This is Halloween

With Halloween fast approaching us I wanted to share with you some snaps of the "treats" that I've picked up for this ghastly weekend. I purchased everything from my local Asda as it had a fantastic Halloween seasonal aisle, it left me looking and acting like a kid in a candy shop as you can imagine. The team at Sally Express also contacted me with a link for my readers to check out, featuring Easy to Apply Halloween Hair & Makeup Ideas for some Halloween inspiration for you all.

I'm super excited to decorate our front room with all the scary fun items we got from Asda, I love the straws and the orange skull shot glasses that we are going to use for vodka jelly shots, we are also going to add gummy sweets to them as well to really add some fun to it.
Do you like Halloween and what plans do you have for this weekend? I really think in the past few years people are starting to enjoy and celebrate the Halloween season more, do you agree? We still have a long way to go to catch up with America as their Halloween time is out of this world (if you ever get chance to visit America go around Halloween time, it is my favourite) and literally starts as soon as the month of October does.

Leave me a comment with your Halloween plans, thoughts on it I'd love to hear what you think?

Karma Se7en the Hidden Gem of Online Body Jewellery

A little hidden gem of the internet has to be Karma Se7en an online body jewellery website that seems to offer everything imaginable for body piercing enthusiasts from cartilage studs to diamond nose studs it's all available here. You can find body piercing tools as well as items from the best body piercing brands in the world on this site and all at reasonable prices including Crystal Evolution who use Swarovski Element crystals in their products plus they have available to most awesome crystal skulls but these are a tad less budget friendly but I still want one.

I've previously reviewed products from Karma Se7en before which you can read here and find out more about postal charges and if you are interested the packaging of the jewellery as in this post I'll just focus on the product as I've reviewed the two about aspects of the brand previously. 

The first two items I opted to try out are the **Cartilage Clip on Earrings and are available for £6.99 each, there are different prices available but all of the cartilage clip on's are under £10 each so really inexpensive if you are looking to try something new and different like I was.

The designs of the cuffs they have available online are so beautiful and girly, I really like the crystal cuff and the simplicity of it whereas the Filigree cuff has more detail in the shape and pattern of it, a real ear decoration almost. As pretty as these clip on pieces are I did find it very strange having them sitting on the side of my ear as all I'm used to is having my first and second ears pierced so in that respect I don't have a great deal of I guess you would say knowledge or experiences with piercings. I found it difficult with my hair getting in the way and I think these pieces would be something you would wear with your hair up to show them off. Going forward I'm sure that I could get used to them to the point of not even realising they are actually on my ear at all. The clasp clip on on the back is easy to bend out and in to secure the jewellery on the ear so you won't have any problems there but be gentle with it as over time when bending it I could image the clasp becoming loose. These are great products if you are looking to get a piercing but aren't quite ready to take the plunge and just want to see what it would look and feel like. They are also a great alternative to just normal earring studs if you are looking for some different jewellery to decorate your ear with. 

As Halloween is coming up I really wanted to get my hands on the **White Enamel Bats and these are just classic sterling silver ear studs available for £3.49. I am super excited about owning these as they are perfect for Halloween and I'll be wearing them for sure, in fact I've been wearing them throughout the week in the build up to Halloween. If you check out my previous post of the Karma Se7en brand you can see that I tried out a few of the ear stud before and really liked them, plus I'm a sucker for novelty things and something a bit different so the animal earrings are great if you're like me.

Overall I'm very impressed with the items I received from Karma Se7en especially my Bat Stud Earring, the clip on items will take a little time to adjust to but I will definitely be wearing them in the future as they are just to pretty to go to waste and not wear. Thank you to Karma Se7en for sending me these items as always my reviews are 100% honest and that of my own and are in no way influenced by others.

Foot Care

When you spend all day long on your feet it's important to give them so well deserved loving. Recently as I've gotten older my feet have started to become dry, flaky and hard around the sole of my feet. Now I wouldn't say it is a major problem just a thing that needs some TLC before it potentially gets worse or definitely doesn't get any improve in the future.

To help my feet on the road to recovery I've started using and rediscovered some foot care products that I already had available or have brought to repair my damaged feet, just to note as well these products are not miracle workers like a daily skin routine you will need to do this on a regular basis maybe once every other day after you have showered or bathed is the best time as this is when the skin is at its loosest.  
The top two tools you will 100% need in your foot care routine are nail clippers to keep your toenails in check and a hard skin removing tool, both of these products are really easy to pick up on your local high street and range in different prices. My toenail clippers came in a Christmas gift set last year and my skin remover was from PoundWorld, you can get your hands on more technical and expensive tools like the Electronic Pedi Foot Files from Scholl for £39.99 however my £1 purchase does me just perfect.

