To Rest or To Play?

Sorry for my lateness in this post but yesterday I felt so tired and just ended up crashing out in the end. I had all good intentions after work of working on some posts and being organised but after I'd had a Sunday night takeaway I just nodded off on the sofa, to be honest I haven't really been sleeping well these past three nights so maybe that has something to do with it as well (plus the clocks going forward never helps but lighter evenings are on there way so I don't mind)
Anyway back to the point in hand, first of all this is a little bit of a random post but just something that got me thinking last Sunday and the question is what is the purpose of Sundays anymore? 
The reason why I ask this is not because I don't see a point in us having a Sunday but what I'm trying to get to is how do you use your Sunday?

I remember years ago when I was young when a Sunday was a Sunday a proper day of rest. You had finished the working week and it was finally time to put your feet up and enjoy some family time with a roast dinner (that was my old Sunday anyway). Fast forward 10 years later and things have totally changed for everyone and a Sunday has become just another day, not a day of rest or relaxation but a hectic busy day, almost a pre-Monday. Yes I appreciate that we all have to work and that's part of our lives but even when people have a Sunday off we are all so busy still not ever truly relaxing and I guess this relates to any other day really. What I'm trying to say is when do we really get time to ourselves, honestly? I'm sure a lot of people can relate that when they do have a day off they usually fill it doing something, like me for example I had a day off last week and I must have spent two odd hours washing my cash and vacuuming it out (it really did need a clean though) and that's what made me think when do we rest and relax these days?

I just think it's good to take time for ourselves and our families and when you do have days off enjoy them the best you can. The world is becoming more disconnected through modern technology I think you would all agree and like me are probably guilty of it, so we need to spend as much time as possible with our family and friends and cherish them. We all lead busy lives and have jobs, jobs that we love might I add but we still need our own little time in the week whatever day that maybe. 

How do you feel about Sundays and your usual week in general? Are you always busy or have something to do? I must admit I'm terrible at relaxing and find it hard not to be doing something deemed as proactive, I find I get bored very easily so I'm always looking for a task or activity that my mind can focus on and something that I can accomplish.   

Again apologies for this late post but I hope you liked it, please leave me a comment I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Beauty Haul #5

It's Friday plus payday this can only mean one thing HAUL time. Not a massive haul but just some beauty items that I picked up from Primark and Asda today. 
Let me first say sorry if these pictures aren't that great, the lighting in my living room isn't the best but I really wanted to put this post up so you could see what I've been buying and also so I could start using it!   
So Primark is like the danger zone to all of us I'm sure you will agree? It's so darn cheap and easy to pick up things, you're there thinking "oh just a pound I'll buy that" and then before you know it you've spent £40!

I got two of the P.S Love Volume Boost Mascaras £1.00 each, one in black and the other in aubergine and a P.S Love Brow Kit £2.00 that consists of two powder base brow products and one cream base. I love the P.S Love range so I couldn't help but pick up some pieces and they are so cheap... happy days! I thought I'd just try the mascaras to see what they look like and I liked the idea of having one in another colour, I'm totally trying that out tomorrow for work! And my brow pencil is running low so I thought I'd get this cute little triple brow kit and it even comes with a mini brush applicator and tweezers how good is that and for £2.00 you can't really argue can you?

 Whilst in Asda I got these treats, Bourjois Paris Healthy Balance Unifying Powder in 52 vanille £8.96, L'Oreal Infallible stay fresh foundation 24H in 015 porcelaine £9.98, Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick 660 In Love With Ginger £6.48, and George the Tamer 2 in 1 lash definer & brow tamer£2.00. I'm struggling to find all the links for these products but you can find Asda Cosmetics by using this link.
I'm super excited about using my new Rimmel lipstick and have been after the perfect tomato soup lippy for a while. As with my concealer the time is coming to an end for my foundation of choice at the moment my faithful Charlotte Tilbury and although I have others stashed away in my beauty draws I always have room for a new additional one so thought I'd try out the new L'Oreal Infallible and see what that's like. The powder that I've been using has gone all yuk, I think this has been due to me using the sponge applicator that came with it rather than a make-up brush, the powder has become wet like and goes all clumpy and sometimes this transfers on to my face (not a great look). I don't really know why I brought the Tamer from George I just thought hey why not, I like the idea of having it handy and although I don't have unruly eyebrows I think this would make what I do have look more polished and controlled, plus I kinda like the packaging, pretty tiger-esk! RAWR! 

