Soap & Glory

I have a slight love for Soap & Glory and today I thought I would do a feature on the products that I am using at the moment. 

So in the top left I have just done a cation of all my products together.

Then in the top right we have The Righteous Butter which is available in a pump form from Boots The Righteous Butter in the pump version you get 500ML of product for £10.00 which is going to last you a looooong time, hehe!! 
The lotion of the Righteous Butter is nice a light and applies on to your skin well, I also like how the scent lingers after you have applied it unlike some other products that lose that effect fast once applied. 

Underneath to the left is the Scrub of your Life which is available from Boots Scrub of your Life for £7.00 for 200ML. I just actually finished one of these up and I enjoyed it a lot, it actually contains tiny small pink grains which are great for exfoliating your skin and making it feel wonderful. It also produces a lot of soap so you really feel like it is providing a good thorough wash and removing any unwanted dead skin that there is. 

Next is Peaches and Clean, the 3-in-1 wash off, it is available from Boots Peaches and Clean for 200ML for £8.00. I think that is a good price for this product ascot really does last a long time, in fact I am still using one up at the moment this is actually my replacement in the picture. I adore the scent of this and although a so e of the popular products had that signature Shea Butter scent this doesn't, it is so yummy and so nice to app,y to your face and it actually makes you feel relaxed. I usually like to apply when I'm relaxing for a moment and leave in for it to work it's magic then rinse off. 

The two products in the bottom left are Hand Food and Heel Genius available from Boots Hand Food for 125ML for £5.00 and Boots Heel Genius for 125ML for £5.50. These are great to keep your hands and feet hydrated and to prevent dry skin. A lot of my friends also tend to use Hand Food, I think this is due to the popularity of Soap & Glory as a product, the signature scent and that it does what it says it will, yay!

Next is the Butter Yourself  Moisture Lotion, this is available from Boots Butter Yourself for 500ML for £10.00. Again the pump dispenser option lasts so long you won't have to purchase anymore for a while, money saving option there. This is a nice fruity lotion to apply on elbows and knees that are prone to dryness.

The last product is the Sugar Crush Body Wash available from Boots Sugar Crush Body Wash for again 500ML for £6.50, a different alternative with the citrus scent if you want to change it up a little. I really like this scent and like all other Soap & Glory products it really lasts on the skin after it is applied. 

Soap & Glory also offer some products in miniature version so you can take them with you, The Righteous Butter is available in a mini with 50ML of product for £2.50 from Boots The Righteous Butter Mini

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and as you can see I love Soap & Glory.

What are your favourite products from the? Please leave me a comment...

Thank you for reading!

Cosmetics Beauty Rainbow, Kirsty x

Mini Beauty Haul #1

I got given a Boots voucher as part of my leaving gift, although I'm not really leaving I just have a different position within the company. 

So yes I went to Boots, yay!
I wanted to try some different products that I have had my eye on for a while and something a little different. 

First of all I needed some Batiste Dry Shampoo and I usually go for the Cherry Fruit and Cheefy sent, however with a change in mind I opted for the Batiste Oriental version in 200ml for £2.99 available from Batiste Oriental Dry Shampoo as random as this sound I really like the design on the packaging, not many people will say that about a dry shampoo I guess... right

I like the fragrance of the Oriental version, although I don't think I have ever not liked any of the Batiste products, what did we do before Dry Shampoo, just wondering!? The same with straighteners what did we do?! Oh yeah we just had crazy hair that's right...
On the right of the above picture is a new product from SEVENTEEN, again with the idea in mind to try different things I thought this was perfect. It is a stamp to apply the blush on to your cheeks, it was only £4.99 and I thought this was a great idea and something really unique that I haven't seen before. 
It comes in 5 different shades so you can find one perfect for your skin type available from
SEVENTEEN Stamp Blush. The blush also has a mirror on the packaging and the stamp part itself has a spring on it so you can push it in to the powder pot.

I also went for the bright pink option because I love a bright cheek and when you apply the product you don't get a large amount of it on your face so you can apply more and blend it in perfectly.

Next is the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm, I have really wanted to try own of the matte balms and the swatch looks pretty amazing doesn't it? It is £7.99 available from Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm 
I went for the 220 Showy and it has that signature mint scent that I looooove! There are also some other shades that I would like to try including Shamless, Striking and Unapologetic.

