My Top 5 Blushes

As always it's been a manic crazy week, haha I think I must start every post off like this, my apologies if I do.

I've decided I wanted to dedicate a post solely to one of my favourite beauty products which is blush, yes that's right blusher. I absolutely love a good blusher and it always seems to be a product that no matter how many I accumulate I always go back for more, I can't seem to have too many.  

I usually opt for a bright red or a pink as I have very pale skin, I don't tan or use fake tan ever as I just don't think it suits me at all. My go to's are always a bright blush and a red red red lipstick, I think before I really got in to beauty I would probably of just put blush on my face and thought that was enough, anybody else...? Nope just me then. 

I didn't include my MAC Dolly Mix Powder blush as I always talk about it, but if you would like to read more check out my FOTW post.

I'll work from left to right to make it easier, first of all can we just appreciate the loveliness of those gems above... Mmmmmmmmm

Chanel had to be in this post didn't it? I wouldn't say that I own a mass amount of high end beauty products as most of my purchases are done on the high street mainly but I made an impulse purchase in this gorgeous Chanel Joues Contraste 64 Pink Explosion powder blush available from Debenhams for £31.00, it actually says it's a limited edition which I didn't realise I just brought it because I thought wow I need that in my life. I love the little cute brush you get with it as well and inside the compact you get a mirror to help you apply the product. I adore the Chanel packaging it is so sophisticated and lady like, which doesn't represent me at all but we can all pretend every now and again can't we? This blush really appealed to me as it is a bright pink which I always seem to go for in cheek products but it also has a hint of sparkle in it. I wouldn't use this on a day to day basis as for me it is a more expensive product that I would save for a night out or a special occasion. 

MUA, yes the wonderful world of MUA, this is the **Lolly blusher which only cost £1 yes a £1. I can't believe that we can pick up such great quality products these days for such a cheap price it really is exciting for us beauty enthusiasts. I actually received this in a beauty goodie bag when I attend a meet up last year in Birmingham, it's so nice that companies are joining up to work with use beauty bloggers at our events and in return we promote their products. This is something different for me as it's more of a paler red blush, I think it helps me mix it up a little without totally diverting from my love of pink blushes so I still feel safe wearing it. 

Next we have a shimmer blush the W7 Silky Blush in Angel, this is available from xtras for £2.99, I tried to find it on the W7 website but with no luck. Although going on that website was a bad ideas because do they have some good stuff at the moment, I want it all now... I really like this blush as its pink and super shimmery, sometimes I like to use this and mix it with my beautyuk blush just to add more sparkle to my cheeks, yes sometimes I do go overboard with the blush I have to admit but it is my favourite after all and like I said I'm almost certain I used to wear it just on its own in my younger years, I think its probably my desert island product. 

Another budget beauty brand is beautyukcosmetics and this is **no.2 isla rose just £2.99, as you can see I'm return back to my usual preferred shade here and this is something that I would wear on a daily basis. It maybe on the bright side for some people as it is very very pink but I think it compliments my pale skin well. I like the concept of the product as well with the simple packaging and the blush & brush idea as it isn't often that you get a brush included with budget beauty blushes so bonus points for that. It has a light hint of shimmer in it which is nice but casual enough to wear in the day time for work or on your days off. Again I received this at a beauty blogger meet up, I always love getting new blushes or lipsticks the most in goodie bags at events as it's a great way to experiment with products that you maybe wouldn't normally purchase yourself.

Last but not least there had to be a Benefit blush in there somewhere, I chose sugarbomb £23.50, a more higher end blush but I really like this one as it has four different shades in which you can swirl your brush around in and it comes with a little mirror inside the box and a cute brush to apply it with. Unlike a lot of my other blushes in my collection this one is one of the most subtle and not so overbearing as the others, what with all the bright pinks that I have popping off my cheeks on a daily basis. This is more of a casual brush for me and something that I would probably wear on a nice relaxing day in the summertime. I do have to say I'm a massive fan of the Benefit blushes and looking to expand my collection soon, I've got my eye on all of them but one in particular has to be rockareur I need it in my collection it is pure beauty.
From left to right we have Chanel, MUA, W7, beautyuk and benefit

I hope you liked this post please let me know as I am thinking about doing a lipstick one, maybe I'll do a top ten but condense the writing down on that and keep it mainly photo focused, good idea? 

