American Treats A Giveaway **CLOSED**

It's giveaway time people...
I recently returned from Orlando Florida and I wanted to do a giveaway for my readers. 

It's really simple to enter and all the details are included here: -

Terms & Conditions

**For UK readers only

**The winner must be able to provide a valid UK address

**To be in with a chance of winning all you simply have to do is follow me via Bloglovin and leave me a comment telling me what your ideal holiday destination is and why, I will then select a winner at random and contact them once the giveaway is closed

**The closing date is Saturday 15th November 2014

**Please be aware that of you are a company your entry unfortunately will not count

I will also pop in some other little goodies for the winner along with the main prizes. 

Prizes consist of the following: -

Wet n Wild megaprotein Mascara C137 Very Black
Wet n Wild Mega Rocks Glitter Nail Colour in 493C Slap the Bass
2 Wet n Wild Lipsticks (528C Pink Ice and 521A Fushsia with Blue Pearl)
3 Wet n Wild colouricon (336 Spoilt Brat and 380B Walking on Eggshells these are the trio pallets)
(5 shadow pallet 393A Floral Values)  

Thank You for reading and for your support along the way, Good Luck!!

Kirsty x

Florida Day #6 Festival of Fantasy Parade

Today I wanted to do a little post on one of the parades that takes place at Disney's Magical Kingdom named the Festival of Fantasy Parade. It features lots of different Disney characters including Snow White and the Seven Dwarf, Ariel and Olaf from Frozen, could I have felt more happier, the answer is nope! 

So the Festival of Fantasy parade is a new addition for 2014, I had never seen it as the last time I visited Orlando Florida was two years ago. On this occasion it was coming towards the end of the holiday and we decided to revisit the Magical Kingdom as it had been one of our favourite parks and we wanted to experience it again. I think we actually were about to leave the park as we'd picked up all our oldish Disney shopping and were finished for the day that was until we heard the parade was going to start soon so naturally we had to sick around for it.

 I'm hopefully going to do my American Treats Giveaway this week, I will post the link on various sites including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
I'm going to keep the giveaway really simple and all you will need to do is leave a comment on what your dream destination would be and to follow me via Bloglovin, smile to enter. When I post the giveaway I will include all the details for you, I hope that you enjoy the items that I have purchased and I am looking forward to doing another giveaway.  

I did take a lot of pictures of the parade and I wanted to include some on this post for you so I hope that you enjoy it. Do you have a dream destination that you would love to visit? If so please let me know with a comment.

Florida Day #5 Universal Halloween Horror Nights 24

After visiting Florida two years ago and going to HHN22 I just knew that I had to return this year and take my mum with me. 
So just a little information, Halloween Horror Nights runs from September 19th-  November 1st. For 2014, it's only on selected nights and you can find out more information in regards to that at the Halloween Horror Nights Orlando website selected attractions are also available to ride if you wish along with the main Halloween Houses however because I'd already visited the park earlier in the week all I wanted to do was experience the houses.

 We got to the park early so we cold have some lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe them headed off inside to have a little look in the merchandise shops. I think at around 16:45 we went in to the holding area, from what I've heard there are round 3 holding areas in the park for HHN and this is just somewhere to wait whilst the staff get everything ready for the night and it saves you the hassle of having to leave the park to come in again. The issue was that it did seem like a long wait until 17:45 when we got let in I think it was only made worse from the heat as it seemed incredibly hot,that evening. That aside we got let in earlier than what it actually says on the flyer as it states 18:30 so a bonus there for waiting in the holding area.

 We headed straight for the AVP: Alien Vs. Predator as I speculated that this would turn out as one of the most popular houses and it was, later than night the waiting time was 70 minutes. 
Just to point out we also opted to get the additional Express Pass for this night, I thought this was the a good idea as when I came two years ago I didn't manage to do all of the houses due to time and this year I really wanted to experience them all, the Express Passes vary in prices depending on what night you go, find out more costs at Halloween Horror Nights Orlando Express Pass.

First of all as I said AVP house, I love the Alien and Predator films so I thought yes I'm going to love this, so feeling a little nervous and scared I headed on inside. I'm going to put this down as a house you must do if you visit HHN24. I loved the set up of it all inside the house in particular the part towards the end where we had to crouch down to go out towards the exit, that just added a little something different that I have not experienced in any of the other houses, it gave a little extra to the scare factor as it encouraged us to rush on through that particular area. The costumes were the highlight of the Horror Nights for me. Although it did lack in a final showdown of Alien against Predator this still didn't lack any of the enjoyment I had. This house scared me the most out of all eight, I think due to a combination of the costumes and the Alien heads jumping out from the windows throughout the house it all got me. Leaving the house I was a total nervous wreck and shaking, I'd rate this a massive 9/10. 