I went for the Maybelline New York Erase Eye Concealer in the shade light, this was £7.99 available from Maybelline Eraser Eye I'm on the look out to conceal the dark circles under my eyes as I really don't like them at all, I'm on a mission.

Thank you for reading everyone.

Cosmetics Beauty Rainbow, Kirsty x

MAC Cosmetics Dollymix Powder Blush

I got this little lovely over a week ago off  my friend and fellow Make-Up enthusiast Alison who is over at have a little peek.

Anyway Alison was having a sale of some of her unwanted items and I fell in love with the MAC Dollymix Powder Blush available from MAC Cosmetics Dollymix for £18.00

I love this pink it is so nice and it is working its way in to my essential products, another must got to...

 I can't wait to use this more in the Spring and Summer months, I just love it.
It goes so great with my pale complexion as I like to create the rosie red effect. 

Do you have any of the MAC Powder Blushes? 
Which is your favourite? 

I did manage to get this at a reduced cost from Alison which was really great as it looked like she hadn't used it at all and when I asked her said had only used it twice. 

I would say it is worth the £18.00 and that this is reasonable as you do get a lot of product and MAC products always seem to last me a long time. The Powder Blush is also very soft and you can have a light dust of it or build it up to make it pop a little more depending on your desired look.

A massive thank you to Alison, please have a little look at her page as mentioned. 

Keep a look out online through Social Media for any sales that people are doing as you can really get some great products, why not do your own and have a sort out of some of your products that you maybe don't really use?! 

If you have time leave me a little comment, it would make my day!!

Thank you for reading as always. 

Cosmetics Beauty Rainbow, Kirsty x

The Liebster Award

A massive thank you first of all to Lisa at for nominating me for the Liebster Award, I'm sure you will all agree it is always a good feeling when you realise that people are actually looking at what you are writing and even maybe enjoying it?! 

So as the majority of other people seem to have done I will include the rules for you all


1. Link back to the blogger that nominates you, share the L-O-V-E people
2. 11 facts about yourself 
3. Answer the 11 questions provided to you 
4. Nominate 11 people and set out questions for them, I believe the bloggers you nominate should have a small number of follows 
5. Tell your nominations you are nominating, would be helpful hey
6. You can not re-nominate the person that nominated YOU, it's not that easy

My 11 Facts

1. I love ❤ the colour green, it just reminds me of grass 
2. I have many guilty pleasures one of them is playing the Grease soundtrack all the time, come on it is amazing 
3. Music makes me feel happy lalalalalalaaaaaa
4. I don't like sand
5. Me and fake tan just do not go well
6. I wish I had nice nails, lovely and polished 
7. I like to watch tennis, darts and snooker, although I can't actually play any 
8. I love Disney, Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc is my favourite character EVER
9. I like mornings 
10. I have 1 tattoo 
11. I'm always cold 

Lisa's Question

1. What are you doing right now? Relaxing
2. What are your beauty must haves? My wonderful Revlon Colorstay, I adore it! One of my
favourite products of all tiiiiime
3. What would be your dream holiday? Somewhere like L.A
4. What's your biggest fashion mistake? The leggings that I had to wear when I was younger 
5. Who would win in a fight, Gandalf or Dumbledore? Dumbledore 
6. What's the scariest thing you've ever done? Having a tattoo
7. What piece of advice would you give your younger self? Work hard at school it really does help 
8. What would be the first thing you would grab in a fire? Materialistic wise a small bear knitted by my Nan 
9. What's your go-to shop for fashion finds? Primark as the costs are minimal and you can get some real great finds in there and inspiration for up and coming trends 
10. What's the weirdest thing you have eaten? Errrrrrrm tricky, maybe anchovies, although not weird I just didn't like them
11. What was the last thing you brought? A TakeAway

My Nominations are... Drum Roll Please

1. Jorden
3. Caroline
4. Carolyn
5. Jennifer
6. Sophie
7. Jen
8. Lacey
9. Lucy
10. Charlotte
11. Hannah

I hope you will all take part if you haven't done so before...