To nourish my tootsies I've been using four different foot treatments: -
Soap & Glory Heel Genius £5.50 a light blue whitish colour the consistency of the product is smooth and with a refreshing smell. A lovely cream to apply to your feet before you go bed for the night with some socks popped over the top to allow it too sink in. This one will leave you feet feeling soft and smelling divine.
Sactury Luxury Foot Polish £5.50 this is the perfect treatment for me after I've hopped in the shower and I like to use it alongside my foot file. You can give your soles a good scrub with the finely ground pumice and then soak off for around 5-10 minutes removing any dead skin. To follow I apply the Sanctuary Moisture Rich Foot Butter £5.50 this keeps the skin hydrated after using the foot polish and prevents your feet from drying out. Both of these products smell very similar a strong lavender scent (from the lavender oil) yet this fades quite quickly once applied. 
The last product I've been using are the Foot Food cooling & deodorising Foot Creams from Primark and these are a great cheaper alternative to the above at £1 for two treatments. These are again from the Primark beauty range P.S. Love and smell so amazingly wonderful of peppermint. A similar product to the Soap & Glory Heel Genius so if you are looking to try a cheaper alternative first this is a great option.   

Lush Lord of Misrule

It's that glorious time of year again when Lush brings out all of their lovely seasonal products including the new Bath Bombs. Me being me I've already purchased some items from the Christmas range with a post to come soon, but today it's all about a Halloween time special the Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb. The Lord of Misrule £3.95 each consist of ingredients like Patchouli Oil, Black Pepper Oil and Fair Trade Vanilla Absolute plus not forgetting the popping candy of course. Okay so this Bath Bomb is actually based on the Lord of Misrule the Pagan Feast of Fools, to be honest I can't admit I'm familiar with the story but you can check out more online through Google if you're interested in finding out more information on the background of the name. 

Lord of Misrule on the outside is a standard green with flecks of the reddish orange popping candy on the outside, after the green outer base sizzles away this is when it really comes to life. 
The lush red then breaks through and the combination of the green and red look so cosmic together and are almost fascinating.

I totally wasn't expect this to happen as I thought the green base would just dissolve down but it had almost a hidden secret to it and I think Lush really captured the feeling of the season in this with typical Halloween and Bonfire Night colours plus the popping candy although there could of been more popping candy included because I couldn't really tell I only knew from reading the ingredients included. 

 Just like most other Lush Bath Bombs this one left my skin feeling smooth to the touch, I always like running my hands up and down my legs as they feel so soft when I'm using Lush products in my evening time bath, a little strange yes but true. 

I wouldn't purchase this item again as for me it was more of a novelty, yes the colours are lovely and it was nice to try out but the scent could of been stronger and not something I'd rush out to buy again and use. If you like the Bath Bombs for the pure visual effect this one is great but not necessarily for the linger scent typical of a lot of Lush products. 

I actually visited the Lush store in Coventry and asked them if I could take some photos of the Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb due to the lighting in my bathroom being very poor as a result of having no windows so zero natural light. The lovely team there did a demo for me and allowed me to take snaps so I ave much better quality photos now, they are so beautiful I'm sure you'll agree and give a true representation of the product. Plus something that really surprised me was that I could actually hear the popping candy this time around, I'm guessing with the running bath water it kind of drowns out the popping sounds unfortunately. Whilst there I picked up a small Halloween treat for myself the cute Pumpkin Heebie-Jeebie, for some reason I am unable to find the UK link so I have included the US one so you can have a look and see what the product is like (link) you can also see a picture over on my Instagram account.

Halloween Wishlist


Halloween by Kirsty Newton featuring Halloween Home Decor 

It's that time of year again the spooky season that is Halloween followed by bonfire night one of my most favourite times of year apart from Christmas of course. To celebrate in my own special little way I've put together a wishlist to share with you all for this Halloween. My most wanted item off the wish list has to be the pumpkin queen jumper available from Amazon for a reasonable £23, it comes in sizes from XS-3XL and really appeals to me because it reminds me of the film the Nightmare before Christmas certainly one of my most loved childhood films. 

Of course I've included sweets, I mean what Halloween would be complete without sweets. I guess you should really have sweets on hand for trick or treaters but hey if you don't get any knocking at your door then who says you can't help yourself. 

I need some Halloween themed socks in my life and have two pairs featured in my wishlist the top left are from Dorothy Perkins and the others are available from New Look. 

There are a few other items include in my list including nail art, lashes earrings, home decor and some kitten ears as a fun fancy dress item so something for everyone. Let me know what you'll be getting up to this Halloween, will you be enjoying it with friends or is it a cosy night in on the sofa for you?