Then it was on to Dracula as it was located near to AVP and again towards the later hours of the evening the waiting time got looooong! Don't get me wrong I understand why this house has a place in HHN24 this year due to the film release however I just wasn't feeling it. It didn't really have a scare factor for me, a few minor jumps here and there but apart from that not a lot else. The costumes as you would guess aren't that great I mean you don't need that much to give the impression of Dracula, overall a rating of 4/10.

Heading on through the park and through some scare zones we got to Roanoke Cannibal Colony. You know what I can't really remember a lot about this house, which is disappointing as upon exiting I'm almost sure I said how much I had enjoyed it. I did like the fact that the actors reached out to you as though to get a hold of you, that always freaks me out. On thinking more I did like the whole set up of the house, lots of opportunities for people to jump out and scare the pants off you and also I liked the effort that had gone in to creating the looks for the actors and actresses, overall rating 6/10.

Dollshouse of the Damned followed, I liked the whole outside of the house prior to entering as it was a Dollshouse. Inside the props in there really made is special and I found it more funny than I did frightening yet I still loved it. Walking through the house at one point was the stink of dirty nappies and although it did not smell pleasant it was a cool addition to the house. I liked the dressing up of all the people in the house as dolls and thought it was something different, overall rating of 7/10.

 Yes on next to the Halloween house, a true treat for fans of the movie. Again as with the Dollshouse of the Damned it had a themed outside a copy of the house from the Halloween films, I was sold on this house from the go. Lots of Michael Myers actors stepping out to spook you and I liked this house a little more due it telling a story throughout and the actors playing this out. Plus as we left the house a Michael Myers got us a treat jumping out... Oh the laughs, overall rating 8/10.

 Giggles and Gore Inc, first of all lets just say clowns... I thought this could have worked out as a total scare overload for me with the clowns, however it just didn't work for me. I imagined IT the Clown and it didn't give me it, damn! I liked the whole thought of the house and I think with some little additions it could have had a massive impact and worked out well, overall rating 6/10.

From Dusk Till Dawn, this surprised me as I did not have a clue as to what this house would involve... And despite that I loved it. Entering the house it seemed to have a Wild West theme to it, I loved all the props and the effort that the people inside the house made to enhance the story throughout. It was more than just people jumping out in front of you it had a lot more to it and something that you could see had a lot of time put in to it to produce something complete different to the other houses this year. Very well thought out and I liked the additional things like the actor on entering the house and the girl dancing on a pool table at one point. Overall rating a strong 8/10.

The Walking Dead End of the Line was the final house that I went to, I was so thrilled to have visited all eight houses and hence why I purchased the Express Pass. I'd previously been to one of The Walking Dead houses two years ago and from what I understand there was one at HHN23. It did surprise me that Universal had included this again for a third year but they really out did themselves. On entering the house the whole outside of the building looked brilliant and they had themed it so well. The house was very long so you did spend a good amount of time in there to enjoy it. Lots of zombies inside trying to get a hold of you and lots of jumps and scares galore which I loved. Really a great house from start to finish so I'm glad that I did it, overall rating for this one would have to be a 9/10, it just misses out on 10/10 due to the repeat of The Walking Dead.

 Scare Zones this year included The Purge, Face Off, MASKerade and Bayou of Blood. My favourite of all had to be Face Off, good photo opportunities and it provided me with some real scares. I did like the costumes of the MASKerade theme although they didn't really seem to have the scare factor, The Purge, more actors please not enough going round, finally Bayou of Blood, I liked it, some good scares and the fog added to that nervousness I was feeling.

 The Bill & Ted Show is a must, we passed on the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Bill & Ted was hilarious though, I would recommend you go and see this show whilst you are at HHN24.

I hope you've enjoyed reading this review of HHN24, if you have visited please leave me a comment with your thoughts.

Florida Day #4 Animal Kingdom

Post 4 and we are on to the 3rd Disney Park which is Animal Kingdom.
I just want to mention that I did visit Epcot a few times only for a short period though as it isn't something that I have a massive interest in, however I am going to link in a couple of pictures in this post as what I experienced there I did like so it seems a shame to miss it out.

 Arriving at Animal Kingdom I was excited for the Lion King show, it is a must. Lots of sing, dancing, acrobats and of course one of my favourite Disney characters Pumba. 
By this point in our trip the weather had been pretty crazy with glorious sunshine one moment to absolute downpours the next, not a problem though as we came prepared every day with our rain mac ponchos and we really did need them that day as it seemed to rain none stop... until we left the park at the end of the day that was, pffffft how typical is that I ask you, never the less we didn't let this spoil our day and carried on.