My Questions to you are

1. Your favourite Disney Character?
2. What is your most essential product that yo could not live without?
3. Your favourite holiday?
4. What is your guilty pleasure? 
5. Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter?
6. Your favourite perfume? 
7. Dogs or cats?
8. Morning person or night owl? 
9. Your favourite shop and why?
10. Star sign? 
11. What are you most looking forward to in 2014? 

Thanks for reading and please leave me a comment.

Cosmetics Beauty Rainbow, Kirsty x

Back to Basics Part #2

I'm returning for my part two of my essential products, so lets get started...

First of all my favourite cheek products at the moment are Sugarbomb from Benefit available from Benefit Sugarbomb for £23.50 and the Eyes Lips Face Studio Blush Fuchsia Fusion available from 

E.L.F Fuchsia Fusion for an amazing £3.95. 

The Sugarbomb from Benefit (left) has four different shades to this product therefore making it perfect for creating that lovely shimmer on the cheek, I love to use this around my cheek bones and then I actually like to apply the E.L.F Fuchsia Fusion (right) above on the apples of my cheeks for that little extra pop... I do love a rosie red cheek.

As you can see it is pretty obvious how much I love my Studio Blush by E.L.F as I have hit pan... Eeeeeeek!!

Underneath I have my favourite tweezers from Ruby & Millie which I have actually had for years, it seems a little difficult to find them online although I'm sure you could get them off eBay, good old eBay hey?! 

I have been using my Real Techniques Buffing Brush a lot lately, I actually got this in the Sam's Picks Brush Set available from Real Techniques for £29.99, please have a little look at my previous posts in regards to this.

Another thing that I have mentioned previously is the Yves Saint Laurent Babydoll Mascara that is available from Boots YSL Babydoll Mascara for £24.50 and although I realise it may cost a little more than your average mascara it is well worth it I mean it is YSL and you will really see results from paying that extra money for it. Again please have a look at my previous post for more information on this product.

For my eyebrows I like to use the Soap & Glory Archery Brow Tint & Precision Shaping Pencil, I have not really tired to many eyebrow pencils so I would like to try more however for the moment this one is lasting well and really working for me, it is simple to apply and has a pencil at one end and a tint at the other. It is available from Boots Soap & Glory Archery for £10.00.

Then I just have a simple pair of eyelash curlers, these are pretty much readily available and  inexpensive, you can pick a pair up from pretty much anywhere these days even in your local supermarket. 

My last item is the Boots own Skin Clear One-Touch Spot Stick with 6ml of product. I started having some redness on my chin so wanted to try something cheap on price to try and calm it down. It only cost £2.99 from Boots Skin Clear and in fairness I liked this, it seemed to reduce the redness within around three days which I am happy with so that is why it has remained in my key essentials. It is an invisible gel which is nice as you don't appear to have anything on your face unlike with some products that are white and visible. 

I hope you enjoyed reading part two of my Back to Basics post, again what are you favourite can't live without products??

Thank you for reading and please leave me a comment.

Cosmetics Beauty Rainbow, Kirsty x

Back to Basics Part #1

We've all got those key products that we just keep returning to, haven't we?

Well I sure have and so this isn't an extra long post I have decided to complete it in a two part series, oooooooh! 

I had finished the mini Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer that I had available for £25.00 full size from Boots Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer and although I really liked it I thought I would look for a cheaper alternative rather than purchase the full size. 
So I decided on the Collection Primed & Ready Smoothing Make-Up Primer, it preps the skin ready for your foundation and it usually seals my make-up for a good respectable 8 hours if not more without touch ups throughout the day which I think is amazing considering the price is a fraction of the Smashbox option at £5.99 and although you do get less product in the Collection Primed & Ready it is well worth it if you are trying to save some money and not splurge. It is available from Boots Collection Primed & Ready

On to one of my most favourite products ever, I may not even ever change this unless anyone has any suggestions as an alternative that I should try out.
Yes it is the Revlon Colorstay for oily skin and I have 110 Ivory.
It is available in many shades and provides great coverage, you get 30ML for £12.49 and it is worth it as I have had mine for a while and it is still going strong.
It is a great product to build on and really lasts along well with the Collection Primer.
This is available at Boots Revlon Colorstay
I would repurchase this product every time, it is so fabulous!

