Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick

Okay here we have the Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick in 845 Peachy available for £7.99 or you can get two for £10. The formula of this lipstick is extremely creamy and very nourishing on the lips, it applies easy with a smooth consistency. I really like the packaging on the lipstick it's nice and simple with a silver outer to hold the lipstick in with the classic Revlon stamp on two of the sides of the bottom and then a clear cover so you can see the lipstick shade inside, the colour is also on the bottom as well so you can store it either way up in your beauty collection and you will know what lipstick it is. The scent of the lipstick is reasonably strong and bizarrely reminds me of the taste of a Sex on the Beach cocktail, almost a nostalgic holiday smell or taste to it if you're like me and end up licking your lips.

 The product overall I was really excited about I mean Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick sounds pretty amazing doesn't? Sadly it isn't, I mean it has some perks I do like the colour of this peachy shade although it is on the sheer side for my liking yet a nice bright rose peach colour. The scent of the lipstick although it may not be to everyone's taste I actually like it and think it's one of the better lipstick scents that I've smelt on the whole. My main issue with this lipstick is that it just doesn't last at all! When you apply it you almost know it won't last, it feels ultra moisturising but it doesn't last. For this lipstick to be apparent you would need to reapply it at least every hour at a minimum maybe even more as it soaks in to the lips so quickly as well as rubbing of when you rub your lips together. There are a lot of nice shades in the collection but I certainly won't be rushing out to purchase anymore anytime soon. I think Revlon could have made this product so much better and I imagined the shade being very bright, vivid and pigmented which this is not. If you are looking for a lipstick with very short staying power that is hydrating and moisturising then maybe this is for you as it might be an alternative to a lip balm for some people (a bit like a Baby Lips) but if not I suggest you try something different and save your pennies. 

What do you think about the Revlon Ultra HD Lipsticks did you find them disappointing? 

PoundWorld Make-Up

I met up with my mum the other day and we popped in to town to do some browsing as we weren't looking for anything in particular. As standard we went to PoundWorld if only so I could buy a bag of Flumps as I swear you can only get them from places like PoundWorld or B&M please tell me if I'm wrong? After putting about 10 things in my basket already when going down the first aisle I stumbled across the beauty stand. I'd heard a couple of things about PoundWorld having a beauty stand but hadn't actually seen one at my local store until now although saying that I don't visit PoundWorld on that much of a regular basis. But oh well I decided to pick up some of the products as I mean £1 each how could I not? Stupid question here's what I got!!

The range is called Miss Beauty and I'm sure you can see there is a little GB flag on the see through park of the lipstick container which reminds me of the Revlon "Get the London Look" quote. The two lipsticks I got are 20 Geranium on the left and 67 Russet on the right. These two have to be the stand out products that I picked up and for a pound wow I can't say enough good about them. They are super creamy and very pigmented, Geranium is a gold pinkish colour whilst Russet is a dark red, a lot more darker than you can see on the pictures. Usually I tend to sway towards reds light or dark it doesn't matter but on this occasion I'm loving this goldie pinky nude which is something different for me. I'm not sure about the smell of the product as it's really scented almost like a cheap perfume but I can get over it.

This is No.04 Pink Fuzz a High Shine Lip Gloss, it has the typical lip gloss scent almost strawberry/ raspberry like. The colour on the outside I thought was really my style but when you swatch it it becomes hardly visible unfortunately. Another annoying thing about this product is that you don't actually get much of the product on the applicator, which I think is down to it being a thick in consistency gloss that makes it slightly harder to apply. I do like the pink tone to the gloss with the hint of shimmery glitter that I think is key in any gloss.

 The eyebrow pencil No. 3 Brown I like, although a little waxy I'm looking forward to trying it out. I'm sure I'll use this for work as it's inexpensive, it does rub off pretty easily but I could see it withstanding an 8 hour shift. I also just noticed the name is in fact Miss Beauty London, are they looking to produce Revlon dupes maybe?

Surprisingly I like the concealer and I was almost certain it wouldn't be good enough. I got this in the lightest shade No. 01 Light, it has a slight plastic smell to it but once applied this disappears so it could just be the container or the applicator. The concealer is quite wet so easy to apply and blend with your skin, it is true to colour so what you see when you swatch is the same colour you will get when you apply to your face. It kind of reminds me of the Natural Collection concealer just more wetter in consistency but again another favourite from the PoundWorld range.

