Basil Brush Tour

This week on my day off on Tuesday I got given the opportunity from AFA Events Ltd to go and see the Basil Brush Show, The Full on Fox Tour 2015 at Melton Theatre. We arrived at the theatre with a few minutes left until the show started so we had time to sort out our tickets that we picked up from the box office and quickly pop to the toilet. One entering the theatre we took our seats and due to the families sitting more towards the front me and Paul my boyfriend decided to opt for a couple of seats at the back and in the middle. The show started off with an evil fox that wanted to rid our beloved Basil of our screens and out of our lives forever!! Throughout the show we got told stories of Basils ancestors, ones that have had different occupations throughout history one being Sherlock Basil. I won't spoil the whole tour and story for you but the story is great and hilarious! Great acting from Mr Stephens, the acting theatre manager and the fox himself Basil. The ending does involve the evil fox and a outcome that will make you laugh out loud. Throughout the whole of the entire show me and Paul kept laughing none stop and wow I even felt tired after from laughing so much and had to have a nap when I came home. There is audience participation and Mr Stephen allows some of the children to come up on stage to earn themselves some prizes. Just a word of warning you will get wet! Overall this is a very enjoyable show and tour, perfect for you ones but also brilliant if you are a parent as it will keep you laughing. It has just the right amount of adult gags to keep you smiling and entertained and as much for the children. Afterwards you do have the opportunity to meet Basil and Mr Stephens (Chris Pizzey) and have a picture taken alongside them, maybe you could even get a cheeky selfie with Basil (boom boom Basil, haha had to get it in there somewhere didn't I?). There is also a merchandising store available and as always the flashing multi coloured lights seemed to be a popular choice of purchase with the children.

There are still dates throughout the year for the tour so please head over and catch it, tickets and date information is available at ENTS24, adult tickets are £16.90 (inc booking fee) and children £14.90 (inc booking fee). You can follow Basil like me over on Twitter @realbasilbrush and show him some support on his tour throughout the year. 

**These tickets have been provided to me by AFA Events Ltd however all thoughts are my own and I was not paid to review this event. 

Thank you for reading, as you know I love seeing shows and going to events so this was a pleasure for me to attend. It was such a brilliant show and I loved it, Basil was hilarious and I would not hesitate to go again or encourage anybody else to go along.

What's In My Bag

You might be surprised to know that I've never done a "What's In My Bag" post before.Well that's all changing today as I have one for you. I did clear out my bag of all my grotty receipts as I thought nobody wants to see that, I took the pictures on my iPhone 5 so that would usually be in my bag with me along with my keys. Here's what I carry around with me most of the time on a daily basis: -

My handbag is from H&M and costs £29.99 however I managed to grab a bargain and got it for £20.00. I opted for the black croco grained imitation leather effect bag with the gold metal detailing but you can also get it in light grey, black and powder pink. I have a couple of C.D's that I am listening to at the moment one is Frankie Valli and the Four Season since I went to see Jersey Boys at the Piccadilly theatre in London I've been hooked and keep playing this greatest hits album all the time, the second one is the Guestlist so a compilation album with a mix of RnB, Dance and Hip Hop. I have a packet of Nurofen for when I'm suffering from head pains, sometimes I get these from overusing the computer so I have to take breaks from looking at the screen which is important for your health to take breaks from technology every now and again. The little Batman notebook I picked up cheap from The Range just to jot down things to remember, like bills to pay and shopping lists. I have a EOS lip balm in Summer Fruits and this just tastes so yummy and great for when my lips need hydrating. I have a hair tie just to put my hair back if I want to when I'm out to get it out of my face. Some Soft and Gentle spray and also my beloved Victoria Secret Spray that I am in love with, I'm going Birmingham on my birthday so I might have to pick up some more. I have a Helen E lip gloss and this is one of the products I have talked about in a previous posts that I got from the BeautyUK Show at the NEC recently. One of my business cards with all my social network links, I keep my box in my bag with all my cards in so I can hand them out to friends, family and at events that I attend from time to time. My dog purse that I got from Crufts this year and I also have the matching bag, I love dogs they are my favourite animal so it was only right that I got something from Crufts and the bag and purse cost me just £20.00 for the both. The last thing in my bag is some Bath & Body Works hand cream in Fresh Sparkling Snow, this keeps your hands super soft and I've been letting people at work use it as well.

What is in your bag? I think I travel light considering what some of my friends have in their bags. Please leave me a comment and let me know and don't forget to enter my current giveaway to win a MAC lipstick of your choice (T&C's apply).

Win, Win, Win, Win **CLOSED**

I have a brand new giveaway for you all to celebrate me blogging everyday in May as part of #BEDM. I'm super excited about this giveaway as I am giving one lucky winner the opportunity to win themselves a MAC lipstick of their choice (terms & conditions included).

Terms & Conditions

**For UK readers only

**The winner must be able to provide a valid UK address

**Enter through the Rafflecopter link

**The lipstick MUST be available to purchase through the MAC website and cost the standard £15.50. Once the winner has been announced and contacted via email I will ask you to choose your lipstick, if I am unable to purchase your first option for some reason I will ask for a backup

**The closing date is Saturday 20th June 2015 

**Please be aware that of you are a company your entry unfortunately will not count

My apologies for going off track I'm a little disappointed that I didn't manage to blog everyday in May with a couple of days missed out but I'm not going to beat myself up about it because I've done so much better than I ever originally thought I would and am going to try to continue with as many posts as possible before the end of May.

