Pulp Fiction... By Urban Decay

I literally had a meltdown when I spotted the Pulp Fiction Collection the other week...

I decided to go for the Eyeshadows, £17.50 and I also used my £10 off voucher, you purchase a ticket for £10 to the Selfridges evening and you are then allowed to use it against the products that you decide to get, winner! 

As well as the eyeshadow palette there are also four other amazing products you can get your hands on, have a peek over at Urban Decay UK I am seriously lusting over the "Pulp Fiction" 24/7 Glide On Lip Pencil (£13.00) I mean wow look at that colour... This is for sure on my wish list at the moment. Apart from that I don't think I would purchase anything else from the collection, as much as I love it nothing else really stands out for me. 
The one ing that does really stand out for me with this collection is the price range, I think the price as really good for these products and actually couldn't believe it when I picked up the eyeshadow palette, much love to Urban Decay for not over pricing these items... 

Anyway lets get on to my fabulous purchase...

 From left to right we have Righteous, Tyranny, Vengeance, Anger and Furious
These shadows are pigmented as you can see, my favourite is Furious, it has a nice shimmer to it, I'm going to wear this for the bhmbloggermeet that I am attending today, so excited. As well as a great pigmentation they are so smooth and really glide on. I must admit these probably aren't colours that I would usually use as I'm more of a sparkle kind of girl however I'm always looking to try something different so this is the perfect opportunity to try out the Mrs. Mia Wallace look.

Have you picked up anything from the Pulp Fiction range yet... Please leave me a comment and let me know. I'm really considering getting the Lip Pencil but I would really like to know your thoughts?!

Sea Life Centre Birmingham

This week I visited the Sea Life Centre in Birmingham for more information visit Sea Life, I had a wonderful time and took lots of pictures which I wanted to share with you all. 

Without hesitation I loved the Gentoo penguins at the New Penguin Ice Adventure, I hadn't visited the Sea Life whilst they had the penguins so this was a treat and a half.

Along the way we spotted lots of other sea creators including Sea Horses, Clown Fish, Octopus, Jellyfish (which I'm terrified of), Turtles, Sharks lets face it I could go on and on...

I would really recommend a visit to the Sea Life in Birmingham, it doesn't take long to walk around even if you are like me and enjoy taking lots of pictures, however it's great for a couple of hours and then afterwards you can go for a spot of lunch (that's what we did) or shopping at the Bull Ring.

 My favourites the Penguins, the newest additions to the Sea Life Centre.

 Some of the pictures I took, the top right is Crazy Dave!

 We decided on Pennyblacks in the Mailbox near the canal for lunch, how yummy does this Texas Burger look (£11.95), I was so stuffed I couldn't eat it all, I love this place, it was my third visit and I would go again and again!

Selfridges Charlotte Tilbury

A few weeks ago after work I headed over to Selfridges at the Bullring in Birmingham, I jumped on the train and I was off...
The reason I decided to go over to Birmingham was for the Perfecing Beauty event that they had on. I've previously gone to some if the Selfridges events and liked them so I thought meh, why not.

The ticket to the event was £10 which you redeem against purchases, so really it works out for free I suppose if you're going to purchase something...
And that night they had a Pick 'n' MiX wall available if you spent over £75. Which intitled you to choose three sample sized products, I got some great ones that I'm happy with. 

Sali Hughes from the Guardian was at the Perfecting Beauty event giving advice and tips all evening, which was an added treat, you can read her wise words over at The Guardian Online Sali Hughes

What else, what else... There was mini Prosecco drinks and also some fruit mixture ones which I went for as I was driving. We also had chocolate hearts to keep us sweet, who doesn't love a little chocolate.

Whilst I was at the event I had a lovely make over done at the Charlotte Tilbury counter, I had actually never tried anything from Charlotte Tilbury so it was a really nice change to try something different... And I did make some purchases as you will see.
I then headed over to the Jo  Malone counter for a hand massage, which was super relaxing, I have to admit a couple of the Jo Malone fragrances will end up on my Christmas list this year that's for sure, have a little peek yourself at Jo Malone
Then I headed to the Dermalogica counter for a mini skin analysis which I thought was great, over all I had good results just that I need to drink more water... The team at Dermalogica even gave us some mini samples to take away which was very nice of them, Dermalogica

I did get a couple of things from the Urban Decay counter but I'll save those for another post, but here is what I picked up from the amazing Charlotte Tilbury counter, these items are all available at Charlotte Tilbury and Selfridges Online

 All products mentioned are available from Selfidges Online Beauty

 The Retoucher 1 Fair £25.00

 Light Wonder 1 Fair £32.00

 Wonderglow £38.50

 Air Brush Flawless Finish 1 Fair £33.00

Thank You for reading, feel free to leave a comment.

