New Year, New Me? 2015


It's come to that time of the year again when we are all starting to think about the whole New Year New Me thing! 

Although I'm happy as me there are still some things that I would like change in my life...

So here goes with the New Year plans

1) To start working on my page more, yes I've had a hectic few months as of late, however I really want to start focusing more on my posts and what I'm writing about. I finally want to start getting in to some sort or routine and organising my time a lot more efficiently. I have decided that easiest option of achieving this is by writing a number of blog posts on one day per week so that they are ready to upload throughout the week or if I purchased an organiser to give myself 3 set days per week when I do one blog on each of these days so for example Monday, Wednesday and Sunday.
What sort of blogging organisation do you have to make sure you fit your posts in?

2) To have minimal stress in my life. My life really isn't that stressful yet I seem to let the smallest of things stress me out on a daily basis. I need to start realising that I can't please everyone all the time and all that I can do is my best. I think I just need to relax more and enjoy life.

3) Okay so I realise this is a total cliche but I really want to lose weight in the New Year. I appreciate that it shouldn't really take the turning of a New Year to make me realise this but it always seems like a fresh start doesn't it. I'm not saying that I'm going to give up every treat, although I'm going to try my hardest, still going to drink my Diet Coke though, that's one thing I won't give up.

4) To go along with number 3 I'm hoping to join the gym in the New Year, I'm not to sure whether to join it first thing in January or wait until February. Rather than the gym I have thought about maybe trying an alternative like GoCommando Bootcamp, this is an outdoor fitness provider so something a little different. The prices are really reasonable and there are various locations across the West Midlands.

5) Look for a place of my own to live... I have already started looking but ideally I would like to have my own place towards the beginning of 2015.

6) I'd like to attend more blogging events, I found it really difficult this year to go along to all the ones I wanted to and I unfortunately had to cancel some. Hopefully in 2015 I can attend more and meet more fellow blogging friends. 

What are your New Year's resolutions, do you have any?
Please leave me a comment and let me know...

Boxing Day Sales

So the time has come to get writing again. I really feel like it has taken a reverse seat as of late, therefore as part of my New Year pledge I am going to try my hardest to maintain this page as well as I can.
Along with trying to put every effort into this I really want to start relaxing more in general and go on a diet... Hopefully I can really focus on these goals and succeed, wish me good luck!!
I wanted to start off with a write of what I got at the Boxing Day sales, I actually love the sales and it has started to become a little bit of a ritual that me and my mum got every year and of course before the break of day, can you hear me crying, 05:30 I woke this morning with minimal sleep from the night before. 
We arrived at the shops at around 07:00 in the end due to a traumatic time with me trying to find a petrol station, seriously why aren't any open it is Boxing Day! 
Anyway first of all we headed to River Island, this is usually one of my favourite shops although I couldn't really say I rated it, despite this I still managed to get my hands on a coat, due to the fact that I have managed to misplace one, so I'm wondering around freezing most of the time. My mum actually brought this for me at a fraction of the cost of £30. 
The exact one I purchased doesn't seem to be available online so I have added in a link for an alternative option Coral over-sized coat reduced from £80-£30.

 We then headed to yes you got it Boots, this was really the only reason why I got up for the sales. Boots is always pretty decent as all the gifts are half price, despite this I still purchase gifts for my friends and family then see them at a fraction of the price the day after Christmas, little bit annoying yet I always get distracted with things that I want for myself and I always go with my £30 voucher in hand from my best friend, she  always gets me the same thing for my Birthday and Christmas and this is probably because I always ask for the same.
I had decided before I left for the sales this morning that I wanted to buy some perfume, I headed off to the celebrity perfume section in search of some of Nicki Minaj perfume, I opted for Minajesty Eau de Parfum at the reduced price of £12.50, this comes as a gift set so you get the 30ml EDP, 50ml Body Cream and a 5ml EDP Rollerball perfect for travel. I decided to go for this gift set as I have really like the Nicki Minaj range in the past so I thought why not go for it again, plus I really like the packaging and for half price you won't go far wrong.

 After that I headed to the perfume gift section to see what I could spy, these are usually super popular with bargain hunters so don't last for long on the shelves. I spotted a DKNY mini gift set, it is DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom the link is for the individual Eau de Parfum 30ml however I managed to get it with the Body Lotion included, I don't seem to have the receipt anymore, I got it at a good deal though and less than the one Eau de Parfum as included.

 I love the Ted Baker range so I decided that I had to have something from there... 
I managed to get a little set for £5.00 the Ted Baker London Beau Box Bathroom Set Mini Hat Box it is all SOLD OUT online although you maybe able to get this in store still, it includes the following mini products Body Wash, Body Souffle, Bath Foam and Body Spray, the box is also super cute so I will probably use it for storage purposes.

 Next I got some random items including... the Handy & Useful Gadget Holder for Phone/ SAT NAV, this was reduced to £5.00 half price, unavailable online.

 Then I couldn't help it, I had to get some Truffles at £2.00, I opted for the Mint ones, I can't seem to find any of the Monty Bojangles Truffles available on the Boots website, however I have linked in the actual brand website as well Monty Bojangles, just to mention I took these to work with me and left them under the heating and they melted...gutted!

 I then headed to New Look, I needed a new scarf to go with my coat that my mum got me from River Island, the one I got for £9.00 is not available online anymore but I have linked the selection of New Look Scarfs, I think I found one that compliments the coat, it is also very long and warm so a winner. 
Then I had a little peek at the jewellery I managed to find this star necklace in the sale by ROAM, I'm a little obsessed with stars so I had to get this especially at the bargain price of £2.75, I have included the link for New Look Sale Jewellery.

 I did pop in to Currys and got some none sale related items so I'll miss that out, then I went to Next at Home, I passed on waiting in line for the main Next store as it was just madness. But I did managed to get a nice throw to keep myself warm in the Winter months with... I got a throw for £10.00 and again I can't see it online but have linked the Next website for reference

 So that's everything sale related this year until 2015, I hope you enjoyed this post and please leave me a message if you have managed to get any bargains... 

As I mentioned with the New Year beginning I am really going to try to make more of a conscious effort on all aspects of life!

What Have I Been Doing?

I just wanted to do a small post just to let you all know I haven't stopped this page. 

I have just had a manic time as of late with work and Christmas etc, etc.

I will hopefully have some posts for you within the next couple of weeks, however in the New Year I am looking at focusing more time towards this page, improving it and getting organised with what I write...

I have a lot to write, I have such little time it seems at the moment, like I said onwards for the New Year a more focused me, not just for my page, I mean life in general.

I think a good reflection on this year gone would relate well to a post on New Year resolutions and changes, so I'm going to try to make that a future post in the next few weeks.

What are your New Years resolutions, are there any changes you are looking to make in your life in the future, what are your goals for 2015... 

Thank you for reading this really was just a short message to say I am still here.