Good luck with the giveaway, as always I am excited to give one of my readers a prize and a small thank you for taking the time out of your busy lives to support me in my blogging journey.

To YouTube or not to YouTube??

Over the past few recent weeks I've been thinking about trying out YouTube. Although it's been something I've thought about for a long time it has only come to the forefront of my mind in the past 2 weeks or so since I have been watching so many YouTube videos and seeing so many of my fellow bloggers trying it out and doing really well I might add. One of the main benefits to me if that you can fit so much more in to a video that you can necessarily in a blog post, like favourites for example, I have lots of monthly favourites beauty, homeware, food and random but I feel like I have to cut it short on blog posts or else they will be pages long especially with photos included. I feel like if I did YouTube videos I could talk about a lot more and fit more in, plus it would be a lot more informative in regards to descriptions etc. 

I also like the idea of doing vlogs, that way I don't have to focus my videos on anything in specific and it can just literally be what I get up to on the weekend whereas I don't really find it possible to input that sort of information or detailing in to a blog post. I think there are so more many things you can do with YouTube videos and the opportunities are endless for example get ready with me videos, vlogs as I mentioned including taking your camera when you go somewhere nice for the day on your travels, rooms tours &  makeup storage videos, there are so many different types of videos you can put together it is never ending.

The only thing that is putting me off from doing it it the quality of my equipment as I don't think it's suitable for filming but I figure I should just give it a try on what I have available at least then I won't have wasted lots of money on lots of tech devices to then decide I actually don't in fact like YouTubing. This might sound silly but I'm also a little nervous about doing videos as stupid as it sounds because I'm just talking to the camera but with all things new I am bound to be nervous about it until I become comfortable and confident in myself. 

I would really love to hear your views on this subject so please leave me a comment, let me know if you have your own YouTube channel and can offer any help or advice for how to get started.


This post is slightly later than I expected it be as I sit here writing it at 01:02 in the morning. I was going to do it earlier on in the day but Paul's dad and his girlfriend came over and in between that and having some brunch I didn't get round to it. The rest of the afternoon and evening I have been at work, I came home slightly early due to it being a quiet night and have a head ache, I seem to be getting them a lot lately and I'm not sure why this is, please let me know if you suffer from any head ache problems and what I can do to help prevent them from happening if this at all possible. 

I have another FOTD post today and I'm pretty proud of myself for having another one for you so soon as it isn't something that I do very often but I'm starting to enjoy these types of posts and again like what I did last Sunday I'm just going to list the items that I used without going in to any great detail about them.

Here's a list of the products I used to create the look above: - 

Again I used my Vitamin C Daily Moisturiser from The Body Shop
I also used my Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder
P.S Love Brown Kit from Primark, I'm unsure of the price but it wasn't expensive being from Primark
Urban Decay Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color Glinda (mine is from OZ The Great and Powerful palette but others are available on the link provided £14.00)
Buxom Full-On Lip Cream I'm not sure on the shade as this was from a collection of mini lip glosses I got from Sephora, you can buy the full sizes for $19.00 each in a variety of shades, (please see link)

Thank you for reading I'm going to try to get my next giveaway started this week, I'm planning for it to be a good one so I hope you like it.

My Boots Wish List #BEDM

My Boots Wish List

Nivea lip care

Body cleanser

Beauty product

Barry M nail care

Face powder

Pink face makeup

Curling mascara

May has been a very long month for me so far waiting for pay day and I still have under 2 weeks left to wait. Here are some o the things I am looking to pick up from Boots on payday. The Burberry Lip Glow and the 2 Benefit Blushes are slightly more luxury items so I might be able to treat myself to them on my Birthday next month. Have you started to compile your payday wish list yet, please let me know what it is or what you are lusting after this month.


Our Pets #BEDM

Something very close to my heart is animals, in particular the four legged kind, dogs. I've loved dogs for as long as I can remember something that I'm sure I adopted from my mum, as we've nearly always had dogs in the house throughout me growing up. Last year we lost our most recent dog Zack who was a gorgeous brown and tan Doberman, you may be thinking wow a Doberman and it wouldn't surprise me as I got used to all different types of reactions from people when I used to tell them I had a Doberman living at home with me. Whilst living at home I was fortunate to share the company of two Doberman dogs, both at different times as one was more than enough for us to handle. What can I say Doberman's are great and without a doubt my favourite breed of dog and I took some convincing as at first I thought they seemed very boring and didn't do a lot, wow was I wrong! My love affair began around 7 years ago when we got our first Doberman Rolo from a rescue home he was a beaut and an absolute joy to have. Although being taller than me when he stood on his hind legs he was as soft as a brush. This is something some people usual get wrong about larger dogs they are so lovely, especially Doberman's from my experience, they can sometimes get a bad reputation due to being police dogs in some circumstances and portrayed as tough dogs that you wouldn't mess with in movies we see on television. But they are wonderful dogs not to be misunderstood, they have excellent personalities as they are very intelligent, loyal, active and protective over the pack (your family).

