Rimmel London Kate Nude Collection

I thought I'd finally step out of my lipstick comfort zone and try some nude shades, as you may know I'm all about the red lipsticks and I find it hard to try different things when I find something that works well for me. Whilst in Boots on a bit of a beauty spree I decided to buy a couple of the Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick By Kate Nude Collection £5.49 (by 1 get 2nd half price on selected Rimmel), the colours I chose are 43 a warm brown nude shade and 40 more of a lighter pink/ peachy nude shade. 

I adore the pink packaging with the silver band wrapped around it and the staple Kate logo with the heart, this really helps tell apart this nude range from the other lipsticks in the range and is perfect if you have a collection of the Rimmel Kate lipsticks.
 On the left we have shade 40 and on the right we have shade 43

I find the formula of the lipsticks very creamy especially shade 43, 40 drags a little more on the lips and you have to apply a lot I find to get full coverage of your lips as although it swatches well it doesn't apply that great unlike 43. The scent of the lipsticks is that of the typical Rimmel lipstick so not over powering at all in fact probably a scent you have gotten used to if you are a fan of the Rimmel lipstick collection. I really like shade 43 and I can honestly say I'll be getting a lot of use out of it in the future and it may even accompany me on my holiday next month as the brown nude tone looks perfect against my skin and isn't in your face it's just nice to add a subtle lip colour. Shade 40 I'm sorry to have to say this but I really don't like it, it swatches perfectly but on the lips it just does not look great and even makes me look washed out and almost ill, I'm really not sure who could pull of this shade as it said on the guide on the stand this is perfect for light skin and I'm pale skinned so I opted for that shade in particular but it look horrendous and something I will not be using in the future. 1 out of 2 ain't bad though I guess and we have to try out these products to see what we will love and what we won't and it's certainly a new venture for me with the nude lip.

If you have shade 40 and you have made it work for you please let me know how as I'm open to suggestions so I won't dismiss it completely yet, leave me a comment below with any make-up tips.

My New Obsession Project Life

I discovered Project Live through watching The Love of All Things Beauty YouTube channel and until then I was totally unaware that this brilliant way of documenting your life even existed. Last Christmas I made Paul a scrap book with some of our photo memories in it but just recently I decided that I didn't really like the layout of it all and that we didn't really write our memories down to go alongside the photos. When I learnt about Project Life I knew sooner or later I'd have to pick some stuff up and start my own album, I'm not sure if I should have started this at the beginning of the year as most people seem to do it from January- December from what I can see but I suppose it doesn't really matter it can just be a constant rolling album that we update whenever we want. Due to a lot of the photos we had being in the scrapbook I had them reprinted at Boots again and I also got all the new photos we have printed as well, to go alongside these I search through the apartment to find out our old memory pieces that we have saved so things like ticket stubs, new home cards, leaflets to places we have visited etc.

Above is my new Project Life folder that I order from eBay as they didn't have any available in Hobbycraft so I knew I would have to order either on eBay or Amazon potentially as they had limited Project Life stuff in Hobbycraft, however the staff really helped me and were lovely, thank you! 

I got two packs of photos inserts one from Hobbycraft and the others from eBay which fit perfectly in the folder. These are to insert all my photos in that I had printed at Boots (I did this at the express photo point and your photos print off there and then, it is amazing) and also all my little insert cards that I brought, pictures underneath, and my memory stubs, cards, leaflets etc.

All of the colourful card inserts that I got were from Hobbycraft and I just love them, they have little cute quotes on and space for you to write on which is why I love the whole Project Life design as you can write about your memories and insert it next to your pictures. These designs are just perfect for my album as they have nice uplifting almost love quotes on and will go well with mine and Paul's album.

The stickers at the top I've had for ages and I thought they would be great to stick on to the card inserts to jazz the more plain ones up a little and then the pins below I got when I went on my Project Life binge buy just because again I thought I needed them to make my album look better. I'm so excited to get started on my album and I'll try to remember to update you once I start it so you can see what it looks like, I'm somewhat of a perfectionist so I'm working myself up to start it as I know it will probably be a long process for me especially considering as I have so much stuff to pack in to it. 