Thank you for reading as always, leave me a comment and let me know what your favourite blush is or your can't live without product.

Bed Head Small Talk

I hadn't used any Bed Head products for year until I received this as a Christmas gift last year, when I say last year I mean a few weeks ago all the way back to 2014.
I used to love stocking up on TIGI Bed Head products when I went to the Clothes Show in December every year but since I haven't been for the past couple of years this means that I haven't brought nay products, although I believe they do sell them relatively cheap at House of Fraser in town.

 For Christmas I got the Small Talk 3-in-1 Thickifier, Energizer, Stylizer available for £4.36 from Feel Unique, the whole purpose behind this product is to add body and volume to your hair. 
It adds shine and controls frizz and brings life to limp hair. 

I've started using this after I wash my hair every couple of days, the pump on mine is broke unfortunately or I just can't use it properly so I've been unscrewing it and pouring a little bit on to my hand then massaging it in to my hair. 

Honestly I don't think that this has necessarily given any extra volume to my hair as I do have rather full thick hair anyway. On the plus side I do absolutely love the smell of the product and from what I remember Bed Head products have always smelt great. I struggle with my hair being fizzy after I wash it and even after I have blow dried and straightened it I can go outside and it will be a big fizzy mess, but this product really does reduce the frizz factor so I would use it just for that. 

I'm lusting after some other Bed Head products at the moment and Feel Unique has it all, a MUST to try on my list is the Blow-Out Golden Illuminating Shine Cream £14.92, this product tames your hair and also gives it a shine, I'm very conscious of my hair looking dull so I like to try products that give it shine and keep it looking great. 

If I pick up anymore Bed Head products I will let you know, do you have any favourite products from this brand that you use religiously?

The Bee Good Brand

Now some of you out there may not have heard of the Bee Good brand yet, although you really should have, it's becoming one of my favourite brands and it isn't just for the great products that it offers it's also the story behind the brand that really draws me in.

 The whole story around the Bee Good Skincare range is that they support our British Bees, inside the products you'll find natural ingredients like British honey, propolis and beeswax. 
No bees are ever harmed and the products are never tested in animals of any kind. 
You can find out more about the brand over at 
One thing that I absolutely love about this brad is that inside your packaging you will receive a note printed on special paper, if you tear it up and plant it in your garden it will eventually grow in to wild flowers and produce nectar for the bees in your garden. 

I was lucky enough to receive some products from the Bee Good range to try out and review for you.

**Honey Wild Mint 3 in 1 Cleansing Water 10.00, you also get a free cream cleanser at the moment when you spend £10.00. I've been using this product every single day since I received it through the post, it has a light sent to it but nothing overpowering. I like to use it to remove any left over make-up that is still intact by the end of the working day. It's nice just to have that fresh face feeling after a long hard day at work and this product really provides this. It's gentle on the skin and it leaves my face feeling fresh and ready, always nice to use before you got to bed or as soon as you get up in the morning to give you that little extra boost you need.

 A particular item that is always a Winter essential is lip balm, well it certainly is for me that's for sure. My lips are very dry at the moment so they need all the hydration they can get. I usually like to slather a hefty load of lip balm on before I go to bed at night, I don't know why but I always like to apply as much as possible before I got to sleep, probably because I'm not tempted to lick it all off, especially if it taste really yummy. I've got the **Vanilla & Honey Lip Balm £4.75 from the Bee Good range to help smooth and condition my lips, they are getting better but I just need to keep remembering to apply my lip balm on more of a regular basis.

 The last product I have from the range is the **Honey & Crambe Daily Hand Cream £9.00, I have so many hand creams in my draws that I'm literally working my way through them all. I wouldn't say that I regularly moisturiser my hands although I should but I just forget. I also carry a hand cream around with me though and this is going to be in my bag so I've got it to hand whenever I need at, usually I use it after I've washed my hands or if my hands are feeling rather dry at work. I love the feel of hand cream just going on, it makes your hands feel lovely and smooth and keeps them hydrated, I should really use more I know.

Please head on over to the Bee Good website and have a little browse at the products that they have to offer, if you've ever tried anything from the brad I'd love to know what you think about it?

Thank you for reading and I hope you have enjoyed this post, special thanks to Bee Good for providing me with some lovely products.