My next item the Yves Saint Laurent Touché Éclat Radiant Touch is more of a luxury product for the price of £25.00 so it maybe worth asking for it as a Birthday gift, yay!
This is the second time I have had this products and I like to use the shade 2, it is perfect for me to disguise my under eyes as they always seem dull and any redness around the face.

If you are looking for something a little cheaper a good option is the Collection 2000 LastingPerfection  Concealer at £4.19 from Boots Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer 

The Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder is a product that I have not used a lot yet, however it seems to go on to the skin in a fine layer so ideal for when you aren't wanting to wear lots of make-up and a good option for day to day wear, I have the 003 Peach Glow shade.
 It is only £3.99 which is great and available from Boots Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder

Last although not the least at all is the Bourjois Paris Unifying Powder Healthy Balance and let me tell you I ran out of this the other day and panic set in a little.
It gives amazing coverage and aims to give a 10 hour matt finish and it does get close to that, although some touch ups are required on me just around the nose area as this can get oily at times throughout the day. 
I have the product in Vanille and did I mention it smells so lovely, yes you heard me right.
It is available for £8.99 from Boots Bourjois Healthy Balance 
If you haven't tried this I highly recommend that you go out and get it!

Left: - Bourjois
Right: - Rimmel 

What are you essentials and the products you can't live without? 
Yes we will always try different things however sometimes you need those safe options. 

Thank you for reading and please leave me a comment with what you like to use, part two will include Benefit, Soap & Glory and more.

Cosmetics Beauty Rainbow, Kirsty x

L'Oréal Paris Glam Shine vs Revlon Colorburst

Some little things I got from Boots the other day included the L'Oréal Paris Glam Shine Balmy Gloss Dare the Dragon Fruit, great name available for £6.99 at 


Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm Whimsical Fantaisiste 115 available for £7.99 at

Top swatch is the L'Oréal Paris Glam Shine, as you can see this comes out as a much lighter product with hints of shimmer, it is almost a translucent medium red. The product does not really have a scent although I wish it did as it is always good to have a fresh scent in these types of lip products I believe. Price wise it is good, £1 cheaper than the Revlon option.

Bottom swatch is the Revlon Colorburst, I would probably say I prefer this as it comes out darker with the shimmer as well, I also like the packaging of the metallic pink yay! You do get the usual mint scent from the product and I love that and the fact that it tingles a little on the lips enhancing them. As mentioned before it is £1 more but I think it is well worth it. 

Which ones have you tried that you could recommend? 

Thank You for reading!

Cosmetics Beauty Rainbow, Kirsty x

Skin Care Products

My skin care routine is a little dull at the moment and actually a little none existent.

So I thought I might add in something's to spruce it up a little and just to try something different for a change.

As I'm sure most people do you purchase skin care products then get a little tired of using the same things...
This time I'm going to make it my aim to make sure that I finish all of these products even if I sometimes do change it around a little from time to time. 

The Nivea Daily Essentials Soothing Cleansing Mousse £4.99 Available at Boots
A skin cleanser that comes out as a mousse, 150ml of product that moisturises you skin and leaves it feeling soft and it is pink. 
You get a lot of product for the price and this would last you a very long time as you only really require two pumps due to it turning in to a mousse.

The Nivea Night Cream  for Dry and Sensitive Skin £4.07 Available at Boots
I got the Dry and Sensitive option as I have had dry areas on my face in the morning so I thought a night cream would help to sink in to my skin to prevent this in the morning, usually it is in the T-Zone part of my face and I also tend to have tight skin in the morning and a nice cream to help moisturise this usually does wonders for me.
You get 50ml worth of product and obviously you would be using this little and often so I'm sure it would go along way, yay!

I have really wanted to get something for my eyes for a long time as I have started to think that My under eyes are just awful and I want them to look fresh.
I actually decided to try out some Soap & Glory skin care as I always really love products by them so I shouldn't see this as any different.
Soap & Glory Make Yourself Youthful Rejuvenating Eye Cream £9.33 Available at Boots
I am so excited to try this and I hope it does something to help with my horrible under eyes as they are dark and require something special.
You are suppose to apply this product morning and evening in small amounts, it is a 14ml product and I also thought the little silver pot it comes in is so cute and something that you could display in you room if you wanted to.

What is your Skin Care Routine or your favourite products?