To go along with my concealer I got the Flawless Matte Foundation in Shade 1, the description on the tube says a easy-wear light weight foundation with Vitamin E. When you squeeze the product out originally it looks good an almost perfect match, yet on drying it turns in to a completely different shade of colour in to an orange like shade. I won't be using this in the future as the shade is so off on me once it is applied, it does have a smooth finish overall with a slight stickiness to it and overall the most disappointing product of them all. 

Four out of six products I'm happy with, the two lipsticks, the concealer and the eyebrow pencil. I know you can't really complain for a £1 a product but if you are still paying out money you want the product to do what it is suppose to do and you want to be able to enjoy it. I'm hoping to visit a bigger PoundWorld nearby to me so I can pick up some more products to try out as the stand I spotted had almost sold out. Keep your eyes peeled and I'll be back with some more from the Miss Beauty London range at PoundWorld soon!

Karma Se7en

A few weeks ago I was contacted by **Karma Se7en to see if I'd be interested in reviewing some products from their website As I'm sure you can imagine I was delighted to be contacted by the company and agreed to accept some of their products to review and browsed the website to see what I wanted to select. I decided to go for some of the Classic Stud Earrings as these appealed to me the most and I have my ears pierced. They offer a wide range of products and there really is something for everyone including mouth and face piercings, body piercings and gold piercing jewellery. I chose four different sets of studs one set is nice and simple and then the other three are a little bit more fun!

The nice simple pair that I decided to go for are these AB Star Shape Crystal Ear Studs £3.99. Now I really like stars so these caught my eye straight away and you can even get them in different colours aqua, blue, clear, violet and pink so lots of choices. I love the diamantes in the center of the star shape and they are perfect to wear for pretty much any occasion whether that might be work or play.

The next three sets that I got are pictured above and are the Yellow Enamel HoneyBeeRed Enamel Chicken and Black Enamel Penguin sterling silver ear studs. These are a slightly higher price than the star studs at £6.99 (penguins £4.99) but they have a lot more detail in them. I decided on the Honeybee studs for a touch of Spring/Summer, they have cute little wings and a black stripe going down the middle surrounded by yellow either side. The chickens I got because my dad actually has his owns chickens and it was more of a family joke but I'm super happy with them. The eye detail on the chicken is actually a small diamante unlike the Honeybee that just has silver detail for the eye. The colour on the chicken studs is very bright and stands out perfectly so people can see when you are wearing them in your ears and the chickens have cute small legs, they are so adorable and I'm looking forward to wearing them on my days off especially when visiting my mum and dad as I think they will think they're great as they relate to something in our life that we spend a lot of time discussing and something my dad loves and prides himself on. The last pair I got are the penguin studs and I just solely wanted these as they are adorable and I'm a big fan of penguins. They have a white middle on the stud and then a black outer with small arms and legs and are only £4.99 slight cheaper than the other two. I really like quirky things and these earring definitely meet the description of that and whats more important is you won't see everyone wearing these as they are something different and fun. The back of the earring is just your normal stud and stud back to secure the earring through your piercing, the studs are very comfortable and the same design as others you may purchase from somewhere like Claire's Accessories (the star stud earring has a plastic back). 
A great extra Karma Se7en offers is the buy one choose one free and this is available on every single piece of body piercing jewellery. 

 I would 100% recommend Karma Se7en if you are looking for body piercing jewellery, they have a wide range at super affordable prices. The packaging is also good for earring stud products as usually these items tend to come in small plastic bags but these came in little circle plastic containers inside a purple branded box.

I thought I would also include the delivery charges for the United Kingdom
First Class
1-3 day priority service, 98% of all packages arrive next day. Deliveries are made during the week and on Saturdays.
Special Delivery (By 1pm)
Next day guaranteed delivery to UK addresses. Deliveries are made during the week and on Saturdays. This is a tracked service and a signature is required on delivery.
Upgrade from £5.45 
UPS Express Domestic Service
Next working day delivery to UK addresses. Deliveries are made Mondays-Fridays only. This is a tracked service and a signature is required on delivery.
Upgrade from £7.95 
Special Delivery - Next Day by 9am
Next day guaranteed delivery to UK addresses. Deliveries are made during the week and on Saturdays. This is a tracked service and a signature is required on delivery.
Upgrade from £15.25
Karma Se7en also deliver to Europe, North America and Worldwide. If you have any questions about Karma Se7en please leave me a message below and I'll try to help and answer you as best as possible.