Do you have a Project Life album and what tips do you have to make it unique and something you can treasure fro future years? I'm hoping to update you once I've started mine so keep your eyes peeled for that post and apologies for the delay with posts I'm finding it hard at the moment to keep up with blogging and just setting time aside to write and take photos, at the moment my main aim is to take my photos and then I find that the writing just comes naturally and easy and is something I can do at any point in the day unlike taking photos... If you have any helpful advice please leave me a comment below.

I Just Had To Have It...

Lets be honest a beauty haul has been on the cards for a while as it feels like I haven't made any new purchases for ages. This week I decided to treat myself although I had no intentions of picking up anything in particular so these are just random beauty purchases that I felt I needed in my life. 

Okay, okay so I kind of needed the pieces below at least the shampoo & conditioner and the mini Batiste for my holiday next month. Although mini travel items do seem to be a tad over priced you can't argue with the fact that they save up so much room in your case for more important things like shoes and handbags. I thought I'd give the Aussie Miracle Moist shampoo & conditioner £1.69 a try on holiday as my hair usually gets dry due to heat so hopefully his can help me out, the Batiste Dry Shampoo £1.49 is a firm favourite and something I use on a regular basis I'm taking this just to freshen up my hair when it needs it. I'd started to notice my noise looked almost dirty on close inspection like it had blackheads on it sorry TMI, I used to use the Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Facial Pore Strips £2 all the time and really liked them plus I found it satisfying peeling the strips off my noise so a repurchase of them was a must. 

Two new lipsticks to add to the ever growing collection are both from the Rimmel Kate Nude Collection £5.49 one in the shade 43 and the second in 40. Another Rimmel product is the Lasting Finish Powder in 001 Light Porcelain £6.99. And I may have been a tad naughty and got another powder seriously I'm becoming almost obsessed with powders as I am with lipsticks is the Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot £12, super excited to use this one. 

I feel like I don't have enough brushes to alternate with or some of the brushes that I do have are of poor quality especially as I'm using them more and more and I didn't intend on getting the two below but they just stood out to me as the most beneficial and what I'd get most use from. Ones from Real Techniques the Stippling Brush £11.99 and the other is by a brand I've never tried EcoTools Retractable Kabuki brush £12.99 I'd been looking for a kabuki brush for a while and I'm liking this one even more as it is retractable and suitable for travel with a lid included.

I have to admit I'd been considering trying out the Vichy Dermablend Correction Foundation £13.50 for a while I got shade 15 Opal for my face and then 25 nude for some imperfections on my body that I'm looking to cover maybe it will work maybe it won't we'll see but I did get chatting with a lovely girl in Boots and she said it's an amazing foundation.

 Thank you for reading, what have you been purchases lately??

Getting on a Health Kick

Last week I decided to get healthy and go on a so called "health kick"! I have to admit to you all I'd been feeling a bit down about my weight recently so I've decided I want to do something about it, although of course the people around me that love and care for me say I look good personally in myself I just don't feel it and that is the main reason I'm doing this. At the moment I'm not following any particular diet as such I'm just trying to eat more healthy and exercise, which wouldn't be hard as exercise in my life before was pretty much non existent. For food inspiration I've started looking towards Slimming World recipes as they seem to be hugely popular with people on weight loss journey's plus relatively quick and easy which is always a plus with the busy lives we live now. 

To help me along my way of my health kick I have purchased items and certain things have been brought back in to my life to aid with my hopeful weight loss and health kick.  
The first thing that I brought was a slight spontaneous purchase with the purpose for blending and making some fruit smoothies, it was from Morrisons and not that I can find it anywhere on the website but it is the Russell Hobbs 3 in 1 hand blender and cost me under £20 (£34.99 on main site) such a great bargain. It comes with additional attachments including the blender itself, a blending leg with a beaker and this is what I use to make my smoothies, and a whisk attachment which I would be excited about but I can't see me making many cakes in the near future, plus it has a choice of two speed settings so you can get your perfect blend for you desired item of food. 
Source I have included this picture from the website as it looks so much better than my amateur photos

My old funky Asda lunchbox has made a return, it has three small compartments on the top and then at the bottom one large one so it's great for storing your lunch for work in and snacks to eat throughout the day. Underneath we have Fry Light the 1 cal cooking spray a perfect healthy replacement for cooking oil, the one I have is the 120ml the smaller option but you can get the normal size (linked above) for £2.20. This can be used for frying, roasting and baking and can actually replace over 100kcals every time you cook, the 120ml bottle I have is good for 120 meals!

