Primark Purchases

I feel like I have really neglected my page as of late, that is going to change however...

Today I just wanted to upload some pictures of some more Primark treats I have purchased, yay I do love a visit to Primark. 

First of all I got the P.S 8 Shade Day Eye Shadow Palette, again I don't have the receipt however I think it was around £2.50ish.

My favourite shades are the top right one and top right one, I did do some swatches however the camera didn't quite pick all of them up and didn't really do them justice and for such a bargain purchase I would still 100% recommend this as a must... 

Next we have the Sunkissed Glimmer Compact in medium, this is a bronzer that I really brought to use on holiday. I don't usually use bronzer that often but I thought this was a really nice product and it includes different shades, I can't wait to get using this on holiday, summertime people...
I'm not to sure how much this was but it was an absolute bargain along with my other beauty purchases from Primark, I just can't get enough of them lately, somebody stop me.

My last purchase was another one of the P.S Love lipsticks. After picking up a coupe before and loving the red one I did not hesitate to grab this one. And they are only £1!

Thank you for reading, please let me know if you have brought any Primark beauty products.

Cosmetics Beauty Rainbow, Kirsty x

The Body Shop Concealer Pencil, Have You Discovered?

When I picked up my giveaway prize from The Body Shop I couldn't resist a little purchase for myself.

I spotted the Concealer Pencil and thought yes I want that as I tend to have dark areas around my eyes and also seem to struggle to blend the rest of my face with my nose... And the make-up on my nose always seems to come off throughout the day, annoying.

I got the Concealer Pencil in shade 01, you get 3.9g of product included in the pencil and it is available online from for £9.

I have already used this product a couple of times and the coverage seems to be really good and it blends really well. It also has a lovely creamy consistency which is surprising with it being a pencil product.

I think the price is very reasonable and is around the middle mark for concealers, I usually like to use the YSL Touché Éclat which costs £25.00 available from however I really wanted a change and to start using different products. 

Overall I really like this product it is something different as you don't tend to see many concealers in the form of a pencil. Prior to this I actually hadn't used any of the make-up from The Body Shop range so I think this was a great way to start for my first purchase.

What products have you tried from The Body Shop? Leave me a comment and let me know.

Cosmetics Beauty Rainbow, Kirsty x

Beauty Swatches

Here are the swatches from my previous post, first we have the Lovable Luxuries Pallet from Primark.

My favourite has got to be the green although I also really like the silver grey colour on the bottom right. Although this was a super bargain pallet for the price it is actually okay and I would use it. Some of the colours are very faint when you first apply although you can build on this to achieve your desired look.

The item second on the list is the P.S Love... lipsticks again from Primark, I am really starting to like the range of products that they have on offer at the minute and they are so super cheap that it is worth trying them out. 

As you can see the shimmer pink one isn't very visible, however the red one is looking good. One option I may try is applying one lipstick then using the shimmer one on top to see how that works. 

Here are the four Blushes that I got all from a local store in town, Keri-Ann's.

How amazing is the packaging on the Astor? And it only cost £1! 

I think my favourite though is the W7 Baked Blush... What do you think?

Thank you for reading and please leave me a comment if you have tried any of these products. 

Cosmetics Beauty Rainbow, Kirsty x

Beauty Haul #2

I haven't actually done a haul post yet I don't think... However here we go yay! 

I won't go on talking hehe, I just want to say these are just pictures of the products themselves I will do swatches tomorrow for you all. 

First of all I got some treats from yes Primark, love.

I got this Love Luxuries, I think it cost around £2.99 and it has 8 shades in.
I particularly like the purple in the top left and the white on the far right. 
This is something that I would use and is right up my street as the majority of these are shimmer shadows and I'm all for the glitter.

These two were £1 per lipstick, they are called P.S Love. 
There is a slight Strawberry scent to the lipsticks which makes them really unique and they are only £1 so really worth the purchase I think.

Next are some products that I got from a beauty shop in a town near me called Keri-Ann's.

First we have the Camouflage Kit from W7, this includes 5 different shades and I think it will work really well for my under eyes and any blemishes.  I'm not to sure how much I purchased this for however it is available on Amazon for £3.39

At the top we have the Sunkissed Shimmer Dust Brush £2.50 and the L'Oreal Studio Secrets Professional Primer £5.99.
Underneath we have blushes, I'll admit I am partial to a blush or two.
Top left is from Astor 006 Golden Sand £1, below Laval 105 Frosted Pink £1.99, top right W7 Silky Blush Angle £2.99 and bottom right W7 The Honey Queen £2.99.

As I said swatches are to follow, but I really wanted to try out some new different products and I think I have done really well with my purchases. 

What products are you trying at the moment??

Thank you for reading!

Cosmetics Beauty Rainbow, Kirsty x

100 Bloglovin Followers Giveaway **CLOSED**

As promised I said that I would do a Giveaway when I got to 100 Bloglovin Followers.

And here we have it, the time has finally arrived... Yeeeeees

First of all can I just say a massive thank you to everyone that is following me it really does mean the  world to me.

Oh and second can I just say thank you to all the people that have helped me over the last couple of months you have all been amazing!