Go Ape Cannock Chase Staffordshire

As a treat for myself for my Birthday I decided to book a day out at Go Ape! This is something that I'd be wanting to do for a while as I'd heard great things about it and although I'm certainly not the sporty fitness type, although I should be, I thought hey why not give it ago it's something different and looked challenging and fun all mixed in to one, plus the zip lines looked epic. I visited the Go Ape in Cannock Chase in Staffordshire as it's around 50 minutes of so from Coventry. Prior to going on booked online as Go Ape is a book before you go type of activity so you can't just turn up on the day and expect to join in. The main adventure for adults is the Tree Top Adventure or you can try out the Forest Segways. We opted for the Tree Top Adventure and did consider doing the Forest Segways but it just started to get a little bit expensive if you included that. The cost per person for the Tree Top Adventure is £31 for adults (children's prices are available on the website Go Ape) and the Segways are £40 each so if we had of done that as well it would of cost us £142 for everything included but like I said we just did the Tree Top Adventure that came to a total of £62 for the two of us. 

When we got to Cannock Chase and we arrived a little early we decided to grab an drink and a bite to eat from the cafe that is just down the track from the Go Ape hut. There is parking on site and nearby toilets if you need them, the only one thing I would recommend it to take coins for the car park as I believe the machines only take coins. It only costs £4 though and the ticket lasts all day so you don't have to pay a hefty price for parking like at some places. We had a time slot at 12:30 and met the trainers around 15 minutes before, it is good to get there a little earlier as you will have other people in your group and you don't want to keep them waiting for you. On arrival you'll be asked to sign a declaration form stating that you are clear on the risks and you understand the health & safety surrounding the activity, if you have any issues with this and do not wish to take part you are more then welcome to a full refund. The trainers will also allow you to keep your belongings inside the hut and only they have access to this, I say trainers they are around the courses to help and support you on your adventure should you need it. Once you are all harnessed up you will then partake in some training and have the help and support of a guide, this is all done on the ground so you don't have to climb anything. It's all about ensuring that your harness is attached at all times throughout the courses (there are 5 courses in total). The first course is still kind of a mini training session and you have a member of the team showing you how to do this then you all take it in turns to try it out. After than you are on your own to explore the other four adventures although there is always a member of the Go Ape team on hand. Also just to mention when you sign your declaration type form you are informed about yellow and red cards and these are indicators from the team if you are not following safety procedure, a yellow card is a warning almost but like football a red card means you have to leave the course immediately and you will not receive a refund.  

The courses include lots of fun obstacles including Tarzan swings, zip lines and lots of other tests activities. The course will take you around 2-3 hours or around 4 with me! (I just realise the team that work at Go Ape are called the tribe) I didn't take any pictures as I didn't want to risk breaking my mobile but you can take it with you if you want.

I would 100% recommend Go Ape if you are looking to do something fun and different and it's also a great day out for a team build. I will warn you chances are you will ache the day after and be tired when you return home, I was feeling it the next day but I had such a brilliant time and it was something I'd been wanting to experience for ages. Don't forget to check out the reviews on Trip Advisor for more information. Let me know if you've ever visited Go Ape, did you like it? Or if you have any questions about my adventure I will try my best to help answer them.

What I Got For My Birthday!

At the beginning of the month it was my Birthday (hence the sporadic posts this month) and I turned 28. I'm sure a lot of people say this but I certainly don't feel 28 let alone 2 years away from 30 I just can't get my head around it to be honest but oh well age is just a number as they say and I'm happy so that's the main thing. I thought as I really like reading "What I got for my Birthday" posts I would do one of my own. Now this is the first kind of thing I've ever done like this and I guess in a way it is a little bit like a haul but just purchased by others. I hope you don't mind but I won't be adding in links for the items on here just because they are gifts and i don't really want to research the price of them, but if you would like information on anything in particular I will ask the person whom brought it for me and reply to any messages in as much detail as I can. My best friend (she is literally the best) took me to Thorpe Park for the day and we had an amazing time, laughing and just generally acting like big kids, on the Angry Birds 4D ride the people even sang Happy Birthday to me! Claire also got me a £20 Boots voucher, I couldn't believe it as she had brought me tickets to go to Thorpe Park so this was beyond more than I could have ever wished for, although she knows me so well theme parks and a Boots voucher (best, best, best friend ever)! Paul's mum got me a £10 Primark voucher that I spend immediately on my Birthday when we went to Birmingham as well as some perfume that I have pictured below. My mum and my step dad paid for me to have some work done on my car as it needed a couple of new parts, I sound super old asking for something like that but it is something that I needed so it really helped me, as well as this my mum got me something else pictured below and I got money from my Nan and my dad and his wife. Pictured below are the gifts I got from mainly from Paul and then from friends, I just wanted to share these with you as a haul and I am in no way showing off the things that I have I am very grateful to all of the people in my life that care about me and purchased me gifts and I love them all very much and as I mentioned I love reading other peoples Birthday hauls and seeing what they got so I thought I would do one this year.