I decided to get a brand new water bottle to put my smoothies in that I'll be making with my Russell Hobbs 3 in 1 blender as I actually don't own a drinking bottle anymore that I can put in my bag and take to work with me. This one is ideal again from Morrisons for £2 as it has a flip cap lid and also the lock seal on the top is perfect so that none of the liquid contents drip out in to my bag whilst I'm on my way or at work

At the moment I don't have a gym membership and I haven't fully decided if I'll sign up, for those of you who are interested I've been looking at Pure Gym. For now I have the Charlotte Crosby's 3 Minute Belly Blitz with 12 routines so you can start at the first 3 minute one and then work your way through all 12 as you become more fitter and can endure a more intense workout. I have to say this is the first workout DVD I've ever purchased and if you're good at self motivating yourself to complete it at home I'd say go for it. It's certainly a cheaper alternative to the gym at a one of payment of £13 but like I mentioned you have to be willing to set aside time to complete it and you won't have anybody pushing you unlike with the gym you are practically just wasting your money if you don't go. I'm looking forward to continuing with this workout DVD and completing all 12 3 minute rounds. A big well done to the fabulous Charlotte she looks amazing, you go girl! 

Soon enough I'm intending to take up running, when I say running I mean jogging probably at a very slow speed. I decided I needed some running trainers as all of the ones I own that could pass for workout trainers are all pumps like VANS or Converse and they aren't really built for that kind of activity and I don't want to ruin them by using them for this. To save money just in case I don't end up going with my plan I picked up these £12 pair from Primark and WOW it literally feels like I have nothing on my foot when I'm wearing them, they are so light and flexible with the memory foam sole inside you wouldn't think that I got these for the bargain price of £12 and if the worse does come to the worse I can always use them for the Color Run that I'll be doing on the 16th of August.

Have you got any suggestions to aid me along my way to a successful more healthier lifestyle? I'd really like to hear your ideas or if you have been on a weight loss journey, how was that for you and what helped you achieve your end goal or are you still working towards it? Please comment below and don't for get to follow me over on Bloglovin'.

Garnier Ambre Solaire

Now I have to say I'm not a massive tan fanatic but seen as I'm going on holiday soon and I wanted a bit of a glow I thought I'd try out a self-tanning product or two and see what the outcome is. 
I decided on the Ambre Solaire Intense Dry Body Mist in medium 150ml £11.29 a self-tanning dry body mist that is self drying so no need to rub in, enriched with apricot extract although honestly it still smells like you average tanning products.

 Of all the others this self-tanning bronzer stood out to me, mainly because it was a spray option that doesn't require you to rub it in to the body and therefore you don't need to purchase a mitt to go along with it, plus I seem to be absolutely rubbish at applying fake tan with a mitt. As I mentioned this is a self drying product and it drys really quickly once applied to the body, I'd probably say around 10-15 minutes as it can be a tad sticky although the weather could be a factor in that as it is always super warm in my apartment. 

It sprays at an angle so you can get an even application even in those hard to reach areas like the back of the legs but truth be told I just ask Paul to do it for me far much more easier... You use the product once everyday until you reach the depth of colour you require thereafter you will just use twice a week.

 The product doesn't protect you from UV which I think is always important to mention with tanning products so you'll still need to apply lotion if you're going out in the sun. Overall at the moment I'm really liking this product and it has given me a great glow within using it twice so I'll probably just apply once more and then move on to the twice weekly to keep the depth of colour I require. The only problem I'm having is that I still seem to be missing bits out on my body and mainly annoying parts that are obvious to people like the side of my hand where my little finger is (tanning fail)! 
Bit I'd certainly give this product a 8/10 with it just missing out on top scores due to my slight mismatch tan although that could just be my fault as I'm terrible at applying anything tan product related. 

Have you tried and great tanning products this summer or do you like using sunbeds? Please leave me a comment and let me know...