I did get some P.S Love Face Masks that I'm going to review separately and I'm not sure if these are new but I've never seen them before so I'm looking forward to trying these out and letting you know if they're any good, only 90p WOW! Hopefully I'll have the review up by mid-week for you all. 

What payday purchases have you made? As I mentioned on Sunday I'll be having my Sweekend posts as always aka Sunday Weekend and this week I'll be looking at whether Sunday is a day of rest or play/ work. I also have my March empties coming up for you soon and I've made a conscious effort to use things up this month and keep the empty products.

Some Recent Purchases, Love or Not??

I've made a few beauty related purchases recently but some have stood out to me more than others, some for good reasons and some for bad reasons on the other hand. Today I thought I'd talk about three products in particular and let you know what I think about them and whether they're worth you spending your hard earned cash on. 

Herbal Essences Uplifting Volume Dry Shampoo £1.74 currently on rollback. This is new to the Herbal Essence range and I brought this actually because it was cheaper than my usual Batiste. This is the uplifting volume dry shampoo with a citrus fragrance and says it provides a 1st clean feel. I was super excited about using this as its a new product and something different from my normal purchase... plus cheaper. Ah I was so disappointed, I felt more like it was a hairspray unlike a dry shampoo, I put some in my hair to set throughout the night like I do with my Batiste and then the following morning when I brushed my hair it was super tangled to the point it was seriously hurting (welcome back my childhood of knotted hair). I've used it a few times pre hair straightening and even when my hair is separated ready to be straightened and I spray it I still find it tangles up and hurts when I brush it. I really wanted to like this and was totally set on it being my new to go to dry shampoo but unfortunately it looks like I'll be going back to my faithful Batiste (or not unfortunately as I do love my Batiste Dry Shampoo).

 L'Oreal Superliner Perfect Slim Black Intense £6.99 I have a love/ hate relationship with liners and I don't know why I just never seem to be able to get the hang of them for some reason. Every now and again though I decide to pick one up because somewhere in my mind I think today will be the day I become fabulous at wing liner and look super glamorous, haha still awaiting that day. Back on to the product in question, for starters what a great price really I think £6.99 for a L'Oreal eyeliner is great and a budget bargain. I've been trying this out and I think its just me being super poor at applying liner however I really like this, its a bold black colour and applies really well (well I should imagine so if you're half decent at applying it unlike myself) note to self much watch tutorials on how to perfect my eyelining skills. I'm going to stick with this one going forward though because I think it could be great for me in the future, perfect for nights out to give my eyes more of an evening look and even in the daytime as at the moment I don't have any definition or spark would you say about my eye make-up and I'm getting a little bored of it, even with all the eye shadows in the world a liner always makes you look and feel more polished and confident in some ways I think, don't you agree? The liner is pretty much smudge proof and stays on your eyes incredibly well, I'd definitely recommend.

 My last mini review of this post is the Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer £7.99, in shade 51 Eclat Clair. I'm always on the search for the perfect concealer as I'm always paranoid about my dark circles under my eyes and concealer gathering under my eyes, bleh not a great look I'm sure you'll agree. I've heard a lot of good things about this product in the beauty blogging world and was looking for a new concealer to try as my usual purchases are now running low so I thought why not try something new (plus if I decide I don't like it I still have my essentials available on back up for emergencies). I've been trying this throughout the week at work and on one of my shifts I start at 07:00 and finished at 15:00 but don't usually get home until around 16:00, and throughout the day the concealer really holds up well. I would like slightly more coverage but like I said I'm really paranoid about my under eyes and although I want my dark circles to be covered I don't want to cake it on. I'm impressed with how it doesn't crease and it lasts well throughout the day without any additional touch ups. This is without a doubt my most favourite product out of the three and has become part of my daily make-up routine replacing my other old previous concealers.