 Okay so back to my main reason for this post, at the moment I actually don't have any pets and I'm still trying to persuade my mum to get another dog. Zack passed away last year around this time due to something called DCM Dilated Cardiomyopathy and this is a heart disease very common in the Doberman bread, you can read more about it here at Reasons for Congestive Heart Failure. Unfortunately there is no known cure for this disease and the only thing you can do possible is to use the relevant treatment prescribed by the vet and make sure that your pet is comfortable as can be. It's amazing how our pets can have such a hold on us, as I remember feeling like someone had just ripped my heart out from inside me when I found out my Zack was ill nothing can prepare you for that. Pets are like family and if you have any or have ever had a pet you will know this and in some circumstances your life revolves around them and making sure they are happy every single day. 
I miss Zack every single day but all I can think is that I know he had a great, fantastic life! He was spoilt rotten and I may have been guilty for buying him a new toy each time I left the house, he has so many it became funny as they used to get left all around the house.

 This post was to remember Zack as we recently had the first anniversary since we lost him. He will always have a special place in my heart with fond and happy memories, I love him.

Bill's Restaurant #BEDM

Bill's is a restaurant I've been wanting to try for ages, I'd heard a lot about it and they seem to be springing up everywhere at the moment so they must be pretty popular right?
Now due to circumstances me and Paul had to go to Leamington Spa a beautiful little town in central Warwickshire much like Stratford-Upon-Avon if you have ever had the delight of visiting there, but just believe me when I say there is a lot more to England than just London so much more. 
On driving up and down the parade we spotted Bill's, I say we mainly me Paul didn't have a clue but I'd already planned in my mind that we would be going there for some dinner being the perfect planner that I am. First I have to say on entering Bill's I felt a bit wary because it had a strange smell to the restaurant, but in hindsight I appreciate this is probably due to add to the atmosphere and your surroundings as the decor is insanely cool I think, plus after 1 minute I didn't even notice the smell on arrival.

 The team there at the Leamington Spa Bill's are lovely, making sure you are enjoying your food and experience without being overbearing. We just opted for the main course as we didn't really see anything we fancied for a starter and usually we fill up on starters and then don't enjoy the main so much. For the full menu please check out the Bill's Website. For a drink I had the Bill's Pink Lemonade £3.50 and it came with strawberries in the drink (love!), Paul just opted for a Diet Coke £2.35.

We both went for the Bill's hamburger, we are such creatures of habit! I had mine with monterey jack cheese and Paul had the same plus streaky bacon. Bill's hamburgers are £9.95 each (we also had it minus the horseradish) and then the toppings are £1.20 each and it comes accompanied with skin on fries nom nom.
My burger, how amazing does that look? It's making me hungry just looking at it. 

Paul said it was actually the best burger he'd had in a long time and he really liked the decor. I could tell he was enjoying it because he seemed to become some what a typical blogger snapping photos everything enthusiastically and that isn't like him not compared to how many photos I take of things anyway, plus he isn't a blogger but then seemed to want to become a food blogger after visiting, I said it just meant we had to go out for lots more meals, win!

The bill had an additional optional 10% tip added on (£2.97), I'm guessing if you don't want to pay it you don't but we had a nice time and the service was good so we paid the tip willingly and happily. The total bill including the tip came to £32.62, not bad considering how tasty the burgers had been. We didn't do dessert in the end but on looking back at the menu now they have some ones that sound yummy, I want the warm chocolate brownie in my life. I would really recommend this restaurant if you haven't tried it before, I'm going to take my mum next time I think. The decor is great the food is super tasty and one other thing I loved was you could buy food like sweets, chutneys, chocolate etc actual Bill's branded food, so if you didn't fancy a dessert you could always take a sweet treat home with you. You get a little paper bag on the table with a pencil inside so you can order anything you would like, wish I had of ordered something now to bring home but next time.


Lustful Lipsticks #BEDM

In appreciation to the humble lipstick I'm celebrating it with pictures, pictures of lipsticks from my beauty collection. You may or may not know this already but the lipstick is my favourite beauty product and one that I could easily own in every shade possible if I allowed myself to do so. These aren't in any order at all and not necessarily all of my favourite lipsticks just a selection that I wanted to share with you so you can see what I have in my collection. I've chosen 8 lipsticks to share with you although I won't be writing about them for 2 reasons the first is that the post will be very long and the second is because I wanted this to be more of a picture blog post, something a bit different to the norm I do.
NYX Cosmetics Diamond Sparkle Lipstick DS 06 Sparkling Rose £5.95
MAC Viva Glam I £15.50
Viva Glam Rihanna Frost £15.50
Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick In Love With Ginger £6.49
MakeUp Revolution #Liphug- Still missing my baby £2.50

Lots of lush lipsticks for you to lust over this evening and I enjoyed doing something a little different with lots of pictures included. Do you like picture heavy posts, I usually do as it gives me the chance to see products from the comfort of my home and decide whether I want to purchase them out not.
Please feel free to leave me a comment I love to hear from you and reply to any messages you leave me below.