Schwarzkopf got2b Guardian Angel Heat Protection

I used to use heat protection sprays all the time but then for some reason they just faded out of my routine, probably not for the best I'm sure you'll agree and no doubt I did my hair some damage along the way as I'm constantly blow drying my hair and straightening it... forgive me! 

I'd started hearing quite a lot of the got2b range by Schwarzkopf through blog posts I'd been reading so was really excited to try something from the range and thought the got2b Guardian Angel 220°C Heat Protection spray would be a good addition/ replacement for my previously used heat sprays. You use this spray pretty much like any other by spraying generously to toweled dried hair then blow drying as normal then if wanted you would go on to using your straighteners or curling irons.

The maximum temperature for GHD's reaches around 175- 185°C so this spray is perfect at protecting you against heat damage from your hair tools. I think it smells lovely and leaves a real shine to your hair when applied, plus although the bottle doesn't look large you do get a lot of products at 200ml. Overall I really like this product however I can't say that I wouldn't try something different once it runs out, I'm glad I brought it although slightly pricey for a drugstore Boots hair product at £4.19 (try to get hold of it if it comes on offer) but no necessarily something I would rush out to repurchase. 

What do you think to the got2b range and are there any stand out products that I should try?

Warwick Castle

It was time to be a princess for the day at Warwick Castle on Saturday (don't mind if I do) as me and Paul traveled to the lovely town of Warwick, a short 30 minute journey from our house to celebrate our 1 year anniversary. This was more of a spontaneous trip as I booked the tickets last minute and we had planned to go to West Midlands Safari Park, but as it took over an hour to get to the safari park and then with the driving round we decided to give it a miss as I'd worked late until the early hours on Friday night and that certainly caught up with me on Saturday evening when we got home.

We arrived at the Castle just after 12 so I could grab some hours sleep before we left to be told on arrival that we had to leave before half 4 which we didn't mind as we couldn't see ourselves being there over 4 hours anyway, this was due to a concert taking place in the castle gardens. 

The best option is to pre book your tickets online before you go to avoid any queuing up when you arrive. You can save 25% online when booking and we paid £52.92 in total with the Castle Dungeons included in this price and I also added on the car park as well when paying online for an extra £6.00.

You can pre-book your tickets online over at the Warwick Castle website and find out more information about the attraction and what it has to offer. My personal favourite part of Warwick Castle has to be the birds of prey show and of course the Castle Dungeons are well worth the visit in my opinion although maybe not suitable for younger ones as a little girl had to be removed because she was scared throughout our tour of the dungeons.

My Favourite Bloggers

The whole reason why I started a blog was because I found myself influenced by other bloggers/ YouTubers. Yes I think I did the typical normal pre becoming a blogger thing and got hooked on reading blogs and watching YouTube videos for hours on end about make-up tutorials or beauty hauls. As I'm sure a lot of people are I was totally oblivious to this whole beauty, fashion, lifestyle etc online culture, group, community or whatever you like to call it until one week at the beginning of January last year (when I was ill) I got on my iPad and started googling and YouTubing pretty much anything beauty related and then my passion of blogging developed and having a strong sense of needing to write about anything and everything to anyone who would read it! 
Throughout my year and half journey I have been massively influenced by certain people of the online community and they are really the sole force I'd say behind me starting this page because honestly if not for them I probably wouldn't have known this whole thing ever existed. These are the bloggers and YouTubers I loved then and now with some newbies included. 

Without a doubt I have loved her from day one it has to be Miss Budget Beauty aka Mikhila. She is my all time favourite just purely because she is someone that I can personally relate to, besides the children part as I have none of my own... But we are roughly the same age and the products that she buys are the same as I would a mixture of both high street and high end. I enjoy watching her vlogs (Miss Budget Beauty & Diary of a Spendaholic) as she's just another normal girl with a normal life and she has problems and triumphs, good days and bad days but she shares them with us all and doesn't really try to hide things. I'd watch Mikhila's videos everyday if she did daily ones but sadly I have to wait days in between never the less I've always been a fan and will continue to be so, I just hope she stays around for a long time and don't worry Mikhila there is no such things as a long video.