Comic Con Birmingham 2015 #1

For Valentines Day I brought Paul tickets to Comic Con and we headed of there on Saturday, needless to say we were both excited about going. It was held at the NEC Birmingham around 20 minutes away from us and we got a lift from one of our friends so happy days. When we got there we didn't really know what to expect as this was our first MCM Comic Con experiance but we didn't leave disappointed. First of all let me just point out that we decided not to dress up, as I said this was our first time at Comic Con so we thought we'd just wear normal clothes not fancy dress. I choose to wear my Batman printed jumper which you can see on Instagram if you follow me over at kirsty12325, New Look jeans and my Batman & Robin Converse, to keep in with the Comic Con theme of course. There were so many people in great outfits there, including my personal favourite that I managed to snap a picture of Groot & Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy, how great do they look?!

The majority of the day we did spend looking around all the stalls inside the hall and we may have picked up some merchandise... We just couldn't help ourselves! (including some American candy) 
As well as the stores (Dealer Stalls) there was Robot Wars Live, Comic Village, MCM Main Stage, Glamour Zone, Special Guests, MCM eSports and Cosplay & Masquerade.
(Bumblebee from Transformers)
(Police Car from Transformers)
(Harry Potter merchandise)

I could add in so many photos for the day but I'll save them for my Instagram. The next Birmingham Comic Com is in November and we are thinking about going again and dressing up this time, we'll probably take some extra clothes as I can imagine that it gets super hot walking around all day for 6 hours in a full on costume. I would definitely recommend Comic Con to anybody who loves this kind of thing aka comic books, superheros (Marvel & DC), old school toys etc etc... You'll have a blast! I think if we'd of had more money to spare we would of brought so much more memorabilia, something that we are on the look out for is a canvas for our living room, but we have seen some amazing pictures in B&Q that we may get or we might just create our own. We did splurge out a little on some Pop Bobbleheads and we've pretty much completed our Guardians of the Galaxy collection, I managed to pick up number 01 Batman, yes exciting and we also got the Joker 06, now its time to start collecting the Batman collection me thinks, they are so addictive and so collectible.

Payday Selfridges Wish List

As we are coming painfully near to payday (one week to go) I thought I would share with you a wish list of some of the items that I've been lusting after in Selfridges. 
It isn't very often that I get to go and browse the beauty counters at Selfridges only on the odd occasion usually when I'm attending blogger events in the city of Birmingham. I'm hoping now that I live a little closer to Birmingham I might be able to venture over there a little more in the future if only for a browse (yeah right I hear you say)...
I've included a couple of Charlotte Tilbury pallets in to my wish list because it is quickly becoming my favourite brand and yet I don't own any of the palettes which I'm told are to absolutely die for they are that gorgeous the top one is the colour-coded eyeshadow palette and the bottom is The Fallen Angel luxury eyeshadow palette. 
I've been wanting the Viktor Rolf perfume fragrance for forever but still haven't managed to get my hands on it. It just seems to always be a lot more on the expensive side compared to other perfumes and I think this is why I shy away from purchasing it, maybe someone will be so kind as to get it for my Birthday... I can wish (wish list)! 
Of course we have some lip products in there, NARS Audacious Lipstick, NARS Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil and Tom Ford Lip Color Violets To Orchids, I have yet to try anything from Tom Ford and I desperately want to, it all looks so lovely and glamorous and I need it in my life. 
Then two powders/ blushers the Laura Mercier Illuminating Powder and a MAC Mineraliser Blush, yes like I need anymore blushes in my life, really you can never have to many.
Selfridges Wish List

Laura Mercier face powder

Tom ford lipstick

Mac cosmetic

NARS Cosmetics lips makeup

All the links for the products are included in this post (inc prices), I hope you enjoyed this post and it can give us something to look forward to with payday coming up (why not treat yourself!?)


10 Things About Me

I thought today I'd do something a little different. I always seem to be writing about products or doing hauls but sometimes it's just nice to write about yourself without being big headed, what I mean is it's nice to give your readers a little insight to you. 

Here are 10 things that you may or may not know about me, I may have mentioned some of these things in previous posts but I'll try not to repeat myself.

