Summertime Essentials

So the Summer is here, kind of I suppose... However one thing is for sure if you are going on a Summer Holiday you don't have long to wait. 

We all have those Summertime essentials don't we that are a MUST when going on holiday and something's you just wouldn't go without. Here are the items that I have chose so far for my Summertime Essentials.

All purchased from Asda product price on the date of 21.06.14 offers differ.

These are just some of the musts that I have got so far from the supermarket. 

Do you have any Summertime Essentials, I would love to find out what they are, please leave me a comment...

BeautyUK NEC, NYX Treats Beauty Haul #3

A few weeks ago now I headed over to the BeautyUK show at the NEC, it was actually on Sunday 18th May that I went, wow how fast does time go... The show was also on the following day, I didn't return as I had got what I wanted so didn't really see the point in going again.

So the main reason why I went was for the NYX stand, I literally looked around everywhere just wanting/waiting to get to it. I had actually never purchased any NYX products until I visited the show, although I have seen them in NEXT and always thought they looked nice and I had heard great things about the brand, so it was a no brainier really for me...

Apart from what I got from the NYX stand I also got a set from the Sleep-In Rollers. I didn't get any of the rollers I actually got some brushes for an absolute bargain of £10. These seemed to be flying off the shelves and when I spoke to a fellow blogger that went to the show on the Monday she said they had nearly all sold out so I'm glad I got in there when I did, the brushes aren't that expensive but looking at Shop Sleep-In Rollers they have a similar set to mine for £29.99 called the Big Hair Tool Kit. So I saved around £19.99, what an absolute bargain of the day, yay!

 I picked up three NYX palletes whilst I was at the show, it's hard to resist right?!
I got the Winter in Moscow Smokey Look available online in the sale for £10.00. Included are 15 
eyeshadows, 5 lips colours, 2 blushes, 3 applicators and a built it mirror.

Next I got the Haute Jersey Leopard Couture available online in the sad for again £10.00. This includes more products than the Winter In Moscow pallet like 4 bronzers, 2 mini lipgloss perfect for nights out, 24 shadows and 2 blushes. It also has a mirror build in and includes applicators. 

Finally my favourite which I have had my eye on for a while. I am a massive glitter fan so when I spotted this I just knew I had to get it, the Gigantic Glitter Cream Pallet available for £14.00 with 20 glitter shades included.

 I created a little eye look with the Haute Jersey Pallet today for you using around 4 different colours, so far I'm really liking it and can't wait to use it more.

 Do you have any NYX items or even pallets please let me know.

Thank You for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed it.

Beauty Bloggers Meet Birmingham

I ventured to Birmingham on Sunday 1st June for a meet up with some lovely ladies. Paige over at and Jess at organised the day for us all and did great! 

We met at the Bull outside the BullRing at 12:00 and then made our way to oh yes the Ming Moon Resteraunt if you have never visited you MUST it is so yummy and there is so much to choose from. 

We had a talk from Kirsty Lo from Motives Cosmetics and Kirsty had some products with her that we got to look at and try out if we wanted. Kirsty blogs over at and Motives Cosmetics are available from 

After our food and talk from Kirsty we wondered over to Selfridges for a little shop. Now I may have made some purchases... which I will save for another day to talk more on or else this post will go on forever. 

My favourite part of the day was the last, we went to Lush for an after hours tour with treats. We had drinks and fruit to enjoy and the team did massages, demonstrations and even Emotional Brilliance Consultations.

 Now I love Lush as you may have realised so I naturally had to pick up some things from there whilst on our shop tour so here's what I got.

Fizzbanger Ballistic £3.25, Sakura Ballistic £3.25, May Day Ballistic £2.95, 
You Snap the Whip Body Butter £6.25 and Tea Tree Toner Water £3.95

 When we left we got given some goodies to take away with us my treats included *King of Skin Body Butter £5.50, *Vanilla Dee-Lite Body Lotion 250g £12.75 and *Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub 330g £8.50 all items that have featured in this post are available from

 *We also received some great treats that Paige and Jess put together for us. 

*I did have some Metcalfe's Skinny Topcorn which seems to have dissapeared hehe, a Nivea Sample which I have used and a EyesLipsFace 20% off voucher. 

*We also got gifted from beautyukThe Body ShopGOSH CosmeticsBenefit CosmeticsFruitbroo and Macadamia

 Many thanks to Paige and Jess, Lush Birmingham, Kirsty from Motive Cosmetics and the companies that gifted us with some lovely treats. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post and the pictures to go with it,

Thank You for reading x 

Sexy Mother Pucker

I actually got this lipgloss in one of the amazing Soap & Glory gift sets at Christmas and up until the other day I actually hadn't tried it, how foolish of me...

It's the Sexy Mother Pucker XL from Soap & Glory available from for £10.00, it comes in two different shades the Pink Out Load and Very Berry.

The whole idea of this product is that it is lip plumping gloss, get your pout ready hey, hehe.

I do actually think this makes my lips look fuller and a little more plump, once you have applied the gloss it feels fresh and gives you a tingly sensation, I love the feeling of it and I do think it makes my lips look great. In my opinion it has almost a coffee scent to it, yet it feels mint like on the lips, perfect for summer.

I will for sure take this on holiday with me this year as since I started using it I am addicted. I love the whole idea of the product and it looks and smells great.

 I don't tend to use many Soap & Glory make-up items as I usually associate them with skin care, despite this the products that I have used from the range I have loved so they are on to something  I guess.

I would really recommend this product, I like it cause it offers something different and it's fun! I haven't really seen many lip products like this around so if you do see it why not get it, you will not find yourself disappointed. 

What are your favourite Soap & Glory make-up items, I would love to know...

Please leave me a comment and again I appreciate all your support with everything. 

Thank You