Okay so this girl is always on point and I think she is friggin amazing it's Gracie Francesca from the Ugly Face Of Beauty. I'm currently enjoying watching her Vuly which is her vlogging everyday in July on her YouTube channel Ugly Face Of Beauty, I literally get so excited when one of my favourite YouTubers say they will be uploading a new video every single day and it becomes almost like a series I'm watching. I like looking through Gracie's blog posts about her outfits and tend to get some inspiration from her choices I'm currently enjoying the festival/ holiday style she has going on and am taking tips for my pre holiday purchases. 

Through Miss BB I have started to watch It's Em Channel, I think this all started from watching their pairing YouTube channel Style On Toast. Again just like Mikhila I enjoy watching Emma because she is a normal girl doing normal things. She vlogs every weekend pretty much and I find myself waiting for her to upload her videos each week as I love to see what her and Chris her partner have been up to. I don't tend to read Emma's blog that much It's Em Channel just because I prefer her YouTube channel and enjoy her little chats plus I love seeing Harvey her dog he is so cute! 

Other blogs that I enjoy reading are actually some of the lovely ladies that I've been fortunate enough to meet at local blogger events: - 
A New Chapter
A Little Boat Sailing
The Love Of All Things Beauty
A New Addition
Aimee Loves
Coffee And Cosmetics
Crazy Blonde Gal
Drained Beauty
Dungarees And Donuts
Emma Victoria Stokes
Paige's Preferences

Who are your favourite bloggers/ YouTubers please leave me a comment below or let me know your page, I love discovering new bloggers to read or videos to watch.

Dirty Works

We all need to have a good pamper session every now and again to relax and if you're looking for some perfectly pampering products you might be interested in these by Dirty Works. In case you haven't heard about this brand before you can get your hands on it at your local Sainsbury's or online at the Dirty Works Beauty website. I have two of the products from the Dirty Works facial collection which I got for my Birthday from my old manager, she knows how much I love anything beauty related and that I write a blog so this is perfect for me.

The actual Detox Mask I have I can't seem to find so I have included the link for the The Ultimate Detox Mud Max £5.00. The one I have is the Berry Berry Detox Mask the 10 minute facial and it smells amazing! I think this mask and the one linked above are the same this contains super fruit extract of Blueberry, skin clearing Willow Bark and Kaolin to help draw impurities from the skin. Th consistency of the mask is that of a typical clay mask, smooth and easy to apply to the face and you only need a thin layer. As the mask drys out on your face it does become flaky so bits of it can fall off the face before you remove it. After 10 minutes you will remove with a warm flannel and tada 10 minute facial completed. I'm enjoying this face mask and it's perfect for numerous applications unlike your regular face masks in a packet style. The smell of the blueberries is just yummy and the mask leaves you face feeling soft and refreshed. I would recommend this if you are looking to buy a face mask product and after looking at the Dirty Works website there are so many things I now want, it reminds me a lot of a Soap & Glory style brand but without the higher price tag so a great cheaper alternative that you can pick up in your weekly shop.

Tester of the Dirty Works Berry Berry Detox Mask the 10 minute facial, a super smooth consistency and it smells lush, says it's Good clean fun!!!

These quirky looking things are the Cucumber Eye Pads 10 pairs for £4.00 working out at 0.40p per pair. As you can see they are cucumber style pads to go on your eyes to cool and sooth and contain Aloe Vera and Cucumber Extract. I just find it ultra relaxing to whack on the Dirty Works face mask and then pop some of these eye pads on and lay on my bed and chill out, mmmmmmm heavenly times! I'm sure I always mention this but I like trying out any products that are good for my eyes so I'll definitely be using these up to nourish my eyes and under eyes. After trying out these two products I'll certainly be looking to get my hands on some more of the Dirty Works range and I think a trip to Sainsbury's might be calling.

June Favourites #2

June has gone by so quickly for me and it hardly seemed like yesterday that it was the beginning of the month and my 28th Birthday. June was a pretty samey month for me really I did try some new products out that I'm sure you have seen me review but apart from that it was all about me rediscovering things I loved. This June favourites is a mixture of new and old, I don't really have anything food wise that I have been loving apart from my Clusters cereal and that has been a life long addiction of mine and with that here are my June favourites.