 1. My favourite makeup brand is Charlotte Tilbury and until last year when I attended a Selfridges event I had never heard of this wonderful lady but since then I've been hooked. I even purchased the infamous Charlotte's Magic Cream which I'm obsessed with and it lasts for ages (yes I'm trying to justify spending that amount of money) just don't tell my boyfriend...

2. I'm a Disney ADDICT, this is my guilty pleasure I suppose you would say. I'm a 27 year old that loves Disney, not that I think there is anything wrong with that at all. My favourite Disney films are Frozen, Monsters Inc, Cinderella and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. I've been to Disney World Orlando Florida three times and twice to Disneyland Paris and I'm trying to convince my boyfriend that we need to go one or the other this year, so far my plan isn't working.

3. My favourite colour is green, it reminds me of grass

4. My blog is over 1 year old! I started my blog last year in January when I was off ill for a week or so from work. Laying in bed all day I got pretty darn bored of being sick so I would mess around on my laptop and watch beauty videos on YouTube then I decided to write a blog as it was something I'd wanted to do for a very long time so yeah that's what I did and although at times I do find it difficult to post on a regular basis I'm really trying to make a conscious effort as it's something that I really enjoy doing and has brought with it lots of great opportunities. 

5. My star sign is Gemini, the twins 

6. I'm a keen traveler, I love going away and discovering new places, sometimes I visit them twice if I really like them... maybe even three times :)! There are still so many places that I want to visit around the world including Canada, New Zealand and various places in the USA (my absolute most favourite place in the world). 

7. I've been friends with my best friend for around 20 odd years

8. I'm an organisational freak, I really like being organised and tidy, sometimes it doesn't always work but I try. 

9. Dogs rule, they are my favourite animal and my favourite breed is the Doberman.

10. My all time favourite boy band is Blue! I've seen them three times in total and I still love them. 

Tell me something about you, I'd love to hear from you so leave me a message below.

Feeling Confident

This week I've been feeling a little low in confidence and I have to say this is something that I never thought I'd actually admit to or talk about that's for sure. I've realise though that there's actually nothing wrong with talking about this or how you feel because if you don't how will you ever resolve an issue and move forward the answer is you probably won't. 
Over this weekend I've started doing some soul searching I guess you might call it and looked at what things make me a less confident person and what I can do to combat this in the future. 
Now I just need to point out in my familiar surroundings I'm a massively confident person but it all seems to go wrong when I step outside my comfort zone and I just become a bag of nerves even if sometimes I don't even realise it. 

Going forward I've decided to focus on some specific areas that I feel will boost my confidence and help me in my future.

1. Be more positive! Now this might seem like the obvious solution but sometimes I think we all forget to thing positive. One of the key things to being positive is reminding yourself that you can do this, you will do this and you'll do it well. We're all quick to put ourselves down because then I guess we feel we don't have anything to prove to ourselves. This is in fact wrong we should be mentally bigging ourselves up in our minds and thinking positive thoughts because if we keep knocking ourselves down we'll expect nothing more and we'll never achieve what we have set out to. 

2. Stop taking everything to heart... Easier said than done, this is a real thing for me and I find it hard to accept feedback and act on it then move on. I'm a dweller and I'll think about things for hours even days just analysing it in my mind over and over again. Do I get anything out of this? The answer is no and although feedback can be harsh most of the time as long as it is constructive it can actually benefit you because it's usually something that you don't see in yourself that you can improve on. I really need to focus on receiving feedback and acting upon it rather than the opposite of dwelling. I've decided to combat this by asking more people for feedback about me and then asking them what they think I can do to improve on this. So rather than go away with a bad taste in my mouth and sit wondering what they meant for hours on end I'll get the person to explain then help me to improve on this. 

3. Stepping out of my comfort zone more often. As I mentioned above I feel 100% confident when I'm in my safe/ reliable, zone/ place. To build me up more I need to start coming out of my comfort zone and pushing the boundaries. In away I guess this post is a step forward in itself as this is something I would of never of thought of doing. On a daily basis I need to push the boundaries more and stretch myself whether that might be with a blog post totally off topic for me or trying something new at work and I realise that everybody isn't always going to like what I do or say but it's about learning from these mistakes and growing more as an individual (it's all about bouncing back), you can't after all play it safe all your life can you? 