Collection Speedy Blush & Highlighter

A few weeks ago I got back from my holiday and the struggle is always never having any food in the house when you get home so a trip to Asda it was. Now I'm beginning to become a nightmare in Asda as I usually visit the superstore near me and it has it all so when I come to checkout half of my shopping trolley usually consists of either beauty products or clothes from the George department. Naturally this ended up happening again on the post holiday food shop and I found a couple of things to treat myself to them being the Collection Speedy Blush Stick £3.99 and the Collection Speedy Highlighter £3.99, the links are from Boots and Superdrug as I can't seem to find them on the Asda website. 

The blush is in the shade 02 Cheeky and the highlighter in 01 Pearl Sheen, I brought the due as I've really been enjoying experimenting with highlighters and blushes recently and liked the pairing together. Over the previous week I've been trying these out throughout the week for work looks but also when I have my days off as the combination really suits my complexion and looks nice for this time of year with a pop of the coral reddish orange finished with a hint of shimmer highlighter.

 I do find it slightly difficult to apply the products as they are a stick and not the typical brush to blush that I'm used to using, that saying I've taking to the tactic of applying it on to my fingers first them my cheeks/ cheekbones and that seems to be the best way for me, I just have to be careful not to be heavy handed with it as I had a mishap when getting ready for work one morning and realised about 2 hours later I had a build up of it on my cheek and looked like I was auditioning for the clown circus (okay maybe a tad dramatic as nobody mentioned it whilst I was at work, just me then). 

Apart from that one terrible application I really like the stick cream form from Collection and as you can see from the swatches both of the products have good pigmentation, the highlighter is a little harder to pick up on camera but in real life it looks great and probably one of if not the best highlighters I've used as the application to face and the end result is brilliant and so pretty.

Do you have any recommendations for highlighters or blush/ highlighter combinations? I'm a total beauty nerd for lipsticks and blushes so any recommendations I'd love to hear them and since I brought my products from Asda quick question "What are your views on new charges for carry bags?" let me know what you think about it all??

Late to the Party Garnier Cleansing Water

Okay yes as you can see I’m a little late to the party in talking about the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water available from Boots for £3.33 at the moment but I just had to write about it and let you all know what I thought about this product.

The Garnier Cleansing Water is a 400ml size product and aims to give 200 uses of makeup removal, I doubt it will provide you with 200 uses because the packaging of the product has the hole for the product to come out of in the middle of the bottle top and like me if you’re a little heavy handed you might end up applying more of the product than you need on to your choice of removal product, mine being some cotton face pads. So I suppose yes in theory you could get the 200 uses but this would probably be more achievable if they tweaked the dispenser slightly to make the cleansing water less free flowing.

That tad change I would make does not put me off the product at all in fact it has become one of my favourite makeup removal products probably ever as I have never tried a cleansing water as good as this before in my life.

Before this I usually just used makeup wipes and to some extent I still will when travelling just for more convenience reasons and a lighter packing option. But this product is great at removing your makeup after a long day and it brings it off so easily, taking off mascara usually a product I have difficulty removing with just ordinary face wipes. The liquid is pretty much odourless (it is in fact unscented) to me with no real scent attached to it, which I like, as it doesn’t leave an unwanted scent on your face or bring on any potential outbreaks that could be a result of this.

This totally removes my makeup and it doesn’t feel like so much of a chore anymore at night. After removing my makeup the first time I usually take a dry second cotton pad and run it across my face and all but a trace of the previous makeup comes off so I know this is working perfect the first time I use it.

This has now official become part of my evening skincare routine and something I think everyone should have even if just for a cleanser rather than a makeup remover if you don’t wear a lot of makeup.

What do you use for your evening skin routine, please leave me a comment and let me know I’d be interested to know if there is anything you can recommend to add to mine, also would you be interested with an updated evening skincare routine or a daily one? Let me know.

Autumn Beauty

After my holidays the time again has come autumn-winter season and you know what I don't actually mind in fact I'm happy about it. All of the best things happen towards the end of the year including Halloween, Bonfire Night and of course Christmas. I'm a big Christmas nut so I can handle a little cold weather for anything Christmas related. The downside to the coming months in my opinion is the rain, yes I can deal with the cold weather as unlike the heat there are only so many clothes you can take off to cool down whereas with the cold weather on the other hand you can layer up, put the heating on, get a hot water bottle you get the gist. 

Of course with the changing of the seasons this gives me an excuse for a whole new look make-up wise and wardrobe wise (legit reason right?). Here are my Autumn beauty picks that I'll be wearing this season, let me know what you think and if you'll be going for a similar look when the leaves are falling. Disclaimer most of these are lip products because I'm literally obsessed with changing up my lips shade throughout the seasons.

Something I totally forgot I had is this Cover Girl bombshell volume mascara by lashblast in very black and wow am I in love with this again. It has two steps to create the look, step one extreme volume basecoat, step two follow by applying the intensifying top coat and hey presto you are done. I really like this for a long lash look and think it gives the perfect autumn look for my lashes when I'm all wrapped up in my super long scarf and have my eyes peeping over the top.