My Blogging Journal #BEDM

As much as I enjoy blogging it can also be a big challenge due to work commitments, not knowing what content to write about aka bloggers block and sometimes just wanting time to yourself to relax.
I first started my blog way over a year ago now all the way back in January 2014, i'd been considering starting a blog for a while after watching copious amounts of YouTube videos when I was off sick from work. That's how it pretty much all began I fell ill for around 2 weeks and wasn't able to go work and found myself pretty much house ridden because I felt so ill I couldn't go out and apart from the company of my dog I had YouTube. I discovered so many different YouYubers who surprisingly had their own blogs as well, how do they have the time, please tell me?

I started my blog just to write about the things I love and to be honest it didn't even matter if anybody was listening it just felt nice to be able to talk about my interests. I focus my blog mainly on beauty, lifestyle and travel whenever I have the opportunity to head off somewhere nice whether that's in the UK or abroad. As I mention before I find it very difficult to get in to a blogging ritual, so I find it hard to be able to commit to 3 days a week that I will blog on. I would like to set out some days in the week that I will always blog on going forward with my ideal days being on Sunday. Tuesday and Thursday as these are days I tend to have a bit more down time on plus throughout the week I can pre write the posts ready to publish on those days. A lot of the time I fall behind on my writing is because I'm working and live a busy lifestyle and I do find it difficult to balance my blog as part of my life because of course my work and home life come first as I'm sure they do with a lot of fellow bloggers unless you are a full time blogger and blogging is your main source of income. 

Another reason I sometimes struggle is because I don't know what to write about. I've had times before when I just don't have a clue and feel like if I haven't brought anything new or gone to a different place I don't have anything to talk about to my readers when this isn't true as I could focus more on life topics and one of my favourite posts I did was something personal to me and that was all about confidence and you can read that here

Usually what works well for me is to plan out what I'm going to write about. I like to write down a list I like to call to blog about's and this will include all of the topics I want to talk about in the future of my blog. I guess it's almost like a brainstorm for blogging and I always find this helps me become and feel more organised with my blogging plans. At the moment I am taking part in Blog Everyday In May #BEDM and this is really help me push my boundaries and actually prove that I can blog and be organised if i really want to be and feel determined not to give up. 
Going forward I would like to establish some days that I will publish my posts on (preferably the days mentioned above) and I want to continue blogging for as long as I enjoy it and at the moment I really do. I'd like to attend more blogging events and motivate myself to go to events further afield rather than shy away from it because I'll have to travel somewhere different on my own. 

I'm excited for what my blogging future holds for me and I'm glad I started my page way back in January 2014 as it has introduced me to so many lovely people and provided me with chances to go to events and receive some nice treats. I just need to keep myself organised and motivated and remember as long as I enjoy it that is the main thing and I've achieved my goal in being a blogger!

Helen E Cosmetics #BEDM

I went to the BeautyUK Show at the National Exhibition Show in Birmingham today with my mum and wanted to share with you some pieces I got from the Helen E range plus a couple of other items that I have from this brand already in my beauty stash. Now just in case you have never heard about the Helen E brand you can get more information over at About Helen E as I don't want to go in to all that detail or else this post will be very long so I'll just stick to talking about the products that I have from the brand and let you know what I think about them. So I first discovered Helen E at the Clothes Show probably about 3 - 4 years ago now and got some bits then as I really liked some of the things they have available and it isn't necessarily things you can get hold of in your local Boots of Superdrug I don't think. Fast forward to 2015 and today at the BeautyUK Show they had a stand so I thought I'd give some more of the products a try, so here's what I got and what I have already from Helen E. Just to mention I didn't think the show was as good this year as it was last year, there didn't seem to be as many stalls or brands and was actually a little disappointing in all honesty. This was all I purchased at the show and I probably spent around 1 - 2 hours there at the most. Last year they had a lot more variety and makeup stands but this year it just seemed to lack something, plus I think the show had a real boost last year as NYX had a large stand there but they did not attend this year so there weren't any major makeup brands there. I will still go again next year as the stalls seem to change every year and who knows what might be there plus me and my mum always have a good day and enjoyed a nice meal at the Harvester on the way home.
The 3 Glitter Pots I previously brought a while ago, the 2 Lip Pencils, Blush and Colour Gloss cost £10.00 for the 4 and the other items came in a bundle for £10.00 and a makeup bag which I didn't really like so won't be using plus I couldn't fit it in the photo. 

First of all I'll start of with the glitters in the middle as these are the first purchases I ever made from Helen E and they are called Sparkle Glitter Pots £6.00 each. The 3 colours that I have are Emerald (green), Cerise (pink) and I think Extreme Neon Tangerine (orange), I just love these a girl can never have to much glitter in her life. My favourite is the Cerise pink glitter as it goes amazing with a redish pink lip and adds some sparkle to your night out. If you're like me and love anything sparkly you should definitely try these out as they are fabulous. The other colours I would use on my eyes only a small amount but they are nice for nights out if you are looking to do something different with your eyes.