4. Accept compliments from others. WOW yes this is a difficult one for me. If people ever say I've done a good job or I'm good at something I always try to fob them off I just can't accept a compliment. If anybody does give me a compliment 9 times out of 10 I'll follow it up by saying oh you helped or I couldn't do it without you and sometimes nobody else has even been involved in the work I've done. I just need to accept a compliment, enjoy it and then carry on.

5. Realising my own strengths and weaknesses, to do this I've decided to write a list like SWOT analysis. Usually I have a lot of things going on in my head but I think it's important to write things down in the moment so you can focus on them more later. This SWOT analysis will be a bit of a brain dump and throughout the next couple of days I'll write down what I feel my strength and weaknesses are and how I feel these could create opportunities or could result in being treats. After two days I'm going to look over these and review them, if I don't think what I wrote down is relevant I'll cross it off then I'll work on the remaining things left that I think apply mostly to me. I'll focus on improving my weaknesses, building more on my strengths, creating opportunities and try to reduce threats. 

Are you a confident person? Do you have any advice that you could give me for the future? Please leave me a comment and let me know I'd love to hear from you.

Makeup Revolution Haul

I'm a little late to the Makeup Revolution party but I finally ordered some pieces online earlier on in the week.
I'd heard so many great things about this brand in the blogosphere that I knew I had to get on board and try some of these products out. 
Today I thought I'd bring you a haul of what I ordered online as I'm just so excited about it all, the packaging is great for such a budget beauty brand and the products look so good that I can't wait to get trying them out.
Salvation Palette Girl Panic £6.00, Salvation Palette Dia De Los Muertos £6.00
I Heart Makeup Blushing Hearts, Bursting with love, 3 blush trio £4.99, Lip Lava Tremor £2.99, top of photo #Liphug I am ready! £2.50, bottom of photo #Liphug Still missing my baby £2.99
Blush Palette All About Pink £6.00 top left and All About Cream £6.00
#Liphug Still missing my baby bottom, #Liphug I am ready! middle and top Lip Lava Tremor
 I Heart Makeup Blushing Hearts Bursting with love
All About Pink Blush Palette, from left to right top 4 then bottom 4
All About Cream top four
 All About Cream bottom four
Girl Panic top six including from left to right Panic On The Street, By Invitation, Going On To Somewhere, I Am Beaten, Voices In My Head and City Trap
Girl Panic middle six from left to right Girlfriend, Chelsea Mayhem, Random, Going Nowhere, Get Closer and Demolition
Girl Panic bottom six from left to right Going Under, Let It Happen, Naked Through, Hypnotic, Mesmerised and Clever Woods
Dia De Los Muertos top six from left to right Love Life, laugh more, Redemption Is Near, Get Busy Living, Affirmation, Get Out There
Dia De Los Muertos middle six from left to right Live Life, Smile, Salvation Is Inside, Or Get Busy Dying, Celebrate Life and Turn The Tv Off
Dia De Los Meurtos bottom six from left to right Theres No Time To Waste, There Is Always A Way Back, Comeback Queen, Go And Get The World, Live With Passion and Be You

You couldn't really see Theres No Time To Waste on the swatches so I did this for you so you can see it better.
Theres No Time To Waste

I hope you have enjoyed this post and all the swatches included, have you tried any Makeup Revolution products? Please leave me a comment and let me know I'd love to hear from you and your suggestions of any other products from this brand I should try out.

Giveaway **CLOSED**

I love doing giveaways so I thought I'd do another one as the last one proved to be so popular with you all. 

What you can win?!

Colour Couture x6 cream shadows top row
x6 dust shadows bottom row
(see picture below)

Terms & Conditions

**For UK readers only

**The winner must be able to provide a valid UK address

**Enter through the Rafflecopter link

**The closing date is Saturday 11th April 2015 

**Please be aware that of you are a company your entry unfortunately will not count

I hope you like this giveaway is there anything you'd like to see for a giveaway in the future? 