 I have included some closer up pictures below so you can see everything in a little more detail but I'll work my way from left to right and include what the gift is and who it was from. At the front I have my amazing new Ted Baker purse in a kind of light turquoise shade I want to say with the diamond clasps at the top, this was from my mum and my step dad and I actually choose this myself from John Lewis and I love it. I've wanted a Ted Baker purse for the longest time and my mum said when it was my Birthday I could get one, I originally looked at the smaller option and I felt cheeky looking at the bigger ones due to the price but my mum said I could get whatever one I wanted, so happy! Paul brought me quite a lot of Olaf inspired things and if you didn't know I love Olaf from Frozen he is one of my favourite Disney characters and I'm a massive Disney fan (nerd). Just to mention as well a lot of the gifts he got me have a little background story, the first is the Olaf canvas and on the last day of me visiting Disney World (Magic Kingdom) in Orlando Florida I wanted to pick up an Olaf canvas because a personal drawer pre draws characters for people to buy of the shelf. Unfortunately I should have brought one earlier in the week as they didn't have any Olaf ones left on my last day and visit but now I have my own mini one from Paul, I love Olaf so much he's always so happy and carefree. On our numerous visits to Birmingham/ Leicester and pretty much anywhere that had a Disney shop I kept saying how much I wanted the tsum tsum of Olaf and Paul got it me for my Birthday, I suppose it's like a large pillow of your favourite Disney character, I also have a small Tigger one that doubles up as a mobile phone screen cleaner. At the back although you might not be able to tell that is an Olaf slush puppy maker (OMG the excitement) yes can you believe it! Well a couple of weeks ago I said to Paul (and I may have mentioned this many times) that I'd always wanted a slush puppy maker like a Mr Frosty, I think that's right, I'm a big fan of frozen drinks and I was over the moon when he got me this, not just because of what it was but more because he remembered what I'd said and he made a point of mentioning it to me when he gave me the gift, I got a little overwhelmed and shed a tear because I was so happy at the thoughtfulness of it. I got 2 POP! Bobbleheads one Olaf of course and the other of Lumiere another one of my favourites. Paul got me 2 of my all time favourite films on DVD that I don't have they are Oliver! and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I can't wait to watch these on a Sunday afternoon whilst relaxing. We did go Birmingham on my actual Birthday and Paul brought me the Naked On The Run palette that I chose and a lip gloss from Urban Decay that I will be reviewing soon, it's an absolute beauty. My lovely friends from work got me some gifts as well, one was the Olaf mug (they know me so well) and I got an Olaf balloon that's still going and some beautiful flowers. The scented candle at the back and the "All You Need Is Love" frame got given to me by one of my amazing team members and in case you didn't know I work with Paul so they all know we are a couple and the frame was brought so we could put a picture of us in it. The candle smells lovely such a floral scent and I really like the pink, I'm a massive candle fan so I was always going to love this! My old boss that has moved on to another site brought me some Blossom Hill (of course), the Dirty Works clay face mask and cucumber eye pads that I'll also be reviewing they are great so soothing and relaxing and 2 nail polishes from L'Oreal 305 Dating Coral and 204 Boudoir Rose. I also went round to my old managers house for tea last week and she made me her nachos as I requested we had a good giggle and some lovely food so thank you for that if you are reading. Then lastly I got 2 perfumes, I was so happy to get perfumes as I'm running out and if you have seen my empties you will see why as I've been using all my last drops of perfume up. I got the CK One Red from Paul's mum and then I got the Cheryl perfume Storm Flower from my uncle and I'd been wanting this for the longest time so was super happy that I got that. And that is everything, I hope that you've enjoyed this post and thank you to everyone that took part in my Birthday and brought me gifts or wished me Happy Birthday! It really does mean the world and it makes you realise how many great people you have in your life so you should appreciate them. Below are some more up close pictures and a picture of the Birthday cake that my mum got me I did nearly freak out when she showed me it, I love pugs people just know me so well.

Thank you for reading and your constant support it means the world to me!