I brought two of the Lip Crayons £8.00 one in Summer Pudding (towards the bottom of the picture) and the other Red Carpet (towards the top of the picture). These are to apply first before the glitter as they really hold it on well and it looks perfect for something different, gorgeous and sparkly. I managed to get these for just £2.50 each so a fraction of the online price and I'll mainly use these as they are just straight on to the lip as I chose colours that I know I'll wear daily to work and on days off (plus I chose a signature red one, totally my shade of lip). 
Some of the other lip products that I got are the Colour Gloss in number 17 Naked shade £10.00 (£2.50 for 4 products at the show). This Naked shade has an orange pink tone to it with flecks of shimmer in it. The only thing that I'm not keen on is the smell of it, it smells over sweet almost a like strawberry red laces but once applied to the lips it isn't so overpowering. It applies well on to the lips and isn't sticky at all and because the shade comes out really light on the lips it would suit paired over the top of my lipstick products to add a shine to them. The tube gloss is the Lip Gloss Balm in Pout £7.00 this I got in a set with some of the other items for £10.00. The gloss balm has a strawberry scent to it but smells less overpowering compared to the Colour Gloss. This is handy just to pop into your handbag and have on hand throughout the day to apply. Again another neutral tone so nothing over the top. A product that I'll use a lot as it is basic and wearable with a lot of other beauty products I own. It has a slight shimmer to it as well similar to the Colour Gloss but the shade is slightly more darker on the lip, again very wearable and I'm looking forward to using it as well as all the other Helen E lip products I've picked up today. I think that this product surprisingly is my favourite out of them all and it's the Waterproof Protective Lip Liner £8.00 in shade 3. This product promises to be long lasting, waterproof and will help prevent feathering and bleeding of the lip colour. The main reason why I'm looking forward to using this is because I don't own that many lip liners and I really should due to owning so many lipsticks in my collection. This is a slightly darker red tone compared to my usual Rimmel lip liner that I use a pillar box red one to go with the majority of lipsticks I have. 
Two of the base products I have I don't think I'll be using so I will probably give them away to friends. The first is the Skin Smoother £13.50 in a dark shade either 1 or 2 I'm not sure and the second is Cover It £8.00 in shade 2. These shades won't match my skin unfortunately although I may be able to blend out the Cover It concealer slightly to make it work around my under eyes. These came with the pack that I paid £10.00 for so it didn't stipulate the shades but never the less the pack had some great items in and for such a brilliant price I couldn't resist and like I said I can always pass the products that I won't use on to a friend so they can get some use from them. 

I managed to sneak in a Blusher In The Pink £8.00, a lighter shade to what I would usually opt for but I'm trying to get a few more different shades in to my collection as I'm becoming a makeup creature of habit and I want to be trying a variety of things on a daily basis moving forward. This is a light pink shade and I think it will look perfect for the Spring Summer months and especially for my holiday later on in the year. 

The last 2 products are the Shimmer Eye Powder shade 18 a nice silver gold toned colour for the eyes. This looks like it will be great for brightening up the eyes and it can be used dry or wet and also on the face or body to add a bit more shimmer. There are over 30 shades to chose from online and I'm looking at getting shade 9, 7, 20 and 31. Last is the Soft Black Eyeliner £7.00, this glides on so well and soft. Now I'm not really a big user of eyeliner but I'm excited to try this one out and hopefully it will be easy to apply on to the eye and I'll develop a technique so that I can start actually wearing eyeliner more as it's something that I love but I don't feel confident in applying it. Again these came in the pack for £10.00 so in total I got 

Have you tried any of the Helen E products before, what do you think of them and would you recommend any of them?

FOTD #1 Sunday Special #BEDM

Something a bit different from me today it's a FOTD. I don't usually do these types of posts but today I thought why not try something else for a change. It isn't that I don't like doing these types of posts or reviews just more that I have work most days in the week(end) so my makeup doesn't really tend to vary that much from day to day.

Today me and Paul went out and about visiting family so I kept my makeup natural and reasonably simple. Here is a list of the products that I used for today's look: - 

Asda George 2 in 1 lash definer and eyebrow the Tamer, unavailable online

I 'm going to try and mix up my daily makeup when I'm off from now on so i can give you some more looks with different products. I'm tiring of wearing the same items of makeup day in day out so really want to push myself to try more things out of my makeup draw and get some use out of them as a lot of the things have just worked there way in to the draw and have actually not even been used so i need to be more pro-active. I'm going to start getting out the products I want to wear the night before so I'm all set for the following day that way I won't be tempted just to use the same products that are sat in front of me if I've already pre-mixed it up. How do you make sure that you use all your beauty products and alternate them so you don't get stuck in a rut? I'd love to get some advice on how swap in different items daily so I can use something different everyday. 
Thank you for readying as always, I'm super proud of myself for keeping up with the #BEDM Blog Everyday In May tag as I didn't think I would keep it up with my terrible blogging organisation skills. As part of me blogging everyday this month I'll be having a great giveaway coming up again soon for you which will hopefully be this week sometime. This is to celebrate me keeping this up and saying thank you to my readers, I feel very positive about my page at the moment and enjoying working on my blog everyday and having fun with it. I hope you've had a great weekend and have a brilliant week!