Last week I visited Bristol on a course for work, I went from Tuesday- Friday, I tried to take the minimal and thought I would do a Face of the Week to show you what I took along with me.
I enjoyed the course and I'm returning in March to complete a presentation in regards to what I have implemented at work and if I'm seeing results. 
I didn't venture any further than the hotel most days although on the first night we took a trip over to the shopping centre so that one of my colleagues to purchase a phone charger. 
They had winter wonderland still set up at the shopping centre and it looked so lovely, they even had an ice rink that look great and as much as I wanted to try it, it was too chilly for that, I even spotted some people in just tshirts, far to cold for that kind of thing.

 One of the favourite things in my collection is without a doubt Charlotte's Magic Cream £70.00, yes I realise this is a little expensive however it is something that I use every single day. I still have half a pot left and I must have purchased it a while ago, around four months ago... It really keeps me feeling moisturised and I feel like it was a great purchase although a large one. I think it's good to splash out sometimes and this was the one time for me. 

When I brought the Magic Cream I made some other purchases from the Charlotte Tilbury range, these have become key pieces in my everyday routine, the next item from the range that I use on a daily basis is the Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow Primer £38.50, this has got to be one of my favourite products period. I love using this and it gives me a slight shimmer in the mornings which gets me through the day, or I like to think it does.

My foundation of choice throughout the week was Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder £32.00 shade 1 fair, this actually replaced my Revlon ColorStay can you believe?! I've used this foundation constantly since I brought it so I've decided over the next week I'm going to try something different, not that I don't think it's perfect I just need a change and to mix it up a little like the rest of my make-up bag it's getting a little repetitive. 

A couple of weeks ago I thought I'd lost my Charlotte Tilbury concealer so I looked through my collection and found out the Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer £7.99 shade light, this was the concealer I'd been using before so didn't really mind reverting back to it again. I really like the sponge idea on the concealer, something different from the standard brush end that you usually get with these products. I did find my Charlotte Tilbury concealer but still haven't gone back to it yet. I think I'll carry on for a little while with the Maybelline option as I'm enjoying using it, it lasts throughout the day keeping my under eye refreshed and hiding those grey bags under my eyes that are hideous, I do have to reapply on the nose throughout the day due oiliness, I think I just have oil around the nose as I seem to have good control on the rest of my face and don't necessarily need to apply for the rest of the day in those areas. 

For a power at the moment I'm using Maybelline Matte Maker Mattifying Powder £3.99 shade light. A great all day powder, again it's the same with concealer I do have to powder around my nose area throughout the day, I think my make-up just rubs off somehow during the day and I'm left with a patchy nose.

I'm using a MAC blush I got last year and I actually purchased this from a fellow beauty blogger Dollymix Powder Blush £18.00, this is one of my favourite blushes in my collection and I'd have to say out of everything blushes are my favourite make-up item so it's a pretty big deal really. The pink colour suits my pale fair skin so well and adds a pop of pure candy pink. 

For my brows as always I took along the L'Oreal Paris Super Liner Brown Artist in brunette £5.49, I use this product everyday so there was never any way I would be without it for a week. I have to say I've not really delved in to using any other eyebrow pencils, do you have any recommendations? 

Another L'Oreal product that I took along with me was the Volume Million Lashes £10.99 in extra black, a friend actually got me this for Christmas and I've fallen in love with it. It glides on well and leaves no clumps on you lashes what so ever. It really defines the lashes and brings a great pop to the eyes. I think this is brilliant for my lashes as half the time people can't even tell that I'm wearing mascara so I need something that defines them and makes them really stand out more.

In a nutshell these were my basics for the week, I couldn't stray from them as it's all I had with me, although I seem to have packed far to many clothes, I wasn't to sure as it said smart casual for the majority of the days ans then business dress on the last day so I just threw everything in my case just to be on the safe side. 

I hope you you enjoyed this post and thank you for all your support with my giveaway it is going great, keep entering and good luck!

Massive Give Away **CLOSED**

To welcome the New Year in style I have decided to do a giveaway for my followers.

Over the last week or so I have decided I really need to start being more dedicated to my blog, throughout 2014 it was a little hit and miss but I feel like this year I am going to get back on track and really make an effort with my posts and to meet fellow beauty bloggers in the Midlands area and beyond. 