 The best ride of the day had to be the Kilimanjaro Safari, you head out in a Jeep like truck and get to see all the animals roaming free in the land. We managed to spot most of the animals living there despite the rain and got close to a zebra which I managed to take a great photo of, see underneath.

 Expedition Everest was hilarious, it almost has the feel of a runaway train however you go backwards. I don't think my mum appreciated it that much but I did and it made it even more funny the fact that we got wet from the rain. 

Once we had finished in the park we went to the Rainforest Cafe which is located at the front entrance of Animal Kingdom on the left as you walk in. We'd actually visited the Rainforest Cafe at Disneyland Paris a few years ago so we had planned to go to the one in Animal Kingdom. The unique thing about this place to eat is that it had a theme inside of a rainforest it's so great. I would highly recommend this place to dine at for something a little different and a nice proper meal rather than just snacks. We just decided on something smile the Rainforest Burger, you can see the full menu over at Rainforest Cafe Menu.

 Because we finishes early at Animal Kingdom we went over to DownTown Disney, is is a great place to shop and eat so when you visit the parks be sure to head over there. To get there head on one of the Disney buses to the Pop Century hotel and then get off to transfer to DownTown Disney then the same again to return back to one of the main parks.

 As I also mentioned before a great thing to get before you go is to download the Disney World app. It's really good to plan out your day at each park, you are able to do a number of things on it to make your visit that much easier including Fast Pass access for three rides at one park per day, maps of the parks, waiting time of rides, restaurant bookings the list is endless. 

Here are some pictures I took from Epcot, they have the International Food and Wine Festival 2014 going on at the moment however like I said I did punt really spend a lot of time around Epcot, if you've visited the International Food and Wine Festival this year please leave me a comment about it.

 More information available at Disney World

Florida Day #3 Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure

First of all this isn't actually day 3 as on day 3 I didn't really do anything worthy of writing about. Basically I pretty much just went to the Orlando Premium Outlets (I didn't purchase anything yet) and had a swim in the pool. Due to not purchasing anything I didn't see the point in writing about it just yet.

 Something worth writing about though it my time at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. 
I think out of all of the theme parks available I have to day that these two combined are my favourites even in comparison to Disney World. Although I love Disney World as it's all magical, yet I'm a totally thrill seeker so I like a great roller coaster.

 We decided to get the Express Pass at Universal Studios, which you can get online for $39.99 and that allows you the Express Pass one time per ride on the majority of rides, there are a few that it does not include and you can find out more information over at Universal Orlando
It was a great way to get on all the rides we wanted to without waiting half the time and it started to rain a lot towards the evening, although it wasn't an issue as with the Express Pass we had visited all the rides that we wanted to.

 Had to have my lunch at the Three Broomsticks restaurant in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, I enjoyed this and I highly recommend if you go to Islands of Adventure to dine here.

 Street actor at The Mummy ride, I like this ride as it relates to the movie well, it might have the scare factors however it is great, I love the fire effects added.

I would say a highlight of the day was the Transformer ride which is in 3D and as a massive Transformers fan I had wanted to go on this ride since I first heard it was coming to Universal Studios. Needless to say it didn't disappoint and it was well worth the wait, the 3D effects just make it so incredible, I think this is without a doubt the best 3D ride I have experienced.

 I'll be doing a future post on Halloween Horror Nights 24 which is happening at Universal Studios at the moment. 
I'm thinking of doing a USA giveaway, are there any items that I should get whilst in the States?

Florida Day #2 Hollywood Studios

Second day in and we decided to head off to Disney's Hollywood Studios. 
Needless to say I had started to feel tired already, literally you need another holiday after this one to actually relax as it is non stop and not for the type of person that enjoys resting around the swimming pool. Lucky for me I'm not that much of a sun worshiper so I love going out and exploring, I mean don't get me wrong I could do the whole swimming pool thing for an hour then I'd want to get out of there, I'm such a fidget...

So yes Hollywood Studios, first of all I was super excited to go here as they have a lot of focus on Frozen and that is one of my most favourite Disney films of the 21st century that is, I mean you can't replace the classics can you?

 One of my favourite parts of the day was the Beauty and the Beast live show. It just felt so magical and it was so well put together, plus Lumiere the candelabra is one of my many favourite characters, I have so many to choose from, don't I?

 I have to mention all the treats they have on offer throughout all of the Disney Parks so I have taken some pictures of the loveliness...

 Next on the list we have Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, these are without a doubt the thrill seekers parks and they have the Wizarding World of Harry Potter there so what is not to love?