Saturday Night Pamper #BEDM

I may or may not being going out this even but never the less I thought I'd have a pamper session and enjoy a nice hot soak in the bath. To go along with my bath I have some products that I'm going to be using to pamper myself and relax and I thought I would share them with you, some you may have seen before as I'm still using them on and off as well as repurchasing some because I enjoy using them.

Gillette for Women Satin Care Dry Skin Shaving Gel £3.59, I love using this shaving gel from Gillette and although it might seem like a bog standard item that everybody would purchase I bet it isn't. First of all it actually seems pretty costly at £3.59 per can but it's actually well worth the money due to it being super convenient and easy to use. It doesn't have a harsh smell to it and lathers on the leg and other areas well (underarms!) I like to use the Dry Skin version as it adds moisture to my legs leaving them feeling soft and smooth as I do sometimes get slightly dry skin especially in the Winter months. I must prefer to use this over any soap option as I always end up cutting myself with my razor if I use soap or a shower gel to shave my legs as I just don't seem to have enough soap or gel on my legs to help along with the shave. You can also get cheaper alternatives of ladies shaving cream from places like B&M and even Poundland which I've tried and they aren't half bad really considering you are paying a fraction of the price but if you are looking for something slightly nicer and want to treat your pins with Summer coming up I would always go for the Gillette shaving cream plus from time to time you can also pick it up on offer at your local Boots or supermarket so grab two when that comes around as they will soon go back up in price. 

Bath & Body Works Signature Collection Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Body Lotion available from Amazon £17.93, yes I know it's unavailable in the UK, well relatively unavailable but I love this pumpkin body lotion it smells amazing and I pick it up in America last year around Halloween time. I've mentioned on so many occasions how much I like the Bath & Body Works products and how I wish they would come across the pond (why hasn't this happened yet?). The body lotions are so good, they smell super nice and I'm still working may way through the 3 that I have. They're easy to apply and last on the skin for such a long time and this is something you don't tend to get with a lot of other body lotions I usually tend to find, the only other body lotions that I enjoy using are the Soap & Glory ones as they have such a nice scent to them as well that really lasts throughout the day.

7th Heaven Black Seaweed Peel Off Masque £1.00, first of all lets discuss Montagne Jeunesse have finally changed their name to 7th Heaven which I couldn't be more happier about as I constantly struggle to say the name and doubt if I've ever actually got it right. But hey the important thing is that the masques are brilliant and I'll never stop loving them. The one below is the Black Seaweed Peel Off, the peel of masques are my favourite as I really like the sensation you get when removing it and your face just feels like it has been brought back to life again after a hard week. I always feel so fresh after applying one of these masques and I'm even trying to get Paul into using them. I probably have about 3 more left in my stash before I need to stock up again as I always need to have some on hand to use and relax at the weekend usually whilst watching Britain's Got Talent! 

Skin Benefits Cool Cucumber Eye Pads £2.99 these are to go along with my 7th Heaven masque to give me the ultimate relaxation treatment. I just apply them over my eyes (after Britain's Got Talent of course) and then let the world pass me by whilst I chill out on a Saturday night. These Cucumber Pads are perfect to sooth and cool your tired eyes after a week of early mornings and help reduce any puffiness around the eye. You can even put them in the fridge for that extra coolness giving you a really refreshing eye treatment.

The Body Shop Vitamin C Daily Moisturiser £13.00 (bottom right) I won't babble on much about these items as I think I've talked about them to death. I'm using the Vitamin C Moisturiser everyday at the moment in the morning when I get ready just before I start applying my daily makeup. I'm enjoying it but I may switch to something different once I have used this one up but it's well worth a try if you are looking for a nice daily moisturiser, it leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth and ready for the day ahead and I really like that these products contain SPF 30 keeping you safe in the sunshine protecting from UVA and UVB.
The Body Shop Vitamin C Facial Cleansing Polish £11.00 a great scrub for you face and refreshing in the morning to give you that wake up boost that we all so badly need after hopefully a long nights sleep. I like to use this with my bristled brush to clean away any dead skin on my face and leave it feeling clean and fresh.

Lush Dragons Egg £3.35 one of my absolute favourite products from Lush are the bath bombs and the Dragons Egg is a particular favourite of mine. It has small bits of confetti inside and turns your bath a orange colour when the inside explodes in the water. You'll see gold glitter flecks in the water as you bath and come out smelling wonderful, pure bliss.

I really hope that you are enjoying my posts everyday throughout May and if there is anything you would like me to write about please let me know and I'll try my best for you. 

40 Beauty Questions Tag #BEDM

Today I thought I'd do a tag, the 40 Beauty Questions Tag that I found over on tagsforeverybody, the blog says that it doesn't know who created this tag but if you have any idea who did please let me know so I can credit the creator. I thought this was a great tag as it is beauty related so something more relevant to my page and something that I enjoy talking about rather than just a basic blog tag post, on with the Q&A's then.


- How many times do you wash your face daily? 
As bad as this probably sounds not very often although I'm not sure why you would need to wash your face numerous times per day but I tend just to use face wipes to remove my makeup or unless I'm going in the bath or shower then I'll wash my face just with water. I never really use actual soap on my face to wash it as it hasn't ever been something that works for me personally. 

