**Body Jewellery Shop. com, Ear Piercing Jewellery

I was lucky enough to receive some earrings from the Body Jewellery Shop.com over a week ago in the post. 

The Body Jewellery & Fashion Accessory Superstore Body Jewellery Shop sent me some Dice Dark Blue studs and Jewelled Square Clear studs. 

The Body Jewellery Shop has a great range of different piercing products to chose from including Ear Piercing, Barbells, Nose Studs, Ear Stretching Jewellery and lots more. 

The two pairs of earrings that I received are very well reasonable priced with them both costing as little as £1.99 each can you believe.

I chose two sets of studs to try out from the Body Jewellery shop the Dice Dark Blue Earrings and the Jewelled Square Clear Earrings 

I chose these two different products as the dice earrings are really fun and something that you would wear for casual occasions or at the weekend like myself right now, however the clear studs are a lot more classic and subtle so a pair that I would wear for work or for an evening out.      

I have also been browsing the website for some potential up and coming purchases that I may make, I really like the Jewelled Square Pink Earrings £1.99, these are just a pink version of the earrings I received and I love them. Another pair of earrings that I would like to add to my collection are the Stainless Steel Star Earrings, I'm a massive fan of star themed items so these would be perfect for me.

**These items have kindly been given to me by the Body Jewellery Shop all reviews are honest and my own. 

I would just like to apologies for the lack of posts as of late, I don't have internet access at the moment however I should within the next couple of weeks or so, then I'll be back to full blogging mode, yay! 

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have enjoyed this post, I would just like to say a big congratulations to Gemma who won my Massive Giveaway and thank you to everyone that entered for their support.

The Body Shop Detox Party

On Sunday after work I headed over to Birmingham for The Body Shop Detox Party.
Now I had been in two minds whether to go as I'd just finished work, but since I'd taken a change of clothes with me and got changed at work I decided once I'd dropped my boyfriend off that I'd just get on the train and go as I was off the following day anyway. 

I arrived in to Birmingham New Street station slightly earlier than anticipated but hey I was there so I thought why not have a little browse around prior to the event. I popped in to Lush and Selfridges but didn't pick anything up, I was more window shopping than anything to waste some time. 

It came to about 17:00 and I still had another half an hour to kill before the event, just to my luck these is a Five Guys pretty much straight across from The Body Shop in the BullRing and it was open until late despite it being a Sunday...yes! 
I'd never actually been to Five Guys yet I've heard so many good things about it so although I was flying solo I though why not go and try it out after all I'm not one for being fussed about doing things on my own. I went in and order and hamburger, it was a double one, for my toppings I had onions, mushrooms and jalapenos, there are a selection of 15 toppings and you can have as many of them as you like on your burger. I opted for a little fries and a drink to go with it, I absolutely loved the drinks selection and they had my favourite Diet Dr Pepper, for some reason I can't help but fall in love with a place if they have Diet Dr Pepper.

I have to say people aren't wrong about this place it is amazing and if I had one locally to me I think I would probably live in there, the total cost for the meal was £12.00, a little more expensive than what I would usually pay for a burger meal but it was a treat as I'd been waiting to try out this place for ages. I would definitely return in the future and I did want to take my boyfriend but he is allergic to peanuts and the fries are cooked in peanut oil so maybe he could have just a burger or a hot dog.

After eating at Five Guys I felt so full but managed to carry myself over to The Body Shop. 
The night was so relaxed, I particularly liked it because there weren't masses of people there so it felt more personal, unlike other events that I've attended in the past. I met a lovely lady there called Jess who organises Body Shop parties and she looked after me all night trying out different products on me. I had facials, hand massages and even a preview of the new Poppy make-up range. 
 When the event came to an end I made some little purchases of my own and we received 40% off, we also got some mini samples to take home with us of some of the new products in store.
Keep a look out to see what I purchased at The Body Shop Detox event in my next post.

 Big thank you to The Body Shop Birmingham in the BullRing, this was my first event of the year so far and I really enjoyed it, plus I got to see some beauty blogger faces that I recognised again which is always nice.