Selfridges Birmingham #BeautyProject

So over a week ago now I took a trip into Birmingham to visit Selfridges at the Bull Ring.

I attended the launch of Selfridges #BeautyProject, my ticket cost £10 which also doubled up as a £10 voucher when you spend over £70 in store. 

The night started at around 17:00 and ended at 21:00 and it included lots of little treats.
On arrival I received a Tatty Devine wristband to wear throughout the night.

 We had some lovely men providing us with refreshments including ice cream, mini meringues and fruit juice in cute little milk glasses.
We had D.Js playing music all evening long and also girls hoopla hooping around the store.

Throughout the night there were different treatments and discounts available at the counters, I got the chance to have my hair curled at the GHD counter which I enjoyed and it looked great! 

I did purchase some items on the night including two NARS products, these were my first ever NARS treats and needless to say I am still excited at the thought of them, eeeeeeek! 

I got the Mont Blanc Foundation in Light2 £31.00 for 24M available from and the NARS Pressed Powder in Flesh £24.00 available from

 I actually forgot this and I don't know how... I got my first MAC lipstick finally. 
I went for M.A.C Red A83 £15.00 available from I had to remove myself as I really love the Maleficent range and thought if I hung around any longer I would have to get something.

 I realise I have not posted for a while, this is due to wifi issues, although I am up and running again now, so sorry for the wait.

Have you paid a visit to Selfridges over the last couple of weeks and had chance to experience the #BeautyProject Event? Did you get and products, please let me know I'd love to hear from you.

As always I appreciate your support and I hope you will continue to read.

Sanctuary Hair Care

Throughout the last couple of weeks I have started to get a little addicted to hair care. 

My hair is in good condition at the moment and I'm trying to maintain that with the products I purchase and using heated styling tools less.

Apart from the Dove products I mentioned I have also got some of the Sanctuary hair care treatments. 

I got four in total including Hair & Scalp Rescue Mud, Detox Hair Exfoliant, Smoothing Hair Treatment Oil and Intensive Shine Hair Butter.

 These are available for £2.00 each from the oil products will only be good for one wash however the others you could separate in to two if you wanted to make them last longer as you do get a lot of product. 

So here is some more information in regards to the products and what treatments they provide to your hair. 

Hair & Scalp Rescue Mud: -  Deeply condition & smooth dry, damaged, delicate or chemically treated hair

Detox Hair Exfoliant: - Deep cleansing hair & scalp to remove product build up & revitalise dull, lack lustre hair

Smoothing Hair Treatment Oil: - Tame, smooth and hydrate frizzy, dry,unmanageable hair with this intensive treatment, enriched with avocado and apricot oil

Intensive Hair Butter: - Restore moisture & super boost with shine with this intensive butter mask

I have used these treatments before and out of the four I would say my particular favourite is the Smoothing Hair Treatment Oil, although I do like them all of course. 

Do you use any hair care treatments in particular, please let me know as I would love to try out any suggestions.

Maybelline Baby Skin

I got this on Sunday as I have seen it around for a while and thought why not try it?! 

It is the Maybelline New York Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser, it is a lightweight primer which provides smooth, poreless looking skin.

It is available of course from my favourite store for £7.99.

 The only other pore minimising product that I have really used before is the Benefit Porefessional, I absolutely love this product and have a mini version of it at the moment. You can get hold of the full size product from for £24.50.

As the Benefit Porefessional is a little more expensive I want to save my mini sample for special occasions, however the Maybelline Baby Skin option is cheaper so this is something that I can use everyday.

 I have included pictures of both of the products and as you can see the consistency of each is very different. The Baby Skin is clear and provides a great base for your make-up and the Porefessional is of an ivory colour, it glides on well and cruelly has a really nice scent to it.

What are you favourite pore minimising products have you tried any different ones, please let me know I'd love to try them out for myself.

Dove Hair Care

Over a few months ago now I went on the search for some new hair care products. I was getting a little fed up of using the same old shampoo and conditioner and thought it was time for a change.

I had heard a lot of good things about the Dove hair care range yet I had never thought to try it as I'm sure like a lot of people I really associated Dove with just skin care.

Anyway I thought I would go ahead and try it and first of all I picked up a couple of the leave in sprays. I got the Dove Hair Therapy Damage Solution Complete Care Repair Leave In Conditioning Spray and the Dove Hair Nourishing Oil Care Leave In Spray. At the moment I am using the Dove Hair Colour Radiance Leave In Conditioning Care Spray. I like to use this on wet hair when I get out of the shower but I have started using it in between washes just to freshen my hair up a little more. I love the smell of these products and they all smell relatively the same, they are great for freshening your hair between washes and I have received quite a few comments about how lovely my hair smells when I wear the spray. 

The leave in sprays are available at for £3.59 per 200ML bottle, the product lasts a good while and will usually be good for up to 4 weeks before you have to purchase another.

So since trying the leave in spray I thought I would try the Dove shampoo and conditioner, at the moment I am using the Dove Daily Care Shampoo 250ML and Conditioner 200ML.

These are available from for £2.69 each or at the moment you can get the 2 for £3. 