Florida Day #1 Magical Kingdom

Some of you may already know that I am on my adventures in Orlando Florida at the moment, especially those that I met at the bhmbloggermeet as it was literally all I spoke about the whole time throughout the day, my apologies as you can imagine I was just excited at the thought of going on holiday to one of my most favourite places in the whole wide world. 

So I'm here in Orlando staying at the Double Tree by Hilton at SeaWorld, the hotel is wonderful and I cannot fault it. We have two huge double beds in the room, a large flat screen television, walk in shower and our own fridge freeze to name some of the facilities... of course something's never change as when we return home to our room at night we usually end up watching the Big Band Theory or Family Guy, yes for American television programmes. 

On the first day after our flight we actually ended up getting to the hotel  kind of late so we decided to have an early night so we would be fresh for the following day as we had a 7:30am coach to catch. The first park we decided to go to was the Magical Kingdom, this is without a doubt my most favourite Disney park out of all four, I mean lets be honest nothing any of the others have to offer can compete with Cinderella's Castle. 
I wouldn't say it was my most favourite park in Orlando for rides as I'm much more of a thrill seeker and prefer Univerdal Studios and Idlands of Adventure but never less I am a lover of Disney so I, more than happy to wonder around the Magic Kingdom all day long soaking up the Disney atmosphere and seeing the main mouse himself Mickey. 

Oh I just have to mention Disney World now allows you to Fast Pass three attractions at a park each day so you don't have to wait in the normal line for them you can join the Fast Pass entry line a cut your waiting time down to a minimum. It's so brilliant you can either allocate your Fast Pass Rides inside the park on the touch screen machines they have available or download the App to do this, the App might I add is great, I'll try to add in more detail in future posts about the App ad we go along, but I have to say its a MUST if you are visiting Disney World so get downloading it. 

Anyway I'm going to stop going on as there will be plenty of time for that with the future holiday posts I has coming up, lets get down to some picture action, enjoy. 

I'll have more post later in the week for you and more important lots of pictures.
Sorry in advance if my update posts are a little sparodical however I hope you enjoy them.

#bhmbloggermeet Birmingham Part 1

Over a week ago I headed out on the train again to Birmingham, I seem to have started spending a lot of time there as of late for various events.

This time I headed over for the lovely event that Abbi over at had organised for us. First of all can I just say what a great day I had, everything was organised to perfection and I loved the unique ideas that Abbi had thought of to make the blogger meet up even more fabulous. 
I met some of the other ladies outside Primark first of all at around 11ish, I spotted a Disney Olaf top that I just had to have, however apart from that I didn't make any other purchases. After a little trip to Zara we headed to the Slug and Lettuce to start the meet and so I could get a large glass of Diet Coke as I was so thirsty after the long walk.

 First of all we starts of with some little games... 
To do a little introduction of ourselves we had pre made badges by Abbi which had little symbols on. These all related to a predetermined question and mine was "What do I enjoy most about blogging?" my answers was obviously making new friends and that really is the truth, I could never of imagined that I'd even make one friend let alone more from blogging...

 We all got given a little cupcake which we had to provide a quote for I opted for "Forgive me for what I say when I'm hungry" or something along those lines... We also took selfies of ourselves with the brilliant organisers that Abbi created for us and WOW are these great, I'm going to do a post relating to the organiser on its own as I think it deserves it, Abbi must have put in so much effort to create these and I know that everybody really appreciated them.

 Along with those games we had some guessing games in regards to blogging facts a true or false kind of quiz, I liked this as I found out things about blogging that I didn't know so it was a real school lesson on blogging. 

Kirsty Lo who is an ambassador for Motives Cosmetics came along and showed us some of the Motives products, you can find out more about the products over at as always I sprayed away with the Motives 10 Years Younger Setting Spray, available online for £24.00.
Some fabulous ladies from the Central School of Makeup came along as well to teach us a lesson in perfecting the perfect eyeliner and flick... I still need all the practice in the world people.

Towards the end of the meet we had food, yay! The selection was great and there was a lot to choose from, nom nom... I sat with some lovely ladies, some that I had met at other meets and some that I had never met until that day, we got on like a house on fire and needless to say that me and Jess were continuously laughing out loud... Sorry for the numerous selfies I took on your camera. 
Included are the links to ladies that I sat with at the meet: - 

     Emma, JessSarahTaliaZoe and Laura

As I mentioned I am going to do a write up on the treats we got given and the organiser that Abbi created for us.

Do you have any future meet ups to attend or are you planning your own, please let me know and leave me a comment I would love to hear more.