Thank You,

Homeware Haul

Homeware has become my new obsession... I think I've swapped New Look, Top Shop and Miss Selfridges for B&M, The Range, Asda Home and Wilkos.
Over the past four weeks I've become so excited about homeware, I mean you can never have enough candles or cushions can you really? 
All of the items featured in today's post I have picked up in the last month or so, so they should still be available either online or in-store for you to get your hands on. 

Cockerel Tray £5, this is in my kitchen with the tumbler glasses on that I brought from Asda and my squash so it looks inviting to my guests and they feel as though they can just help themselves. I love this tray and my mum actually brought it for me, I said I really wanted it but couldn't justify spending £5 on a tray, which I realise is not a lot of money but at the time it felt like it was for something so minimal. But my mum treated me and I'm glad she did, plus I think if she hadn't of got it for me I would of gone back at some point and brought it. I'm really liking these side surface trays at the moment, Asda have some really nice ones but Ikea do as well and I've been tempted but to be honest I don't really have the surface space for any more.

 Me and Paul have a love for dogs and since we can't have our own I got us this Pugs Duvet £12 for the double from Asda, told you I have become obsessed. I got this when I was on my own I think one night after work and Paul really liked it surprisingly, I thought there may be a part of him that would hate it but he liked it. I'm sure this duvet isn't to everyone's taste but we really like it and nothing cheers me up more in the morning than seeing all the pugs cheeky faces, our own little bit of dog happiness.  

 I promised myself that I wouldn't start buying lots of cushions, well that all went wrong, I picked up one then it escalated to six on a two seater... I know, I know! One of the ones that I picked up was the Patchwork Home Boudoir Cushion 30% to £8.39. Dunelm Mill has lots of great cushions available and a really wide selection to choose from ranging from different prices. I would definitely recommend you look here if you are looking to spruce up your sofa or even your bed with cushions.
(All above cushions available from Dunelm Mill)

A place that you may not have considered that does some cute little keepsakes is Card Factory, I got this "home" sign for my living room and I don't think it is available anymore as I can't seem to find it online but they do have some other pieces in the homeware section online and they are great value. Something similar that is available at the moment is this 'Live and Love' Wooden Love Sign £3.99.

 This is pretty funny as I write about this as I got a set of birds sitting together and the title is Wedding Lovebirds £2.79, I totally didn't realise this until right this second, but oh well. I have these perched in my window and think they are so cute I like the place them near a vase of flowers it adds the loving touch to the room, better not mention the name...

If you've made any new homeware purchases recently please let me know I'd love to hear about them.

Crufts 2015

On Saturday I went to Crufts with Paul :), he got me the tickets for Christmas and I've been looking forward to it ever since.

We went the the terriers and hounds days and it was so busy, mainly because it was the weekend I suspect and everyone who worked in the week had planned to go on the Saturday.
We arrived at the NEC at about 10:45, we'd planned to go earlier (well I had) but that never quite works out with us two. It only took about 20 minutes to get there and we weren't in any rush to get out so realistically we got there at a decent time. 
Once we parked up we headed towards the NEC which I've been to a million times so am familiar with, we headed inside and picked up a guide, memorabilia/ program guide what ever you will call it.
I'd already told Paul about the Discover Dogs area of the hall as this was my third time visiting Crufts and that section has always been my favourite. It gives you chance to go and look at all the different dog breeds and you can talk to their owners and find out if they are the dog for you. 
We spent most of the day around here apart from stopping to get a Subway and later I may have had a choc and nut topped waffle but hey who cares...?

We had a little look around the stalls but unfortunately they weren't of any interest to me this year as I lost my dog last year so didn't have anyone to spoil with all the gifts. I did pick up a satchel and a purse with dogs on, or course I did, it was £20 for the both so I thought why not and I needed something to remember the day with.

We finished the day at around half 5ish so needless to say we felt very tired, I may have fallen asleep on the sofa when I got home and miss Saturday Night Takeaway gutted, but woke up just in time for Take Me Out well some of it anyway. 
I'm hoping to go back to Crufts again next year and my mum said she wants to come again next year, she didn't really feel like it this year which I understand.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and the pictures included I'm trying to blog about all of the places that I visit in the future, well apart from the norm, going forward I may look in to restaurant/ food reviews as this is something that I would love to do in the future.