- What skin type do you have? (dry, oily, combo)
I'd probably say I have a combo skin type it isn't really either or in regards to dry or oily but I do have spells of both throughout the year depending on the time for example in the Winter months I tend to have more dry skin. 

- What is your current facial wash? 
My current facial wash that I'm using is the The Body Shop Vitamin C Facial Cleansing Polish £11.00

- Do you exfoliate? What brands do you use? 
Yes I tend to use my bristled brush to remove any dead skin on my face using circular motions. I'm enjoying using my bristled brush with the Bee Good Honey & Wild Water Mint 3-in-1 Cleansing Water £10.00. The cleansing water has a slight scent to it but nothing over powering which is one of the main reasons why I like this product so much, it also leave my face feeling fresh and clean. 

- What moisturisers do you use? 
I use the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream £70.00 on a daily basis and have talked about this numerous times on my blog. Although a high budget beauty product I'd certainly recommend it, it leaves my skin feeling amazing and I can honestly say since I started using it since all the way back from last year my skin has been so much better with limited breakouts. The product lasts a long time so the £70.00 you invest will see you well for at least over 5 months I would say. I only have one issue with it at the moment and that is that I've nearly ran out and used it all up...

- Do you have freckles?
Yes I've had them from a very young age although they have faded as I've gotten older.

- Do you use eye cream?
I'm using the The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream at the moment although I'm super forgetful at applying it at night time before I got to bed. 

- Do you or did you have acne prone skin? 
Nope, thankfully I have always been fortunate enough to have limited breakouts throughout my years. The only time when I ever really have breakouts is a specific time of the month.

- Did you ever have to use Pro-activ? 


- What foundation do you use? 
At the moment I am loving the Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude Foundation £8.99, you can read my review about it here at Cosmetics Beauty Rainbow

- How about concealer? 
I'm using the Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer £7.99 at the moment.

- Do you know your undertone colour? 
I'm not certain but I'd probably say I have a cool undertone.

- What do you think of fake eyelashes?
Personally I would only ever wear them on a night out and not always then. For me they are actually pretty high maintenance and I know that might sounds strange but because I'm not used to wearing them or applying them it is difficult for me and hence why I can't usually be bothered with them. Saying that if I am out on a special occasion and want to glam things up a little I will wear fake eyelashes. 

- Do you know that you are suppose to change your mascara every 3 months? 
Yes I did know this although I'm guilty of not doing it.

- What brand of mascara do you use? 
Usually my to go to mascara is the Cover Girl Bombshell Volume by Lashblast mascara that I picked up in America. 

- Sephora or MAC?
Sephora yay! Please come to the UK I beg of you. 

- Do you have a MAC Pro-card?

- What makeup tools do you use in makeup application? 
Without a doubt it have to be the Real Techniques brushes, I uses them every single say unless I'm having a makeup free day. I also really like using the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge £5.99 as it leaves the application of your foundation looking even and flawless so I'm glad that I eventually got one of these after considering it for what felt like forever. 

- Do you use makeup base/ primer for the eyes? 
Yes The Body Shop All In One Instablur £10.00. I'm actually starting to realise whilst doing this tag that I use a lot of The Body Shop products and I never really considered that I did.

- For the face 
I've mentioned this a thousand time but I usually use the Benefit POREfessional £24.50.

- What is you favourite eyeshadow (colour or shade)?
Probably like everybody else I love the Urban Decay Naked Palettes all £38.00, my favourite I would probably say is Naked 3 as I love the rose gold shades and I even prefer the packaging on the 3rd one as it seems like Urban Decay upped their game a little more on this one. The one Urban Decay product that I'm lusting over at the moment has to be the Naked On The Run Palette £37.00.

- Do you use pencil or liquid eyeliner?
I usually prefer to use pencil eyeliner as I feel I have better control over it. I couldn't say one specific one as I tend to switch between different products (usually the one that I find most easy to apply at the time). 

- Do you poke your eye with an eyeliner pencil?
Haha yes, but I'm getting better at not it... super painful!!

- What do you think of pigment eyeshadows? 
I can't really say as though I own any although I would love to try out the MAC pigment eyeshadows in the future. 

- Do you use mineral makeup?
Nope, although I would be open to trying it. 

- What is your favourite lipstick?
Hmmmm now lipstick is probably my most favourite beauty item ever so it is kind of hard for me to say which my favourite is so I totally cannot decide on this one. 

- How about lipgloss?
I do like the Urban Decay Lip junkie Lip Gloss  £13.00 and I'd probably say that this just tips it as being my favourite. It's so hard with lip products as there are so many on the market and I know you're probably thinking there is so much of everything on the mark but lip based products for me as so easy to switch in and out that it's always difficult for me to decide on a favourite plus you have so many things to take in to consideration when applying a lip product from will it do with my outfit to is this season related because you're less likely to wear a plumb tone colour throughout Spring or Summer and probably more likely to wear a pinky tone as it's more suitable for that time of year. 
The one main thing that I love about the Lip junkie gloss by Urban Decay is that is has the lip plump impact so it tingles on the lips when you've first applied with almost a mint taste I think then it leaves you lips looking fuller and shiny.