Mini Car Boot Sale Haul #1

A couple of Sundays ago I visited my local car boot sale and I do try to go as regularly as I can but sometimes I’ll admit I just don’t want to get up early (and you do have to get up early to get the pick of the best buys).

Anyway that aside before the autumn comes along in full I am going to try to visit either my local car boot or others every Sunday to see if I can find any bargain treats.

If I do visit I'll write about what I have picked up, I’ve seen some other bloggers do the same thing and I love reading their posts about what they have found, admittedly sometimes I’m a little jealous of some of the lush items some people seem to find but hopefully if I keep trying hard enough in my search that will be ME… I can always dream, right? 

So here is what I managed to pick up this week, I only got the three items but still I think they are pretty impressive, although that’s probably just me thinking that.

 First of all I spotted a Disney Lady & the Tramp salt ‘n’ pepper shaker. I realise I will probably never use these for there intended purpose but they are so darn cute I just could not resist. I adore Disney so I actually needed these in my life; well I wanted them in my life. I managed to get them for £4, what a brilliant bargain and when I researched them online and there seem to be some sets available on eBay for around £10.99.

 After a little rummage around at one stand I found a Kate Moss Rimmel lipstick, what a winner. It is in the shade 004 and I think it has been used once but I can just clean it with an antiseptic wipe then it’s good to use.
The Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish Lipsticks are available from Boots for £5.49 but I managed to pick this one up for 50p. I’ll admit this probably isn’t a shade that I would normally wear, but at 50p I thought it would be good to try something outside of my comfort zone.

 My last purchase I fell absolutely in love with it is an Animal from the Muppets cushion. It only cost £2 and it actually still had the tag on so I was more than happy to buy it from the seller. In fact when he said I could have it for £2 I got so excited that I bet he wished he’d have charged more. Animal is probably my favourite Muppet and I already have a toy of him so I had to have the cushion. There was also a vintage Kermit toy which I am sort of regretting not buying but he was £6 and he looked tired so I gave him a miss… wishing I’d brought him now, oh well never mind. I have found the Animal cushion available from Amazon for £19.99.

Hopefully I will be visiting some different car boot sales over the next coming Sundays, if I manage to get up early enough that is.

Let me know what you think about these kinds of posts, do you like them? Have you picked up any car boot goodies recently?

The Harry Potter Studios Tour

On Wednesday I went to the Harry Potter Studios Tour in Watford London. 
I stayed over the night at the Watford Central Premier Inn which was just a short 15 minute drive to the Studio. 

We had an allotted time of 15:30-16:00 and once you are inside the Studios you are left to look around at your own leisure. Although you do have a limited amount of time in the Great Hall which is the first part of the tour, however despite this it didn't really matter as once you had taken photos and listened to the tour guide welcome you to the tour there was not a lot else you could really see or do in there. 
After leaving the Great Hall you are allowed to go on and look around on your own, which is great, you are allowed to take as much time as you want and the Studio was actually open until 22:00 the day we visited.

I'll just do a short rewind of what happens prior to entering the Great Hall. After we waited in line inside the Studios we went in to a holding area, this was were we watched a short clip on the impact that the Harry Potter franchise has had on the world. We then made our way into a cinema which introduced the start of the tour and something darn spectacular happened after which led us in to the Great Hall. 

For more information visit www.wbstudiotour.co.uk

Okay I'll leave the talking there and just fill in with pictures.
**WARNING picture heavy**
Robert Pattinson as Cedric Diggory, the actual clothes he wore... OMG!
Ron Weasley's Broom

 I would recommend the Studio Tour as a MUST, it is a great experience and I loved ever y minute of it, have you visited the Harry Potter Studios? What did you think, please share your thoughts with me and leave me a little comment. 

I really hope you have enjoyed this post and the pictures that featured in it, thank you for taking the time to read.