Cosmetics Beauty Rainbow, Kirsty x

Real Techniques

I finally have some Real Techniques Brushes mmmmmmmm.

I got a set by Samantha Chapman from Pixiwoo available from £29.99

This is actually Sam's Picks Collection so her favourite brush selection and as I had never brought any Real Techniques items before I thought this would start me off perfect.

I think that the set is of really great value considering you get 6 brushes in total and especially when you take in to consideration that even the Setting Brush along can cost £8.99 in Boots

So as I mentioned you get 6 brushes they are: - 

Multi task brush, Setting brush, Buffing brush, Pointed foundation brush, Essential crease brush and Fine liner brush 

My favourite brushes are the Buffing brush and the Essential crease brush but all of the brushes are super soft and lovely to use.

I think this is perfect for beginners or if you just want to try something different and although I still love my MAC brushes I also love these. 

So if you are looking for something new then I would suggest this set or maybe even as a gift for a friend or partner, I'm sure they will adore it as much as I do.

I would really like to try out some more Real Techniques Brushes in the future as I have only ever heard good things about them but I'm sure I have enough to last me a little while to try out fresh looks with.

Thank you for reading and I would love to hear your views on your favourite brushes.

Cosmetics Beauty Rainbow, Kirsty x

MAC Superglass Tunnel of Love

Lipgloss alert or should I say Superglass alert and yes it is MAC

I've been looking at getting some more MAC products and thought this would be a great starting point.

So I decided on the MAC Superglass Tunnel of Love

The Superglass is available on for £8.99 or  for a range of prices, it is a discontinued item but still a beauty. Other shades are available and I would really like to try out some more in the future.

The Tunnel of Love is a mixture of brown and dark red colour in my opinion, the gloss is sticky and thick but feels nice on the lips. It also has a vanilla scent which I love it is so yummy and a lovely scent to have in a lip product.

It really sparkles so if you are looking for something with that extra impact I would go for this or if you just really like glitter products again it is a winner.

For me it would be a product that I would prefer to wear on a night out rather than the day time. 

A perfect look for Valentines Day, kiss kiss! 

What MAC products do you have, do you have any recommendations?

Cosmetics Beauty Rainbow, Kirsty x

Nail Varnish Storage

Does anybody else every get excited when they have a package delivered even though they know what it is?! 
Phew not just me then...
Today I had some through that I brought off eBay the other day and it was a Nail Varnish Storage unit I suppose you would call it. 

I had been keeping my nail varnishes hidden away so I thought it about time I displayed them.

The storage unit is plastic and it actually has two holes at the back so you could fix it to a surface.

It cost £9.50 from

Just search for Nail Varnish Storage and there is a range to choose from.

I just liked this one as it is clear and really allows you to display your nail varnishes. 

I does only hold 30, although I am guessing on the size of the nail varnish it maybe more or less. 

I probably will get another one to go along side it. 

The company that provides these on eBay is Essex Signs & Displays.

What storage do you use in you room, let me know.

Cosmetics Beauty Rainbow, Kirsty x

Kukee Jewellery

A while ago, well last year actually I won a Twitter competition hosted by Kukee

Kukee offers accessories and jewellery that are super affordable, so that means you can treat yourself to that little bit more & that's what we like to hear...

Kukee offers different accessories including hair accessories, hats, temporary tattoos, sunglasses and socks.

They have a collection section with personal favourites like Neon Queen, Hey, Sailor and Geometric City.

Kukee offers necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and collar pins in its jewellery range.

Special offers are also available so you can get some lovely items for even less.

The packaging is adorable and you can see that a lot of thought has gone in to it.

Peace Medalion Necklace £1.75 on special offer

Gold Spike Ring 0.75p on special offer

Silver Spike Ring 0.75p on special offer 

Unfortunately not all of the items I have are still available but there is a lot more to choose from so I would say head on over to and again I would like to say thank you to them for the lovely jewellery.

Cosmetics Beauty Rainbow, Kirsty x

Loving Lush

So I adore Lush products & I would probably say I get some treats once every month. 

You can always guarantee that Lush will make an appearance at Birthdays & Christmas for me.

Today when I went in to town I found myself getting some Lush items, a great day all round you might say.