- What is your favourite blush to use? 
I am loving the Makeup Revolution Blushing Hearts Bursting with love blusher £4.99 at the moment. The packaging is just so adorable but I love the shade of pink the blush brings out on my cheeks. I'm wearing it constantly at the moment and I can't see that changing anytime soon. 

-Do you buy your makeup on Ebay?
No I usually don't buy makeup in Ebay mainly just because I like to swatch it before I buy. 

- Do you like drugstore makeup? 
Yes I love drugstore makeup it's a fraction of the price for starters and sometimes can be just as good as high end makeup if not better. 

- Do you go to CCO's (cosmetics company outlets)

- Do you ever consider taking makeup classes? 
Yes I would love to take up makeup classes but I think it is hard finding the time between work, home life and blogging. 

- Are you clumsy in putting on makeup? 
Haha yes especially in the morning when I'm getting ready for work at 06:30am it is makeup madness! 

- Name a makeup crime that you hate? 
I'd probably have to say OTT lashes when they have been drawn on to excess.

Do you like colourful shades of makeup (lipstick, eyeshadow) or neutral ones?
I'd have to say colourful shades, I enjoy mixing it up and sometimes with more neutral tones I feel like this isn't always possible. I like my more neutral tones for the week so when I'm going work or when I'm just looking to achieve a simple day to day look.

- Which celebrity always has great makeup? 
Katy Perry (love) 

- If you could leave the house using just ONE makeup item, what would you use?
Probably a concealer product of some sort.

- Could you ever leave the house without any makeup on? 
Yes of course, I do this on a regular basis! 

- Do you think you look good even without any makeup on? 
Yeah I suppose I don't look that bad without any makeup on. Really I just look tired if anything when I don't apply makeup as I can't hide my dark under circles under my eyes.

- In your opinion, what is the BEST makeup line? 
I'd have to say Charlotte Tilbury without a doubt.

- What do you think of makeup?
 I love makeup that is pretty obvious to see but surprisingly when I was younger I never really invested in any beauty products and was happy being a total tomboy. It wasn't really until I went on holiday with a group of girlfriends that I started to become more interested in makeup and started to have splurges in Boots and Superdrug. Since then I've been pretty much hooked on it although I would say I'm reasonably well behaved and try to restrict myself if needed, but what can I say I love makeup and my blog is a keen hobby of mine and as long as I enjoy it I'll always want and need (need haha) makeup!

Primark Bags & Shoes #BEDM

I went to Primark on Tuesday to have a browse around as I haven't been in for a while and wanted to look for something for the weekend. I was after a new bag and also some new shoes as mine are looking worn out and I needed some new pieces to refresh my outfit. I found 2 bags and 2 sets of pumps that I liked so I ended up buying those and I'm looking forward to wearing those on Saturday night on a works night out. Both of the bags that I brought are clutch bags one black and one pink, the pink one has a silver chain attached so it can be made in to a shoulder bag.

Above is the pink clutch with silver detailing on the sides and on the lip of the envelop bag opening. This was the slightly more expensive bag of the 2 costing £6.00 an absolute bargain in my opinion and I'm super excited to use it at the weekend as I think I'll opt for this option to team with my outfit.

The second bag that I got was this black one with a silver zip opening and again in an envelop style. It has a snake skin style texture to the bag which I like and cost just £4.00 and although I like this one I just think that the pink one I picked up looks more expensive. This bag is great though because it won't show up any dirt or spillages, it's easy to clean if any drinks get knocked on to it or if I end up getting any makeup on to it as I tend to drop lipsticks and make a mess with them when I've had a few too many and usually the inside of my bags are covered in makeup so it is probably a good think that I don't go for expensive bags on nights out, I'd rather save them for the day time when I go on days out and about with my family, friends or Paul.

How cute are these? I love the bow detailing at the front with gold hardware on the tips of the ends of the bows. These cost me £6.00 and are flat style ballet pumps in a pink colour from the Atmosphere range, the main range at Primark. For a while now I've started wearing flat shoes to go out in just because I'll wear my heels at the start of the night and after about an hour I'll end up changing to my fold up pumps that I carry in my bag and have to carry my heels around with me all night. Flat shoes are great for eliminating any pain and they are so much more easier to dance around in, therefore resulting in a better more fun night out. The only concern that I have with these is that they might get dirty easy as I always seem to get my shoes in a state on a night out and they get dirty so often, I did go for a material I can clean though with a wet cloth rather than the suede material shoes I've had before and once they get dirty that is it for them time to go in the bin.

These are just some simple ballet pumps in the same colour as about a light pink colour again. They have the inside area cut out adding a little bit of something different to them and the texture much like the black handbag is snakeskin like. Again these are from the Atmosphere range and are going to be super comfortable when dancing the night away. Slightly cheaper at £5.00 as they don't have a great deal of detailing on them other than the side cut out and the texture. Over my next couple of nights out I'll be switching it up between the 2 bags and shoes, I'm really looking forward to using and wearing them and after writing this I'm feeling like another visit to Primark already...

Thank you for reading please don't forget to follow me over on Bloglovin' and I'll be blogging everyday throughout May as part of the #BEDM (Blog Everyday Day May hashtag) that I have decided to take part in.