Rich List

With payday coming up again soon I thought I'd do a little wish list with a twist. I decided to focus this wishlist around affordable items and then some not so affordable items hence why it is my rich list as I can't really see myself purchasing any of these items when payday comes around on Friday, we can all dream can't we?! This was just more of a fun post and if money was no option and pretty much unlimited what I would buy from one of my favourite places Selfridges. As you can probably tell I'm on with the Minion craze at the moment and I'm loving that Kate Spade watch although saying that I'm not a big watch wearer in general. If you had unlimited funds what would you buy with all your money? Let me know by leaving a comment below.
Rich List

Clarisonic face cleanser

Annoushka diamond jewelry

Kate spade watch

Tatty Devine comic book

Tom Ford eyeshadow

Nars cosmetic

Nars cosmetic

Nars cosmetic


Maybelline Brow Drama

Another Maybelline item that I've just added to my collection is the Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara £4.99, in medium brown and this is a sculpting tool mascara for your brows. It does come in 3 more different shades including Deep Blonde, Dark Brown and Transparent. The top part of the brush is rather chunky and then it slims down to a smaller size, enabling you to apply on to your eyebrows nice and smoothly without getting the product elsewhere over your face. To sum up the style of the product it's pretty much just a mascara for your eyebrows and this is just another form of application rather than an eyebrow pencil or liquid. I used this product for the first time today after purchasing it a good few weeks ago now, here is a picture of me with the Brow Drama before and after.
(Before product applied)
(After product applied)

As you can see from the picture I have full eyebrows and the brow mascara emphasis this. The brush fills the whole of my brow allowing me to cover it fully with the product. This isn't a great product if you have small sparse eyebrows as the applicator is simply to thick and just not usable on thinner brows. Unlike a pencil the liquid product doesn't completely cover the brow so if you are looking to fill in any loss of brows to make them look fuller please just stick to a pencil or brow powder. For me this product isn't really a success or a failure, I'll still use it maybe along side my brow pencil with this as more of a tamer, however a lot of people have thinner eyebrows than myself and I honestly don't think this would work for them, overall okay for more fuller brows to start off with but not great for thinner brows or eyebrows that need a little extra coverage from a product. I do like the idea of the product and the applicator is something different but I'll be sticking to my pencil in the future.

Maybelline Diamond Glow

I featured this pretty eyeshadow quad in my recent beauty haul and it's the Maybelline Diamond Glow by EyeStudio. The one I have is the 04 Grey Pink Drama and it is available from Boots for £6.99 or they offer 3 for 2 in Boots (cheapest item free). There are 4 to collect in total and the others are Coral Drama, Blue Drama and Forest Drama.

On the reverse side of the quad you get some instruction on how to apply the shadow and it what order. As you can see it starts off with the light white colour on the left then works around until it meet with the black (number 4) that goes around the under eye and the lash line. I tend not to really stick to the guidelines on the reverse side and apply it how I prefer it as some days I might not even use all of the colours or I may use one and mix and match it with another colour from my beauty collection.

These are the first 3 swatches of the quad starting with the white and then finishing with the grey and as you can see they are quite shimmery and really do have a diamond effect to them as the name would suggest. They're not overly bold shadows so this would allow you to team them with a number of other varieties of eyeshadow making it a versatile and usable quad no matter what i.e. you could wear them for work or if you are going out for the night etc. I would have liked them to have been a little more on the bolder side so you can see them more and have them standing out more especially if I am wearing them for a log period of time throughout the day so that they don't fade away. The final colour in the quad is the black for under the eye and around the lash line, I did a couple of swatches of this shade and as you can see the black is a stand out shade another reason why it would have been better if the other shades had been bolder as I think if you overpower the black when applying it will just eliminate the other 3 shades so you will have to blend this as much as possible so it isn't so dark. Again it has that same diamond shimmer to it like the other 3 shades and because this is the darkest colour when swatching the glitter shows up a lot more in this shade. I'm not sure if I'll use the black as much as the other shades as I'm not a massive fan of black shadows but it's always nice to have especially for nights out. I'm looking forward to trying out the other 3 Diamond Glow quads in this range and I certainly be purchasing them from my local Boots in the not so distant future. At the moment I'm trying to looking for more single or mini sets of eye shadows that I can include in my collection as the majority of what I have are large palettes which aren't that great for travel and a lot of the shadows included in the palettes do get left out as I always have my favourites that I use on a regular basis.

Do you have any single shadows you could recommend or small palettes like this one? I'd really like to know what you prefer palettes or single shadows, please leave a comment below and don't forget to follow me or on Bloglovin at Cosmetics Beauty Rainbow.