Anyway here is what I brought today, I thought I would try different things today as I usually always end up repurchasing the same items like the Dragon's Egg or Space Girl so I thought it would be nice to change it up a little. 

Today's purchases include: - 

Bath Bombs

Phoenix Rising, it's purple & it has glitter on, need I say more? £3.25

Fizzbanger, Toffee-apple scent, winner £3.25

Avobath, Mmmmmm Lemongrass with Bergamot £3.25

Bubble Bars

Sunnyside, can not wait to use this, I tried a Bubble Bar before last Easter it was actually an Easter Rabbit Carrot & it was amazing & lasted forever, bonus, £3.75

Another item I purchased was the Hair Doctor & Although I wouldn't say my hair is in a bad way I still wanted to give it a nice tear with something super conditioning, I will let you know my thoughts on it as soon as I have tried it out, hopefully tomorrow night, £6.95

Find all the products at

Let me know what you like from Lush

Cosmetics Beauty Rainbow, Kirsty x

My Holy Grail Mascara YSL Babydoll

I'm sure everyone has a favourite mascara within their collection although I discovered mine by accident. 
I had actually been wanting to buy the YSL Touché Éclat Radiant Highlighting Pen from Boots but in a confused haze & not actually double checking what was even in the packaging I managed to pick up the YSL Babydoll Mascara which I realised after I had paid & left the store. 

Well I thought it would be rude to return it & I a, glad that I didn't, I have always had a wide range of drugstore mascaras & although they are just fine nothing seems to live up to this product.

It is great for everyday use & really adds great length to your lashes for a night out on the town with the girls. 

I have the number 1 in the YSL, I really like the brush as it reaches the length of your lashes & really enhances the volume. 

I would 100% repurchase this item, I have a lot more research to do in regards to mascaras but I will  keep you up to date on any beauties that I come across in the future.

Cosmetics Beauty Rainbow, Kirsty x 

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Your Views on London

I love to travel, one of my favourite destinations has to be without a doubt London (LDN)

I think when you live in a rural  area the liveliness of the city attracts you to it even more.
I thought I would point out my top 5 favourite things to experience whilst you are in London incase this is you first time visiting. 
I would also be interested if anyone has any suggestions for my next adventure there...

1. Covent Garden
It seems to have it all restaurants, entertainment, the market, shops & history.
There always seems to be such an amazing atmosphere in the air around there.
It is a great area to have a drink with your other half or go shopping with friends, my personal favourite store around Covent Garden has to be Cath Kidston, keep me away!

2. MadameTussaud's
What can I say I love this attraction, it is so fun & a great way to enjoy half a day if you have the time.
This is by far the greatest Madame Tussaud's I have experienced & excellent for photo opportunities with all your favourite celebrities, sort of...
New additions come along all the time so this is somewhere that you can re-visit again. 
My personal favourites include Party, Film, Pop and the Marvel Super Hero section.
I would recommend to book online as you can save 25% on your ticket.

3. Selfridges on Oxford Street
Every time I go to London I have to go to Selfridges for a number of reasons including, admiring the gorgeous arm candy & by that I mean handbags, the Food Court no need for anymore explanation & of course the beauty counters which have a fabulous selection of products including NARS & MAC Cosmetics. 

4. Natural History Museum
I still remember the first time I visited the Natural History Museum at a young age & I still find it as fascinating as ever.
There is so much to explore & I would recommend a good half a day & I forgot to mention it is free to enter. 
There ae temporary exhibitions on a regular basis but I still enjoy the Dinosaur section, probably more for kids but meh who cares...

5. UK Parliament, Big Ben
Purely because I think that a visit to London just is not complete without a photo opportunity with Big Ben.
UK Parliament, Big Ben Information

I hope this post has been enjoyable & thank you for reading,

Cosmetics Beauty Rainbow, Kirsty x



Well I finally got my Blog going after a lot of deliberation...

I'm sure I will be modifying it a lot to get it juuuuuust right.

My main focus on my Blog is going to consist of Beauty, Fashion & Travel, three of my favourite things...

I would really like suggestions & any hints people might have for reviews & thoughts on improving my Blog.  

A small intro but there is more to follow, 

Thank You,

Cosmetics Beauty Rainbow, Kirsty x