To team with my lashes I've decided to give my Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette another whirl because if I'm honest I've hardly used it at all and it seems like such a wasted purchase. At the time when this palette came out I must have been totally in love with another look as these shades are beautiful so I'm surprised that I seem to have dismissed them so quickly and just added this palette to the depths of my draw. Some of the stand out shades to me that I can see me getting a lot of use out of are trick, liar, mugshot, factory and burnout. I think these shades are perfect for an autumn look as they remind me of the feel of the leaves falling with a hint of shimmer added.

Goes without saying that these will be a staple with everyone over the next coming months Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm or something similar to keep those lips hydrated. There is nothing worse than have soar cracking lips throughout the colder seasons so its best to apply, apply, apply as much lip balm as possible when you go outside for long periods of time or if you have a cold or flu like I usually seem to have.

I think lips are the easiest thing to change up throughout the seasons so you won't be surprised when I say I have a few that will be making a re-appearance back in to my daily routine. I have three darker berry toned lip looks that I'll be rockin along with my staple pink cheek the Makeup Revolution Still missing my baby, lasting finish by Kate lipstick in shade 04 that I'm really struggling to find online and a Miss Beauty lipstick from Poundworld in 67 Russet. 
I couldn't not have a red lip included so decided the Rimmel London Apocalips was the way to go and can see me using it teamed with some of the gorgeous eye shades from the Naked palette, I'm so excited to start putting together my autumn-winter looks.

 To add a hint of shimmer to my cheeks to give them a healthy glow along with my blush is the  Seventeen Metallic Cream that I got with a Christmas gift set last year from Boots. I'm not even sure if this is a highlighter or suppose to be an eyeshadow base but I decided I really liked it to apply above my blush and a tinge along my nose and a hint on the bottom of the chin to give me that healthy glow in what can be a time when you look worn down because of the coldness, early mornings and cold & flu symptoms.

Those are my autumn picks that I'm either already wearing or will be wearing in the next coming months and they are back in my daily beauty routine. Please tell me what you are loving and will be using as your autumn staples and if there is anything that I should add to my collection.

Wagamama comes to Coventry! **CLOSED**

To celebrate the opening of their new restaurant in Coventry's restaurant quarter on Cathedral Lanes, wagamama have offered me the chance to give my readers **£30 worth of vouchers to enjoy on a meal at their newest restaurant. 
The restaurant is part of the development that is taking place in the quarter and sits amongst other popular chains where you can eat, drink and enjoy good times with friends.
The opening of the new restaurant quarter is definitely something that Coventry City Centre needs, and I'm sure along with myself a lot of people will be happy to welcome some different and exciting places to eat out in the city.

Terms & Conditions

**To be in for a chance to win the £30 worth of wagamama vouchers, I will be tweeting this blog post on my Twitter account - @PinkNewton - and all you have to do is follow me and retweet the link. 

**For UK readers only
**The winner must be able to provide a valid UK address
**The closing date is Sunday 8th November 2015
**Voucher is valid until 30th November 2015

You can read even more about the opening of Wagamama over at the Coventry Telegraph
(photo provided by voucher provide)

I'm super excited to be offering you this giveaway and looking forward to trying out some of the amazing food that wagamama has brought to Coventry. 
You can check out the menu to see what your next "pre-order" will be at the Coventry branch of wagamama. 
Please leave me a comment of your wagamama experience and your recommended dish, I'd love to hear all about it and get some advice on what I should try out.

Return of the Blog

I am back and ready to go people, yes after over a months break I figured it was time to start giving my page some loving again (and although the break has been great I've really started to miss it). Throughout the last month or so I've been figuring out ways to keep on top of my page and the answer is simple I need to start pre-planning my posts in advance rather than writing them and then publishing them there and then, that's my problem I never have any content backed up and ready to go so it is always a constant battle to write then publish as I find it becoming a viscous circle and I never win. My post days will still be the same as always Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday so no changes there... 

Whilst I've been away from my blog I've been keeping myself busy as always with two holidays during this time. One with my mum to Benidorm and the other with Paul to Fuerteventura and Paul also had his birthday in between this, so I've been taking a break and partly this was to do with having holidays and lots going on in my life so making it difficult to blog as you can imagine. 

To finish this post up I have some pictures from my holiday to share with you, a mixture of Benidorm, Fuerteventura and also Lanzarote as we took a day trip there to see the volcanoes.   

I hope you enjoy the holiday snaps and now I'm looking forward to winter and Christmas time (a little too early?). But as I said I've had time to re-adjust and think about what I can do to make my blog better and I hope you will support me in this, I'm sure you will! Again I'm considering purchasing a camera for YouTube videos but I'll keep you posted on that when or if it ever happens, I want to but I'm scared...