For my Giveaway I have decided on the Vanilla Bliss Body & Lip Care Collection from the 
Body Shop available from for £17.50.

It includes the following products: - 

Vanilla Bliss Shower Gel 250ml
Vanilla Body Butter 200ml
Vanilla Body Polish 200ml
Vanilla Lip Balm 6g

I really like the Vanilla scent so thought this was perfect for my first ever Giveaway.

Terms & Conditions

**For UK readers only

**The winner must be able to provide a valid UK address

**To be in with a chance of winning all you simply have to do is follow me via Bloglovin and leave me a comment below and I will select a winner at random

**The closing date is Monday 21st April at midnight

**Please be aware that of you are a company your entry unfortunately will not count

I will also pop in some other little goodies for the winner along with the main prize. 

Thank You for reading and for your support along the way, Good Luck!!

Cosmetics Beauty Rainbow, Kirsty x


I Tweeted a Tweet  not that long ago in regards to a Leicester Bloggers Meet Up.

Yes, the whole idea really came from when we had a meet in Birmingham in March.

I had such a great time that I have started to really want to organise my own.

And I have not heard of any happening in Leicester.

And although it will happen in Leicester it doesn't just mean that it is for people that live in Leicester, I would love to meet people from all over the Midlands!
First of all I have decided that I will organise it for towards the end of the year, get in the Christmas Spirit and all...

Please let me know if this is something that you would like to join in with?
I am also looking for people to help me organise it as I have NEVER organised one...

Use the hash tag #LeicesterBloggersMeetUp to discuss or leave me a message.

I am going to start compiling a list of all the people who have already said that they wold like to come along and get in touch with them in regards to dates and venues etc.

Thank You for all your amazing support, I really want to get to know you all more.

I also have two more meets to attend this year which I am super excited, looking forward to meeting you all.

Cosmetics Beauty Rainbow, Kirsty x


Have You Discovered...? Double Bill Primer & Foundation

Sorry for my late Have You Discovered...? post. I have decided to link two together so I am up and running again with this. 

First of all lets start off with Primers... I decided I wanted to talk more on one of my favourite products the Eyeshadow Primer Potion from Urban Decay.

Although I'm sure this is a product that many people have in fact discovered it still doesn't mean that it isn't still amazing.

It is a great product that smooths on to the eyelids and provides a perfect base for your eyeshadow. 
It really makes the eyeshadow pop and ensures that your eyeshadow will not crease, yippie! 

It is available from £16.00 for 11ML, I love Urban Decay products and I don't think there are any that I have tried that I have not liked. 

Next we have the Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow, this is an oil free brightening liquid foundation. The coverage varies from light to medium so you can build on it. 
There are 9 shades available and I have the "Cheers to me" Champagne. 
The Hello Flawless gives you a good glow and a preps the skin ready for your powder, blush, highlighter etc. 

This is available also from £26.50 for 30ML, as well as oil free it also has SPF 25 protection. 

The pictures that I have included are miniatures of the products.

Please have a look at the creator of the Have You Discovered tag over at or you can follower her on Twitter

Thank You for reading, are you doing the Have You Discovered tag, let me know. 

Cosmetics Beauty Rainbow, Kirsty x

My Favourite Place

The weather isn't all that great today so I thought I would cheer myself up with talks of holidays.

It's not long to go until summer time and I have got to say that I can not wait for it this year! 

It genuinely feels like we have had the longest Autumn/ Winter of all time... 
Anyone agree with me?

One of my most favourite holidays ever is Orlando Florida, I just love it!

I'm all for the Theme Parks and I'm not a laze around the pool kinda gal so this is perfect for me.

A direct flight from Gatwick to Orlando takes just over 9hrs in total and I love to travel there around September  time, already for Halloween, yes I am a Halloween fanatic and they go all out in America. The weather is also really nice around this time of year although you do usually see rain, it doesn't last very long so it just means you have to avoid it for a short while.

My choice of accommodation is always on International Drive due to its great location in regards to all the Theme Parks. To travel around you could hire a car or I prefer to use the LYNX bus service it is $2 each one way no matter what distance or you can purchase an all day pass for $4.50 each and remember to have the correct change as none is given.

I would advise that you purchase a park pass in advance of going on holiday, then you won't have the worry of having to pay out $$$ on Theme Parks. A great one is the Orlando Freedom Ticket it is £479 for adults and £452 for children's 3-9yrs.

You get unlimited access to all 6 Disney Parks for 14 consecutive days from first use and also Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, SeaWorld, Busch Gardens and a few other extra perks.

My favourite park is Islands of Adventure although I do love Universal Studios as The Mummy ride is epic and towards the middle of September it is time for Halloween Horror Nights and this is one of he most amazing things I have witnessed. The park comes alive at night with frightening actors, haunted houses and live shows. I have never screamed so much in my liiiiiife! If you go around the Halloween season please go to this. 

Shopping wise I like the Orlando Premium Outlets available on Internstional Dive and at Vineland Ave why not also pay a trip to the Florida Mall you can get some great things from these shopping highlights and usually things you wouldn't find at home and for a cheaper price.

Have you ever visited Orlando? What did you enjoy? Please leave me a comment.

Thank You for reading.

Cosmetics Beauty Rainbow, Kirsty x