieve it all (not possible but in my mind I wish it was) I've tried to keep my resolutions or shell we say life changes to a minimum or else I'd just end up going totally crazy and there would be no control to this nor would I be able to manage it. 

A little statistic that really stood out for me when searching more information about New Year's resolution was this from Forbes: - 

"But for all good intentions, only a tiny fraction of us keep our resolutions; University of Scranton research suggests that just 8% of people achieve their New Year's goals."

 This quote really did dawn on me how pointless resolutions actually seem to be or that we have all good intentions of achieving them but probably give up at the first hurdle of difficulty. Nevertheless I thought I would still go ahead and think positive thoughts and make realistic and achievable goals that I can manage and maintain throughout the year, hopefully she says.

I've decided to keep my resolutions to a minimum of 3 in total with the most important in my life top of the list so here we go everyone and wish me luck!

1. Without a shadow of a doubt my main aim for 2016 is to lose me some weight. Now I don't deny that you shouldn't be happy no matter what size you are because if you're happy then screw everyone else and rock that shit, but it's when you become unhappy with yourself that's the problem. For the past year I've eaten what I wanted when I wanted and it has finally caught up with me to the point that I feel down and almost at times depressed about it to the point that I feel like crying. Although I feel sad and disappointed in myself for admitting this it is true and therefore I have to be honest with you and myself and make some drastic changes in my life. It won't be easy but I know in the end I'll be happy once I have achieved my goal and hopefully a lifestyle I can maintain for the future. I'm confident that I can lose weight as I've done it before I just need to be in the right frame of mind and I'm set. I'm still undecided as to whether or not to join the gym, it was handy last time as I had free access to the gym at the hotel I worked at but moving on from that job years ago this is something I'm not longer able to take advantage of. 

2.  Being more pro-active with my blog and organising my life better. I've returned to this issue numerous times throughout the year and in 2016 I really want to stick to it and make something of this blog. It seems a real shame that I get so good and stick to a routine then I just let it drop because I'm simply just not organised enough whether it be writing my posts or taking photos for my blog. I've decided to purchase a planner to help me organise my life better and to make sure I use my time more effectively and efficiently rather than just dwindling the time away. When I feel my blog is in a good place as I'm sure you all know I'd really love to start my own YouTube channel up, again this will all come with the confidence that I hope to gain with weight loss and a more organised lifestyle. 

3. Reading more and saying no to social media and the internet sometimes... At times I feel like my life is totally consumed by the internet and all I ever seem to do like a lot of other people is type away on my laptop or what's app on my mobile. Although this part of my life will never totally disappear and I'll still be a total social media nutter I would like to rein it in a little. I would love to start reading again and enjoying actual books rather than articles on the net and people Facebook feeds. I need to learn to put my phone down when it's time to go to bed rather than browsing on it for hours on end and then waking up feeling crappy the following morning. And as much as I admit it isn't the most beneficial thing I could be doing with my time it would be nice every once in a while to watch some series on Netflix as the amount of television I watch is zero to be honest.

There are a lot of other things I want to change going in to 2016 but I'll keep them between me, myself and I, as like I said these are my main goals and I don't want to overload myself with too much pressure but if I achieve more then I'll be ecstatic with myself!
Do you have any New Year's resolutions or goals you would like to achieve going in to 2016? Please leave me a comment and let me know and hopefully we can support each other and share our progress.
For now Happy New Year!