So to celebrate this I thought well why not do a giveaway? 
I recently did one when I returned from America but upon contact the winner I never received a reply and to be honest I didn't get a lot of response so I couldn't just chose somebody else as the winner unfortunately. Due to this I have decided to put these items back in to this giveaway for a lucky reader to win plus lots more.

So what do we have available to win? 

Wet n Wild megaprotein Mascara C137 Very Black
Wet n Wild Mega Rocks Glitter Nail Colour in 493C Slap the Bass
2 Wet n Wild Lipsticks (528C Pink Ice and 521A Fushsia with Blue Pearl)
3 Wet n Wild colouricon (336 Spoilt Brat and 380B Walking on Eggshells these are the trio pallets)
(5 shadow pallet 393A Floral Values)  

Made with Love gift set that includes Hand Cream 50ml, 4 Bath Roses and a Headband

Skinetica 70ml Anti-Blemish, Super Toner, Make Up Base, All in One

Nivea Soft 200ml Soft Moisturising Cream 

Colorsmash Hair Shadow 

Avon 500ml Soft Pink Bubble Bath 

L'Oreal Color Riche LeKhol 120 Immaculate Snow

Terms & Conditions

**For UK readers only

**The winner must be able to provide a valid UK address

**Enter through the Rafflecopter link

**The closing date is Friday 20th February 2015 

**Please be aware that of you are a company your entry unfortunately will not count

I will also pop in some other little goodies for the winner along with the main prizes.

Where Have I Been This Week?

You may have noticed my absence this week, well the last time I posted was four days ago...

Anyway, at the moment I'm currently in Bristol on a course through work.
I arrived around 9:00am on Tuesday morning and I'm off home tomorrow after lunch.
I've had such a great time, learning fresh ideas and meeting new people. 

Too much food has been consumed, however on the flip side this has meant that I haven'y ventured out and made any unnecessary purchases throughout the week, whatever they are! 
All purchases are necessary aren't they? 

I'm hoping to focus on some reviews over the weekend and I will also start working more on the event I am planning for Saturday 28th February, the Beauty Blogger Meet Birmingham 2015. 
I'm already looking forward to the day as I have some great things lined up! 

I've had the maximum amount of people sign up for the event as I have capped it at 20 as it is the first time I have ever organised something like this, if it goes well I'm hoping to do more, fingers crossed.

I hope you are all well and thank you for reading!

Welcome to 2015, Goodbye 2014...

I'm a little sad to say goodbye to 2014 as it was a really great year for me, although I'm really excited to say hello to 2015 with some great things already lined up... Amsterdam, Benidorm, Crufts, Jersey Boys and Olly Murs! 

A lot of great things happened in 2014 and although it started off not looking that great it turned around half way through the year.

So midway through the year I found myself a singleton again, I had planned to keep it that way as I thought you know I just want to be on my own for a while and do me... how wrong was I?
I already knew my boyfriend through work but we started to get to know each other more in June 2014 and then eventually in July we decided to give it a go at being a couple. 
Although it's been such a short space of time that we got together it seems like much longer and we have already done so much together already, we even went on holiday together to Fuerteventura. 

Work wise, well I started off as the area administrator but I didn't necessarily feel like I was learning anything new... So I've gone back to my previous role as Reception Team Leader in a much bigger hotel. I can honestly say I'm so happy with my job and although at times I let myself get stressed I do love it. All of the people I work with keep my spirits high and there isn't a day that goes by when I don't laugh. I'm adamant that 2015 will be a successful year for us, all it takes is hard work and team work to make the dream work!
From top left to right: - Me, Harry Potter Studios TourOlaf at Disney's Hollywood StudiosLush Meet Up, Me and Paul and Fuerteventura 

As I mention previously I went to Fuerteventura with my boyfriend but I also went to Magaluf with my best friend for a week and then to America Orlando Florida with my mum for her 50th Birthday for two weeks. It was the first time that my mum had been to the States and my 3rd so I was actually more excited about her going and seeing it for herself. The holiday was brilliant and I'm sure within the next couple of years I'll be off there again. A highlight for me is always Halloween Horror Nights and last year was my second time to the event hosted by Universal Studios. It literally gets better every year and the costumes, actors and houses are out of this world, plus it scares the hell out of me...