I'm running a little low on these so I have already got my next replacement in the Dove Heat Defence Shampoo and Conditioner as I am a pain for using heated tools, obviously my hair dryer is a must but I straighten my hair around once every 2 days, I do however like to try and have at least one day off from my straighteners. It indicates that these products protect from heat styling up to 200
°C which is great as I am all for products that reduce heat damage to your hair.

 Have you tried any Dove Hair Care products that you can recommend for me to use? 

I will continue to use the Dove Hair Care range as it is fast becoming my most favourite range by far. It smells amazing, protects, is great value and the product lasts.

Thank You for taking the time to read and I hope you have enjoyed this post.

Have You Discovered Feature

Again I am running awfully late with my Have You Discovered, despite this I still wanted to do an update post entry with some of the products that I have missed, hope you all don't mind. 

Today I am looking at the following powder, bronzer, blush and so I am right up to date this weeks product brow tool. 

Lets start off with powder, a powder product is something that I would not cope without, I have decided to feature the Maybelline Matte Maker which is available from for £3.99, I got mine for free on the 3 for 2 offer at Boots and went for 10 Classic Ivory. I believe this is a new product and as I am running low on my Bourjois Health Balance Compact Powder I thought I would get something different. 

First impressions is that I like this powder it seems to be buildable and provide good coverage, it goes really well with my skin tone and you get a lot of product that will last for a while. I'm not to sure if it will replace my Bourjois Healthly Balance Powder but I am willing to give it a try and it is half the price from £8.99- £3.99. One thing I would say is I would love a mirror inside for application whilst I'm on the move.

 Next is bronzer, I'm going to mention one I have said before, the Sunkissed Glimmer Compact in medium. I picked this up from Primark for around £2.50ish, bargain. I don't really use bronzers that much as I don't think they suite my skin, I'm more of a blusher girl to be honest. 

The thing that I like about this is that there are different shades in the compact and it's hard to go wrong for the price so it was always worth a try, head down to Primark today. The Glimmer Compact gives a great colour it's not to over the top, it is more of a umber product so I'm just waiting for sunshine.

 A product that I haven't mentioned previously is Sleek, here we have the Sleek Candy Collection, available from for £9.99. 

There are three colours in this including Candy Floss which is the cream blush, Dolly Mix and Cupcake.

From top to bottom we have Cupcake, Dolly Mix and the cream blush Candy Floss.

 Highlighter was included in the list but I have decided to leave this out as I don't really have a product that I would like to feature at the moment.

Finally I am going to talk about the L'Oreal Paris Super Liner Brow Artist, available from for £5.49. I got mine in 03 Brunette shade and it comes with the eyebrow pencil and fix & finish wax. I have brought this to replace my Soap and Glory Archery Brow Tint and Pencil available for £10.00 from

 So that's it I'm all up to date I think I have only left out the highlighter product. 
What have you discovered? What new products are you using and can recommend.

Thank You

Yankee Tarts

For Christmas I got a Yankee Tart Melter and since then I have got a little crazy with purchasing the tart was melts...

So I thought I would do a write up as I love them and they are a great cheaper alternative to the larger Yankees.

If you would like to purchase any wax tart melts they are available from for£1.49 per wax melt.

I have previously done a write up featuring my Yankee Melter which is still available to view if you would like to see what it looks like.

I adore the wax tarts as they last for a long time and they really do fragrance your room amazingly! 

In no particular order the scents that I have are Pineapple Cilantro, Black Coconut, Waikiki Melon, Merry Marshmallow, Beach Flowers, Fireside Treats, Black Cherry, Wild Passion Fruit, Strawberry Butter Cream, Red Velvet, Beach Walk, Lemon Lavender and Pink Dragon Fruit.

 I actually have two of the Pineapple Cilantro by mistake but I obviously must of really liked that particular scent.

As well as that I would say that some of my favourites are Pink Dragon Fruit, Lemon Lavender, Black Cherry, Black Coconut and Waikiki Melon but I do love them all. 

At the moment I have I think Bahamas Breeze melting which is lovely, perfect to get that summer feeling. I think that is another great thing about the Yankee melts they actually relate to certain times of the year and different seasons and festive times. 

Do you love Yankee products, what scents do you have? 

I hope you enjoyed this post something a little different again for you all.

Random Post

A little random post today or this evening should I say...

First of all I just want to say a massive thank you to the people that entered my giveaway it is closed and I have contacted the winner Kayleigh from Ruffles and Rabbits please take a look at her page and follow. She was over the moon to win the prize and apologies for the delay. 

Here is the great prize again that Kayleigh will receive, which I purchased from 

I have started taking some cute photos of the outdoors now that spring is coming along, I just love it when the sun starts coming out and it's warm... Ah sunshine.

Gorgeous flowers from the park that I spotted, how pretty are these. 

One more thing to mention is a hair mask that I have used, I got it for my hair when it really needed cutting however since then I have had it done. I thought I would still use it though as I was heading out for the night. The mask is called Keratin Protein and I picked it up from Primark from around £2.50, you get a lot of product in this and it really made my hair feel nourished. They actually have a few haircare products at Primark and I would really love to try out the hot oils. I am sure I will pick up some more Primark haircare products and let you know what I think of them. 

Big Thank You for reading I really appreciate it.

Kirsty x