Victoria's Secret Total Attraction $14 these fragrance mists have been my "to go to" throughout the hot summer days towards the end of June. The scent of cherry orchard & lily blossom lingers on your skin for hours on end. 

Cheryl Storm Flower 30ml £23.95 I got this for my Birthday as I'd been eyeing it up for a while and I'd sprayed myself frantically with it in my local chemist so knew I had to have it in my collection! This is a divine floral perfume with hints of mandarin, nectarine, freesia and peach blossom and the added vanilla, white musk and sandalwood gives it the perfect deep warm scent for any occasion. I'm a big fan of celebrity scents and along with Taylor Swifts Wonderstruck this is one of my favourites out there. 

Carex Hand Gel Aloe Vera £1.45 a tad of a random one but it makes my hands feel so fresh and clean and I can't live without it in my handbag. 

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturizer £24.00 125ml this has been my new daily moisturizer. I picked it up when I went shopping on my birthday as I really needed a new replacement moisturiser and I'm enjoying using it daily every morning. This is for all skin types so perfect for everyone, it doesn't have a scent to it which I like for something I am applying regularly and it is super moisturising just soaking in to your pores. I find that my make-up applies nicely over this and it has really helped last month with some problem areas I have had due to spot breakouts. 

Amazonian Butter Lipstick in shade Poppy $17 one I got from The States last year when I visited Sephora (take me back), this vivid red is so me, it had been hiding in with all my other lipsticks recently so I decided to grab it from the bunch and start using it and as you can imagine if the packaging is anything to go by the lippy inside is going to be pretty damn fabulous.
Close up of the Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick in Poppy

Victoria's Secret Pure Seduction Body Lotion $14 (full size) this has been my after bath or shower lotion of the moment. The scent is red plumb & freesia and I've been sealing it with a spray of Total Attraction to seal it in. I love this combination and like I said with the mist lasting for a long time with the added body lotion underneath it almost sticks to you sealing it all in. The body lotion is amazingly hydrating and I find it perfect for my skin and it eliminates any dryness when you dry your body that I tend to get especially after a shower. 

Montagne Jeunesse 7th Heaven Hair & Roots £1.00 I've used a couple of the Hair & Roots masques now and I'm not sure if they are a new product from this brand but if not I want to know why I never tried them before. The smell the masques leave on your hair is so strong and I literally can't stop sniffing at my hair after applying one. These help replenish your hair and give it more life with added shine, perfect for the summer time I'd say.

More on the random side of favourites is my Ikea BRADA Laptop Support £2.90 I'm always using my laptop and like having this readily available to balance on my knees, it just provides me with that extra bit of comfort and support, plus its hot pink what more could you ask for??

A Birthday gift I received was a floral large pink candle that I'm enjoying burning at the moment. The floral scent fills my living room and it's nice for the summer to add some flowery fragrance in and around the home. 

A must at the moment are my Guess sunglasses, I got them a while ago when I visited the luxury outlets in Barcelona. Unfortunately as it was so long ago and in Euros I can't remember how much they cost however you can find pairs available at Debenhams and they retail around £60- £70. 100% a summer essential at the moment to keep the sun out of my eyes when I'm driving and even to shield my face of my hair when I have no control over it. I'll continue to wear these glasses in the next coming months and then I can almost say for certain they will make a comeback again next year!
Sunglasses selfie and side shot of Gucci detail. 

Another favourites for another month, what have you been loving please leave me a comment and don't forget to follow me on TwitterBLOGLOVIN' or Instagram!!

My Blog

Today I'm going to set myself more of a schedule to keep to with my blog. It can be quite scatty from time to time with no real consistency so I want to change that to improve the grounds of my page with fixed days when I blog (fingers crossed). The days I've decided to publish work will be on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday although I may do some bonus posts throughout the week if I have something worth putting on my page. My main reason for this is just to add more of a format to my page rather than just writing and publishing whenever although I may do that in the future still, I can't make any promises but this will just mean I am committing to putting at least three posts out per week and anything else is just a bonus. 

I'll still be focusing on the main things I enjoy talking about beauty, travel, lifestyle and a some fashion posts. If there is anything else you would like me to write about or review please let me know I'm always open to trying out new things.