2014 was the year that I started blogging, wow seems like a lot longer but it all came about when I was off work for a couple of weeks feeling terribly ill. I'd been watching a lot of beauty YouTube videos in particular Miss Budget Beauty and I really started to get in to beauty products and I think I just thought hey why not start a blog, it took me a while to finally put it all together but I'm so glad I did. Blogging has brought so much to me, I love meeting fellow bloggers and spending time with them. I've been to some amazing meets in both Birmingham and Coventry and I'm even considering doing my own this year.
Charlotte Tilbury, the beauty project at Selfridges, Lush Meet Up and finally Me again

So there you have it a little mini snapshot in to my 2014, it really has been a great year.
I'm ready for 2015 though and whatever it may bring, I hope everyone has a brilliant year and I wish you all the success in the world.

Body Shop Essentials

After going to a Body Shop meet at the beginning of December I really wanted to do a post on some of the items that I am loving at the moment...

I can't say as though I have ever really been a massive fan of Body Shop products and it isn't because I don't like them it's just that I have never really found myself going there as I always usually opt for Lush. 

As I was at a meet and it was 50% pretty much everything I thought it would be rude not to try some of the products out. 
Before we had the chance to shop around the store we had some little mini testers of the products, so we went round in groups of 5 to each different section and a member of the Body Shop team showed us some of the popular products and allow us to try them out.

Throughout the night we had games to play along with and also a lot of treats to help ourselves too, this had all been organised by Abbi from who previously organised the #bhmbloggermeet Birmingham at the Slug and Lettuce. Massive thank you to Abbi again for organising such a great event and also the Body Shop for having us all. 

So on to the products that I decided I had to have, I think I managed to stay reasonably reserved considering it was 50% off, I can't say the same for some of the other girls that attended however :)! 

I'm on the look out for perfumes at the moment, I mean I get to this time every year when I have ran out of almost everything so therefore the need to replenish is a MUST.

Again I didn't think that the Body Shop would have anything perfume wise that I would like, I mean I usually go to Boots and stick to the old classics that I love with some new releases mixed in usually a Marc Jacobs scent.  

I decided on the Vanilla Eau de Toilette 30ml for £4.25 with the 50% off. I started using it straight away the following morning, I use it mainly for work as it is a light vanilla fragrance and really inexpensive to purchase. 
For my second scent I went for the White Musk Smoky Rose Eau de Parfum 30ml for £7.00 half price. A slightly more expensive one, yet more luxurious and a nighttime fragrance to use if you are going out for a night with the girls or a romantic meal with your partner.

 Apart from getting some new perfume I also wanted a product that would take care of my under eyes. I feel like as of late I haven't really had that much sleep, therefore I'm always tired and my eyes feel like they have fallen in and I think I have dark circles appearing. 
I spoke with one of the members of staff and they recommended the Vitamin E Eye Cream at £5.50 half price. It hydrates, smooths and protects the skin around the eye, I have found that my eyes feel a lot more hydrated since I have started using this product, it's something that I usually use at nighttime after removing my makeup or something that I use first thing in the morning before applying my makeup. I don't think it has total eliminated my dark circles as I'm still very conscious of them, although I am a little hit and miss at applying it so I should really get in to a routine to see the full impact of the product and review it after a period of time.

 Then I went for the All In One Instablur Eye product, this wasn't in the sale unfortunately as it is a new product and isn't part of a promotion. Although it is described as having a lot of uses I purchased this product as a primer for my eyes to prolong my eye shadow. It has replaced my Urban Decay Primer Potion and I 'm really loving it as an alternative. It glides on perfectly and provides great staying power for my choice of eyes shadow throughout the day.
Top All In One Instablur Eye, Bottom Vitamin E Eye Cream

I'm currently using the Glazed Apple Body Scrub in the shower which I really like as it's refreshing and smells loooovely, it was part of the Christmas range at the Body Shop and it doesn't seem to be available online however there are a lot of other alternative Body Washes and Body Scrubs you can get your hands on. The Body Shop sales is now on so why not head over and have a look, there are some great reductions on popular products, you'd be a fool to miss out!

 Thank You for reading I hope you have enjoyed this post, I'm thinking of doing another giveaway soon.. If there is anything you think would be a great prize to win please let me know and leave a comment below.